March 16, 2008

Excel Thunder Down Under

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting some old friends and making some new ones in Sydney at the Excel User Conference.

From left to right, Dick Kusleika, Charles Williams, some dude and Damon Longworth. (Oh yeah, that dude is me)

The presentations were excellent and I had a great time. I sure hope I can go again :-)

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March 01, 2008

File History

Excel keeps a record of what files you have opened. For Excel 2003 and previous versions, it ranges between 0 - 9 files. Excel 2007 is capable of recording more, plus there is the new pushpin feature which I really like. It's the same as "bookmarks" that can be found in a number of add-ins on the net (mine is the New Book Navigator).

Anyway, I've always wanted a way to record history of folders too. So I made something that records from 5 - 40 recently used files and folders. Being the most original person on the planet, I decided to call it "File History". Brilliant, huh?

Here are some pics of it in action on my wife's laptop. (Thanks sweetie)

File History (click to open a file)

Folder History (click to open a folder)

File History Settings

Hopefully it will save you enough time that you can have more fun playing with Excel. The download link is here. Access it from the right-click menu.  
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