June 21, 2008

Classic Colors for Excel

There are a lot of new features in Excel 2007, including a range of new colors. That's great but sometimes you might like to choose previous version compatible colors. So I made an add-in called Classic Excel Colors (one of my simplest yet) .

Using Excel 2007, you will find it on the Add-Ins tab. On previous Excel versions, you will find it on the Tools menu. (It's virtually the same as the Fill and Font toolbars, it's just on a userform instead)

You can use it to change colors for cells, autoshapes, graphs etc, etc :-)

Here's the download link.  

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June 01, 2008

Even More Stuff

The more I use Excel, the more I think of new utilities I want to add.

These are the most recent tools for JMT Excel Utilities.

  • Quick Filter
  • Fill and Unfill Tools
  • Select Range Tools
  • Dynamic Range Tools
  • Reset Tools
  • Generate Password

    The color picker for Excel 2007 has also been improved.

    There are also some new functions.

  • GETTHEMECOLOR (2007 only)
  • GETTINTANDSHADE (2007 only)

    Download link here.

    Have any ideas? Want something added? Send me an email and let me know!  
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