April 18, 2009

Drawing Tools

Recent changes to JMT Excel Utilities -

Make Transparent Shape
This is something I did long ago and thought it might be a handy tool to use. Don't forget that in addition to being a great spreadsheet prgram, Excel is also very convenient to make simple pictures and diagrams.



Change To Classic AutoShapes
This enables you to change Excel 2007 shapes to the previous version's default formatting style. (This is on the JMT Excel Utilities for 2007 version only)

User Interface
I have also made some changes to the menus. I have added a new group called Object Tools to the Sheet Utilities in the 2007 version of the utilities. You will find Comment Tools here also.

The menu items are also available on the Drawing Tools contextual tab. (Chart items are also duplicated on the Chart Tools contextual tab)

Finally, I have broken up menus of the 97-2003 version of the utilities. It had to happen because they were overflowing with stuff! You might have to search a bit for some tools but it should not take long as the changes are reasonably logical (?). I think they look a lot better now :-)

The download link is here.

P.S. I am taking some time off to travel to Japan (I lived there for 16 years and really miss the place) See you when I get back, about 3 weeks from today.  

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April 10, 2009

Chart Tools

I am a chart newbie. At least, compared to some of the chart gurus I see, I am still taking my first steps. That has not stopped me from making some simple chart tools - I figure it's a good way to learn and we all have to start somewhere, right?

Okay, this is what I have added to the existing chart tools that come with my main utilities.

Gantt Chart Maker

You can use it to show hours or days (dates). If you make Gantt charts on a regular basis, this might help. Settings for formatting are recorded so it may save a little time.

Add Custom Gridline

This allows you to add a gridline to line or scatter charts where you want it, to get around the default restrictions. With scatter charts, you have the option of adding a horizontal or vertical gridlines. You can show the value to the left (or below) the gridline. You can then make use of Excel's built-in formatting features if you want the gridline to stand out.

Axis Alignment

This was formerly called "Make X Axis Cross At Minimum Value". I can't remember the reasoning behind it but it did not seem to work when I tried it recently. Anyway, I added some functionality and hopefully it will come in useful, I think it is a little easier to understand and use than the default version of formatting for axis alignment.

I also made some improvements to Add Data LabelsFrom Range and Show Fonts Sheet.

The most recent version of the utilities can be downloaded here.  
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