December 23, 2009

Word Search

Haven't made any games for a while...oh, wait, I made one last week! Oh, well, it doesn't hurt to make another one I guess :-)

Actually, this is a type of game that I wanted to make for a while. I remember Debra Dalgleish who owns the Contextures site having a word search game on her blog. With Excel functions, mind you. Download it and try it out!

Anyway, here is my version. Put any words you want in Column AA, starting from Cell AA1. Just like in the picture below. Then push RESET.

As you find the words, select them with your mouse or keyboard, and they will be highlighted and crossed out on the list. I don't recommend you use too many words, probably no more than 10 is best. (Otherwise the code may have a fit trying to find a place to put them all)

Have fun! The download link is here :-)

Probably my last post for the year, so Merry Chrsitmas and a Happy New Year everyone. See you in 2010!  

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December 19, 2009

Fun and Games

Now you see it...
Last year, I made one of my Excel games. You know the one - you shuffle the numbers around until you get all of them in order.

I decided to make a userform version and added to my main add-in, JMT Excel Utilities. My games collection is slowly increasing :-)

Now you don't...
Anyway, I remember my friend Jimmy Peña at the Code for Excel and Outlook site talking about making my games a little "less obvious". (Hi Jimmy!)

Anyway I had a think about it. Anybody watch Predator or Star Trek movies? Wouldn't a cloaking device be cool? Something like this?

Well, there is no 0% setting. It is a bit hard to play something invisible, but this should blend in pretty well.

The bad news is the transparency option is only available for my 2007-2010 version of JMT Excel Utilities. The good news is that all games in that version can be set with the same level of (semi) transparency!

You can download both versions here.

I still have to work out how to complete Number Shuffle :-)

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December 16, 2009

Classic Excel Colors Remade

I’m pleased to announce a major rewrite of the code in my Classic Excel Colors add-in.

Although mostly okay, I had noticed that some colors did always not change as expected and made some version/selection specific amendments to the code.

I also added a way to change the font color of specific text (not just all text)

You can download the new version here :-)
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December 06, 2009

Excel 2010

Got Excel 2010? So do I. Looks like some good stuff has been added, right?

In case you are wondering, I have updated JMT Excel Utilities to work with Excel 2010 but it's still in "beta" at the momment. I will do some more testing over the next week or so. but you can try out the new version 4.4 now. If anything needs to be changed, I will upload a new version later on.

You can download it from here.

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Auto Cell Edit

Auto Cell Edit is an addin that edits cell entries as you make them.

Toggle the addin on and also what other options you want to be edited -

  • Column Width (Autofit)
  • Row Height (Autofit)
  • Proper Case
  • First Letter Upper Case
  • Spell Check

    Whatever options you have selected are saved even if you stop using Auto Cell Edit (toggle it off) or shut Excel down. Simply toggle the addin back on and the settings will be restored.

    I figure it might be useful for people who are entering long lists into Excel and don't want to continuously edit each cell one at a time. If you have any suggestions for other options, let me know by email or telepathy, whichever is more convenient :-)

    Download it here!
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