February 21, 2007

Decimal Time

The other day I was asked for a formula to convert time into decimals. I'm not quite sure if it is fit the bill or not but this is what I came up with.


You can see how it turns out.

Well, okay, I don't work with time that often, it's usually dates that I worry about.....anyway I thought this formula that rounds time to 15 minute increments might be useful, at least the payroll where I used to work was calculated this way.


Does seem a little better I guess.

But you will notice that I just show the decimal part (the minutes), not the hours. What is the norm here?

And, finally, here is a simple formula to show hours as 1 - 12 regardless of AM or PM.


How about you? What time formulas do you use? Don't forget I've got quite a few date and time formulas here. I'm always happy to add to them and give you credit so don't be shy ;-)  

Posted by andrewe at 14:48

February 12, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Yep, I'm back in the land of Oz at last.

And life is pretty hard... here is a shot of my new office (as you can see, I have to rough it outdoors...)

Actually I am staying with relatives at the moment, but we are looking for a place near the sea too.

I'm looking forward to getting used to this ;-)
Posted by andrewe at 20:38