November 19, 2010

Cockpit of ROVER 220 coupe turbo


Center meter panel was made by special car body shop (Car Shop Ito: I-tec; Six additional meters were set into the panel. Omori's boost gauge, oil temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge, exhaust temperature gauge, ammter gauge and voltmeter gauge. Pillar pods were also made by same shop and two additional meters were set into the pods. Omori's water temperature gauge and Stri's fuel regulator gauge. I changed the original steering wheel to MOMO command 2. ABC pedals and shift knob were also manufactured by MOMO. The original ash tray was removed and three toggle switches were installed in order to control electric fan.

November 18, 2010

I-tec full body kit


There are some body kits for ROVER coupe. For example, Mynheer body kit and Predetor body kit. But I don't like the design. Thus, I decided to make an original body kit for my ROVER 220 coupe turbo. Firstly, I designed the front bumper spoiler using S15 NISSAN SILVIA's aero-bumper as a reference. Side skirts and rear pods were originally designed by special car body shop (Car Shop Ito: I-tec; All body kits were made by FRP. For my ROVER 220 coupe turbo, I used NISSAN SKYLINE (R34 GT-T) boot spoiler instead of original boot spoiler. It perfectly fitted as it was a genuine part of ROVER.

Boost control system


Normal boost pressure of ROVER 220 coupe turbo is about 0.65kg/cm2. To control boost pressure precisely, I use Blitz dual SBC boost control unit. This unit has high performance single solenoid valve, and leads to high-response and exciting drive feeling. I set the boost pressure at 0.87kg/cm2 with Hyper-chip ECU. The maximum power is approximately 242 PS and torque is 312NM.

November 17, 2010

Water temperature control sysytem


The summer of Japan is extremely hot and average temperature of August is approximately 35 degrees C! Thus, the capacity of normal radiator is insufficient. Under the scorching sun, if I get caught in a traffic jam, water temperature of ROVER 220 coupe turbo increases in a moment. Using air-con also drive up the elevation of water temperature. Sometimes it reached to 110 degrees C! To solve this problem, my project "get cool my ROVER 220 coupe turbo" started. Firstly, I changed the radiator. Three layer aluminum radiator was made by special car shop ZIMAX (URL: Then, I converted TOYOTA AE86's low temperature thermostat (open at 80 degrees C). All water line was changed to SAMCO silicon hoses. Extra fan shroud was attached to the main fan. Non-step main fan speed controller was used to control water temperature accurately. After that, I attached sub-radiator with small electric fan (for HONDA Forza) to the space of driver's side fog-lump. To fit it, I needed to convert washer tank to boot. Finally, another pulling cooling fan (BILLION size 7 inch) was attached to the inside of radiator.In the last, my ROVER 220 coupe turbo has two radiators and four electric cooling fans! After these moddings, water temperature stabilized at 80 degrees C even in traffic jam under scorching sun.

January 12, 2008

Engine oil cooling system

oil-cooleroil-cooler thermostat

The original oil-cooler was mounted behind the engine. It was probably not good for effective cooling. Thus, original oil-cooler was removed and new oil-cooler (for MAZDA FC RX-7) was attached under the radiator using Earls's oil-cooler hoses. To avoid over cooling, oil-cooler thermostat which opened at 70℃ was installed on the way of oil-line. In Japan, summer is very hot and sometimes temperature exeeds 35℃! Under such condition, after attaching this custom oil-cooler, engine oil temperature never overed 110℃.

January 06, 2008



Satisfaction's air-filter with direct induction kit for HONDA S2000 was attached to ROVER 220 coupe turbo. It needed a special one-off adaptor for fitting. The air-filter was very big and needed a large space. Thus, the battery was converted into boot. Fog light was removed and air-duct which directly sent cold air was made. The intake sound is realy good and aggressive!

January 02, 2008

Outline of engine tuning

engine tuning In Japan, it is very difficult to get engine parts of ROVER 220 coupe turbo. Therfore, I did not run at high boost. I often took care of engine oil, transmission oil, and coolant. I change engine oil once per 3,000km (10W40 half-synthetic oil), transmission oil once per 10,000km (75W90 & 80W120 half mixed oil), and coolant once per 20,000km (normal coolant with redline's additive). The odometer of my ROVER 220 coupe turbo is 170,000km. The engine was fully overhauled and repaired, when its' odometer was 120,000km. It was fully balanced, polished, and re-builted using Kringer's uprated headgasket. Now, it is running at 14 psi and the horse power was approximatery 240ps. The condition is pretty good.

Concept of moddings

Concept of moddings My ROVER coupe turbo has been modified by reference to BMW M models and HONDA type R series. Unfortunately ROVER became bankrupt and did not have chances to produce such special models. Thus, I decided to make it by myself. In case of moddings, I placed a high priority on overall balance. I did not neither need too much showy exterior nor too much horse power. I just needed high-quality finished form and sufficient engine power to enjoy driving winding road.

December 30, 2007


ROVER 220 introlivedoor1livedoor2 My name is Taka (Japanese handle-name is Lily) and live in Tokyo Japan. I own ROVER 220 coupe turbo (94'wedgwood blue), ROVER 216 coupe (93'polynesian turquoise), and ROVER 75 2.5L connoisseur (00' British racing green). In this homepage, I will introduce moddings about these cars moment by moment.

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