September 27, 2006

Coming Soon

Sorry for my infrequent posting of late.

Colo and I are working on a shareware version of my utilities. They should be ready sometime in November - there is quite a lot of changes we are making and they will be a lot better than before.

Did manage to add a right-click menu to Rounded Comments that allows you to Cut, Copy and Paste inside and outside the textbox. Here's a pic.

It's just as easy to use short cut keys - Ctrl + X for Cut, Ctrl + C for Copy and Ctrl + V for Paste. There are those times when you might be on the phone or something and don't have both hands free... at least I have the phone on the left and it's pretty hard to use the short cut keys with my right hand, the mouse is quite handy though.

Back to work, bye for now :-)  

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September 10, 2006

A Progress Bar

I did quite a lot of programming work last week but took a little time off to have some fun.

Here is a progress bar made from a userform with no title bar.

And a link to see how it works.

A couple of things that may be of interest.

The code to remove the title bar comes Colo's Excel Junk Room who has quite a lot of other useful vba tips that involve userforms and other things.

Andy Pope of AJP Excel Information has some very interesting examples of progress bars in his collection of userform downloads and a lot of other great stuff to look at as well.

Colo's Excel Junk Room

AJP Excel Information

Well worth the visit ;-)  
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