July 20, 2008

Replace Text Tools

Another tool has been added to JMT Excel Utilities. Here it is in action.

It's good for parsing names and stuff. Just be sure check "Include text to find?". In the example above, the find text is both a comma and a space.

Hope it comes in useful, the download link is here :-)  

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July 12, 2008

New Site Address

Goodbye andrewsexceltips.com...

And hello andrewsexceltips.net

Please change your links accordingly! :-)  
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July 09, 2008

Classic Colors for Excel 3

Shortest blog post ever!

I added an option for sheet tabs :-)

Download here!  
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July 06, 2008

Classic Colors for Excel 2

I received some requests for additional features in relation to my Classic Excel Colors add-in.

So, here is what has been added.

  • You can now launch the form from the top menu when a chart is selected.
  • An option to color borders
  • 16 extra colors
  • A button to import colors from the active workbook (by default, this happens when the form is first launched form the menu)

    This is how it looks.

    Download it here :-)  
  • Posted by andrewe at 13:20