March 20, 2007

Checkboxes Reset

I was going to upoad this before but ran out of time before the Summit...

A couple of people have mentioned a problem with Marlett Checkboxes while using filters. This seems to be what that problem is.

Here we see some checkboxes.

So far so good. Now let's try adding some more with a filter on.

Set the filter to Off and whoops...look hard and you can see the shape of one (actually more) is distorted. Not good :-(

So I added a new button to reset checkboxes to their proper size and position.

It should come in useful when using they are back to normal.

You can get the new version here ;-)  

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March 18, 2007

MVP 2007 Global Summit

Just back from the Microsoft 2007 Global Summit, I'd like to thank all of the other Excel MVPs who were I thought were a really nice bunch of people.

Here's a photo of some of us at a local bar shortly before we were asked to relocate! (Left to right are Ken Puls, myself, Dick Kusleika, Stephen Bullen, Damon Longworth, Bob Phillips, Nick Hodge, John Walkenbach, Jon Peltier, Tushar Mehta, Zack Barresse and Masaru Kaji (aka Colo)

Not in the photo but also great to meet were Debra Dalgeish, Curtis Frye, Ron Coderre, Niek Otten, Bill Jelen, Shane Devenshire, Bill Manville, Chip Pearson, Bob Umlas, Ashish Mathur, Toru Tanaka and Carson Cheng.

Yep, this is what the summit looked like...

Well, I'm not such a great photographer ;-)

Actually I notice my pal Ken Puls has quite a few photos on his blog, as you can see at Damon Longworth's site too. Please have a look at my friend Colo's site to see his collection.

Anyway, I was glad to get a hold of this gem, these guys are why I started blogging in the first place...

And a nice shot of Colo and me. Cool huh?

Here's hoping we can all meet for the next one!  
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March 02, 2007

Calculation Checker

Excel Calculation can be a funny thing. I've written about it before here.

As I mentioned, setting Calculation to Manual can speed things up a lot, but...problems may arise if care is not taken.

Keep in mind that Calculation might be set to Manual through some code accidentally or you might just forget to switch it back to Automatic when finished.

Anyway, here is my solution (fingers crossed, it's just a rough one for now)

Download Calcualtion Checker here.

Install it as an addin by going to Tools, Add-Ins. (Use Browse to navigate to the folder it is saved in if you have not saved it in the addins folder)

Once installed, you should see a little bell at the bottom of the Tools menu. Push it, you know you want to :-) It should now say Calculation Checker On. Now you are ready to go.

How it works
What it should do (when turned on) is to check each workbook when saving. If Calcualtion is not Automatic, a message should appear.

A little corny but what it means is push Yes to change Calculation to Automatic before saving or No if you are happy saving the workbook as is.

If you choose Yes, another message will appear after the workbook was saved.

Choose Yes if you are happy to work in the previous Calculation mode again or No if you want to keep Calculation as Automatic (you won't be bothered by any more messages in this case unless you switch back to Manual or other mode again later)

Hope it helps ;-)  
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