January 24, 2007

Horizontal Filter

Been meaning to post earlier but I am geting ready to move back to Australia and things are just a little hectic :-)

Anyway, here is a very basic horizontal filter, saw someone mention they wanted one a while back and thought it might be interesting to make...

Basically a filter hides things, not very hard to...all we need is a list to choose from to decide what shows or not, Data Validation does that for us nicely.

The download link for a sample file with code is here.

Before filtering, push the Set Range button to ensure cells from C2 to the last cell in the used range are included. (There is a comment with instructions in Cell A1)

Make your selections from the cells with validation lists in Column B, then push Set Filter...



What the code does not do at this time is update the Data Validation lists (filter cells in Column B) to show only visible columns after the first selection onwards. Not a big thing but I will look at doing that in the future (when I have time)

See you again soon ;-)  

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January 09, 2007

JMT Excel Utilities

At last, they are finally ready - JMT Excel Utilities - the professional version of my former addin, Andrew's Utilities.

A great deal of the code has been rewritten to offer increased efficiency and less chance of error. At the same time, some entirely new utilities have been added that did we think will come in very handy.

As mentioned on a previous occasion, these utilities are no longer free. But I hope you will find them worth the small price we ask. If you consider the time you can save using them every day, we think you will find they are a very good bargain indeed.

Note: The code is also available for a price. Once you access the download link, please keep in mind that updates are absolutely free.

The download page is here.  
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January 05, 2007

Happy New Year - I'm an MVP!

This year is off to a really good start...I'm very pleased to announce that I have been made a Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Microsoft Excel.

Amongst other things, this means I can attend the upcoming Global Summit at Microsoft in March of this year, where I can meet some great friends who have given me their support since I first started writing on this blog. It really is a dream come true...my sincerest thanks to one and all!

You can find more information on Most Valuable Professionals for Microsoft here.
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