Noodle-making company "Oshoya" in Southwstern Japan has started selling "Moe Tanuki Udon" udon packages with original moe character art on the packaging.

The characters on the packages, named Aya and Rei, fight with their hair (made of udon) and rolling pins against thieves who try to steal the company's udon-process technique.


Originally, the company created the noodle packages for a "Chara Fes" anime event held in the prefecture. The company has said that if the noodle packages are well received, they will consider turning the premise into an anime.

Currently, there are only two characters featured on the packages, but if sales increase, the company will consider adding more characters to the packaging. The udon noodles are on sale for 600 yen for one package or a set of two (one with each character) for 1,000 yen.

Source: Yomiuri

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