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Let's meet the younger generation

Today, I met a college student
who is a very talented blogger as well as a marketer.
And I realized that many people I respect are
younger than me in general.

Yesterday, one of my friend was on a TV show
because he made an interesting iphone app with his friends.
The average age of his company is only 23
and he is starting a startup in San Francisco next month.
Another friend who workes as a designer  in SF 
delivered an excellent lecture at one of the top universities 
in Japan last week.
There are many other brilliant and talented people
in their early 20s around me.

We can access the internet and learn a lot of things
from all over the world.
Thanks to social media,
we can connect with people who we want to meet.
We can go overseas easier than before.
The environment has been set up to help the young people 
who have a strong will and are open to new things. 
I want to keep learning from them.


After the earthquake

Two weeks have past since the earthquake.

Japanese and foreign media have been reporting on 
this disaster over and over again.
We can read even more lurid and detailed facts on the internet.
I don't know what to say about the victims.

A lot of people in the world pray for us and try to help us.
I appreciate it.
I also volunteer for a governmental project 
 which aims to create a website 
that collect information about the earthquake.

I am worried about my family and friends in Fukushima.
I did not hear form my mother for over 24 hours 
after the earthquake.
I thought she was dead, but finally I could talk to her on the phone.
The problem of the nuclear plant is not yet solved
and the casualties are still increasing.
We haven't gone back to the usual life yet and
probably we have just lost it forever 
along with plenty of energy, food, water.
We have taken these for granted, but now we realize they are limited.

We should be reborn.
It's a turning point for us, but I have no clear vision for what's ahead.
I'm thinking about it.

Goodbye, New York.


I have to leave New York City soon.

I have been here for 3 and a half months to learn English.
It was the first time for me to live overseas.

Since I was a kid,
it's been my dream to be able to live anywhere in the world.
This stay in NYC is just a little step towards fulfilling that dream,
but it changed me a lot.
I felt like I am reborn.
I realized not only how poor my English is
but also my lack of knowledge about what's going on in the world.
Now I know that I have a lot of things to do next.

New York is the epitome of world's diversity.
The city has a diversity of races, languages, cultures and so on.
It attracts many people.
Fortunately, I could become friends with
a lot of nice and brilliant people here.

Everyone has been a teacher for me.

I don't wanna leave because I love this city,
but I have to go.

I greatly appreciate everyone I met here.
I will be back someday!


佐藤 茜


This blog was
corrected by Lang-8
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