June 27, 2006

Time Off

I'm making a trip to Australia next week, this week I am getting ready packing and taking it easy...

Here is where I am headed, Redcliffe, a small seaside town near Brisbane.

Last time I went back was...about twelve years ago? I forget exactly, but I sure hope this trip will be one to remember :-)

See you when I get back. I'll be doing a little travelling here in Japan too so let's make it late August ;-)  

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June 21, 2006

Busy, Busy, Busy

Yep, I'm flat out like a lizard drinking at the moment. (Australian slang for very busy indeed)

Okay, I did manage to do some stuff with my addins, Rounded Comments and New Book Navigator. Some requests have been made to add certain features to Rounded Comments which include the ability to,

  • Add the Author Name

  • Add the Date

  • There are also 2 new buttons,

  • Find and Replace Comment Text

  • Reposition Comments

  • Also, the following controls are now dynamic. (By this I mean, if a range is selected with some comments, these comments will change automatically as per the controls, there is no need to overwrite with new comments. At the same time, these settings are recorded to apply to future comments as well)

  • Rounded Comment Mode

  • Show Comments

  • Show Author Name

  • Show Date

  • Color Buttons

  • Here's a pic,

    And the download link.

    I also added the ability to scroll back and forwards through previously selected ranges with New Book Navigator. The 2 buttons are to the right of the "plus sign" button, itself to the right of the drop down list.

    Workbooks, sheets and cell addresses are recorded automatically as you select new ranges. If a workbook or sheet is not available (closed or removed), the current book or sheet will be navigated to instead. Scroll bar positioning is maintained throughout.

    Here's the link. Have fun ;-)  
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    June 11, 2006

    Launching Files from the Taskbar

    There are times when I want to open certain files in a hurry.

    The solution I use is to open them from the task bar (you can open other kinds of files and programs from the taskbar also) This will open Excel if not already open as well as make the files very easy to find.

    First of all, the Quick Launch toolbar should be showing. If you want to activate it or if you are not sure, right click the taskbar next to the Start button at the bottom of the screen and select Toolbars. Check Quick Launch if it is not check already (or uncheck it and check it again to see which part of the Taskbar disappears and then reappears) You may have to reset the width of the Quick Launch toolbar, uncheck Lock the Taskbar if necessary (right click the taskbar near the Start button again to see the menu), adjust the toolbar width and recheck Lock the Taskbar if desired. Then again, you may want to leave this step until the end though.

    Now open Explorer by either right clicking the Start button and selecting it from the menu, or by simultaneously pushing the Windows key and E. Select the file you want and drag it to the Quick Launch toolbar and you are ready to go. Push the new icon that appears and the file will now open

    But there is another thing I like to do, especially in the case of multiple Excel files (or other program files like Word) and that is to change the icon. It makes individula files so much easier to identify. Right click the file's icon on the Quick Launch toolbar, select Property, then Change Icon. You will see a set of standard icons associated with the software you are using, but if you find these are not enough, there should be a Browse button that will enable you choose icons from inside your computer. Still not enough, do a web search for something like "windows icons" and you will find plenty :-)

    Don't forget you can also change the name of the tooltip that appears when you hover the mouse cursor over the Quick Launch icon, by right clicking it and selecting Rename.

    Here is a pic of a file with an icon I selected as above. Launching it from the taskbar saves a lot of time if I get an urgent phone call.

    Note: You can also open files from the Desktop or Start Menu. I prefer using the taskbar because it is always visible and takes less clicking. A drawback is there is a lot less space available on the taskbar, one has to be a bit more picky about which files to add.  
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    June 04, 2006

    Cell Watch Toolbar 2

    Last week my site was down a day or two because of problems with the blog company, looks like they have fixed whatever was wrong. Fingers crossed.

    Anyway, here is the updated version of my Cell Watch Toolbar. There are now 3 captions to watch cells.

    And it is easier to choose sheets and books to work with the dropdown lists (Comboboxes).

    I also made some changes to the code with regards to the Cell Watch captions (sometimes it was showing the cell's format) and made it easier (hopefully) to read numbers and dates.

    Settings are also stored between sessions with regards to the changeable captions ("pencil" icons, let's call them Title captions for now) and the Cell Watch locations and Cell Watch Type (Column, Row, Sheet and Fixed) are also recorded so there should be no need to reselect each time you use Excel.

    A read-me file gives details of the changes shown above.

    One thing I have noticed is a bug that occurs with certain numbers that show up as a format in the caption. I'll be looking at that and will try to find a fix. (Of course I am always open to suggestions too, as long as they are, ahem, friendly ;-))

    Here's the link.  
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