August 30, 2009

More Chart Tools

I recently added 2 new chart tools to JMT Excel Utilities -

  • Reposition Data Labels

  • Resize Chart

    They are rather simple tools compared to what you might pay for. Then again, they are free :-)

    Here is the download link.  

  • Posted by andrewe at 14:34

    August 05, 2009

    Excel 2007 Colors - Color Tools

    Better late than never, I have made some improvements to my main utilities again. The color picker and the GETTINTANDSHADE function are more acccurate. I also added a new tool caled "Show Excel 2007 Color Details" which shows the Theme, Tint And Shade, Color number, the HTML number and RGB number of each of the 60 Theme Colors.

    All of the above tools are in the 2007 version only. Download it here.  
    Posted by andrewe at 19:24