Sunday's disaster at Arrowhead NFL Cheap Wholesale Jersey Store Stadium hasn't shaken Kansas City's confidence in Alex Smith."Do I still think we can win with Alex? Yeah, we were right there," Chiefs coach Andy Reid said of his starting quarterback on Monday, per Terez Paylor of The Kansas City Star.Smith stumbled badly in Sunday's 18-16 playoff loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, throwing for just 172 yards, with much of that coming during a fourth-quarter surge that fell short.



After leading an opening Cheap Dallas Cowboys Jerseys scoring drive, Smith's next six possessions resulted in a punt, pick, punt, fumble and two more punts before the Chiefs finally chiseled out a field goal at the end of the third quarter.To be fair, Smith saw no help from the cast of weapons who helped Kansas City rally down the stretch.As we noted Sunday, tight end Travis Kelce -- who topped 100-plus receiving yards in five of his previous seven games -- accounted for just 34 yards over the first 50 minutes against Pittsburgh.


His most memorable play Cheap Jerseys Football was a disastrous, unhinged personal-foul that drew the ire of his own teammates.Game-breaking rookie Tyreek Hill, meanwhile, managed just 45 total yards, while starting wideout Jeremy Maclin finished second among all pass-catchers with a meager 28 yards through the air.The finger-pointing goes beyond Smith, who rolled into the game with the league's fourth-highest playoff passer rating among active quarterbacks. 

Following Sunday night's NFL Cheap Jerseys for Sale win over the Kansas City Chiefs, the Pittsburgh Steelers implored each other to keep a low profile on social media ahead of the AFC Championship Game.The pleas were ironically caught and spread during Antonio Brown's Facebook live session last night. The video, which had more than 1.1 million views and 20,000 shares before being taken down, features Steelers coach Mike Tomlin firing up his players prior to meeting the New England Patriots. "When you get to this point Discount NFL Jerseys Lowest Prices in the journey, man, not a lot needs to be said. Let's say very little moving forward. Let's start our preparations. We just spotted these a--h---- a day and a half. They played yesterday. Our game got moved to tonight. We're going to touch down at 4 o'clock in the f---ing morning. So be it," Tomlin said in the video, via ESPN. "We'll be ready for their a--. But you ain't got to tell them we're coming. "Keep a low profile, and let's Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale USA get ready to ball like this up again here in a few days and be right back at it. That's our story."Going live in the locker room certainly isn't keeping a low profile, but let's not blow up Tomlin's quote as some sort of new bashing of the Patriots. Much worse has and will be said about Bill Belichick's team. New England doesn't need to be called "a--h----" for motivation ahead of the AFC title game. Tomlin was clearly more focused on firing his team up than tearing down the Patriots.

Coach Bill O'Brien is staying NFL Cheap Jerseys for Sale in Houston for the 2017 season. The same can't be said for offensive coordinator George Godsey.The Texans and Godsey have mutually agreed to part ways, the team announced Monday."I'm grateful for the tireless work ethic and contributions George has made to our team over the last three years," O'Brien said in a statement released by the Texans. "I wish him nothing but the best Cheap Customized NFL Jersey in the future."Earlier in the day, O'Brien told reporters that he would "evaluate everything" related to his disappointing offense.Godsey began the 2016 season as Houston's primary play-caller, only to have to those duties stripped by O'Brien back in Week 4. The Texans went on to Cheapest NFL Jersey finish the regular season with the fewest touchdowns (25) by a playoff team in a non-strike season since the NFL season expanded to 16 games in 1978.Godsey will take the fall for O'Brien and general manager Rick Smith after free-agent acquisition Brock Osweiler turned out to be a $72 million boondoggle in his debut season with the Texans.