March 21, 2010

Sheet Tools

In the latest version of JMT Excel utilities, I added a couple of sheet tools that I felt would complement what already exists. You can find them in the sheet tabs right click menu.

Insert Sheets
This allows you to to enter multiple sheets before or after the sheet you specify on the list. Besides not having to add sheets one at a time, you will find it easier to do it from a list than try to navigate to the right sheet using the sheet tabs.

Select Specifc Sheets
This allows you to select multiple sheets. As above, doing it from a list is easier than using the sheet tabs.

Reset Built-In Toolbars
This is only available with the 2007-2010 version of the utilities and will reset all built-in toolbars. You will find it in Developer Tools, along with the other toolbar and control tools available.

Cell Menu
I've also made some small improvements to the cell menu. I noticed that the Camera tool men item sometimes "multiplied" so I edited the code to stop this from happening.

You can download the latest edition here.  

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March 07, 2010

More Stuff For JMT Excel Utilities

When I don't blog for a while, it could mean I've decided to become a normal human being (at least pretend) or I am up to something...

Well, if you believe the former, I'm sure Santa or the Giant Intergalactic Popsicle will bring you a nice present this year. For the others, keep readng :-)

Rows And Columns Tab
Cells To Grid Tools
Group Rows And Columns
Ungroup Rows And Columns
Join Columns

Text Tools Tab
Parse Text

Games Tab
Play Zapper
Play Odds And Evens
Make A Decision

And a new custom function - CONVERTROMANNUMBERS (Sorry for shouting!)

As you can see there are 3 new games. It's been a good year for games, I've made at least 5 that I remember :-)

The download link is here.  
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