April 25, 2008

New Tools for JMT Excel Utilities

As promised, I've added a number of new tools to JMT Excel Utilities.

Here's what is included.

  • Compare Cells
  • Delete Custom Toolbars
  • Delete Custom Controls
  • Ribbon Images (2007 only)
  • Active Workbook Details
  • Calculation Tools
  • Chart Tools
  • Mastermind (Game)
  • Simon Says (Game)
  • Excel Timer

    Warning: Playing the games is counter-productive ;-)

    And they're still free. Download them here!


  • Posted by andrewe at 15:18

    April 19, 2008

    I'm Back!

    Finally, my main site is back up again. And I've got stuff I've been working on...as usual. To be uploaded soon so please be patient ;-)

    (Other stuff that was not downloadable is up again too, so please go for it!)  
    Posted by andrewe at 09:06