February 07, 2010

Capturx For Excel

I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while but things have been busy :-)

Last year I was asked by the Adapx company to try out their Capturx add-in for Excel.

Using their digital pen, you can write on their forms when printed on paper, then upload the written data recorded by their digital pen to your computer and show it in Excel.

Pretty neat idea I thought, and I can see a whole lot of uses for it. Anybody who works away from a PC can upload their data at their convenience without the hassle of inputting pen written data on a computer manually (typing).

After some minor difficulties, I got things set up and gave it a whirl.

Here is a picture of the form showing hand written data that was uploaded. I must point out that I really do write like this, it’s not exaggerated. (I used to write neatly but then PCs appeared, my typing speed got a lot better though)

And here is a shot of the inputted data. Note the comments still show hand written data.

It works quite well - the only problem I came across was the date formatting. I guess that can be worked around with neater hand writing?

My impression – if you employ people who write stuff on paper forms, consider using this. It will save time and keeping records on a PC will become a lot easier. The pens are not cheap but the money saved with time should make up for that and efficiency will definitely get a lot better.  

Posted by andrewe at 08:38