June 28, 2009

Custom Lists

Custom Lists

Custom Lists are great but I've always felt they could be used more easily. I hate dragging down with the plus cursor if I can help it, so I made a new toy to make life more bearable.

Here is what I wrote in the read me file.

Custom Lists
"Custom Lists” is an Excel add-in that allows you to insert entries from your (both default and custom) Custom Lists into cells quickly and easily.

To enable the add-in in Excel, click the Tools menu at the top, then select Add-Ins. If not already visible in the list provided, navigate to the AddIns folder with the Browse button. When ready, tick the check box and close the Add-Ins dialog box.

How to use it
There are 4 options. To select the first 3, right click a range and select Custom Lists, Insert Custom List Form.

1. Enter the full list. Select the list you want to enter, Full List, then either Rows or Columns. No need to drag again with the plus cursor.

2. Enter the list into selected cells. Select as many cells as you like. The list will be inserted into the cells, repeating from the beginning if more cells than list entries are available. A fast way to enter something like days of the week or months etc over several rows or columns.

3. Enter a validation list. Use this to add a drop down list with all of the entries into each in a selected range. This will save a lot of time if you work with the same drop down lists on a frequent basis.

4. You can also add a single entry in selected cells by choosing from any of the lists (Mon,Tue,Wed – Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday - Jan,Feb,Mar etc)

1. You can resize the from to show all list entries if not visible by dragging to the right.

2. Previous settings are recorded so you can enter the same list with the same insert options quickly

Download it here :-)

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June 26, 2009

JMT Excel Utilities Download

Some people might have be having problems accessing the JMT Excel Utilities download site.

So I have made a temporary download site where you can download them here.

Do you the most recent version? I’m always adding new stuff!

While I am at it, I’ve made a new add-in that works with Custom Lists and will upload it in the near future :-)
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June 06, 2009

Cell Watch Form 2

No pictures this time but here is what I have changed with the new version of the Cell Watch Form.

If the workbook of the cell you want to watch is not open or has been deleted or renamed etc, the watchbook referred to will be the active workbook. The code will then look for a sheet with the same name. If not found, the active sheet will be referred to. Cell details which are using the active workbook and/or active worksheet show as dark red. Otherwise, cell references with the original workbook and worksheet are black.

This is handy if you do not want to associate the cell references with a particular workbook or worksheet. For example, you could refer to the same columns or rows in any worksheet you work with. This would allow you to watch several different ranges at the same time without the need to set things up manually. Just select the worksheet to see everything you want to see.

Also, you change the value or formula of the cells referred even if you can't see them. Click the white details section(s) on the form and an input box will allow you to edit the cells. The form then updates to show the new details.

The download link is here.  
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