July 20, 2005

More Excel Toys

Here are a couple of new add-ins I made over the last week.

Excel Calendar
I was disappointed with the slow calculation time of my Calendar Toolbar so I decided to make something with a userform instead.

This calendar uses variables instead of relying on formulas within cells. I've tested it at my job to see if any speed was lost when working with very large files. I'm happy to say that the code seems to run a lot faster. A valuable lesson learned. (If you look closely, you'll see that it uses a simplified version of my worksheet calendar formula but written in VBA)

Also, I'd like to thank Colo for his suggestion of using a Class module to avoid using the same code over and over again for each button. It's things like this that keep everything nice and simple, not too mention a good experience for me to practice with a new way of coding :-)

Here's the download. It's just a date picker at the moment, I might add more features later on.

Excel Calculator
This too uses variables only. It wasn't too hard using worksheet formulas in cells, using variables was a bit more difficult but I got there in the end. Same story with the speed, it works a lot faster.

Here's the download, I hope you find it useful.

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Excel One day at a time Here are some links with downloadable examples, and some code that can be used to create calendars in Excel: Jay Walkenbach : Appointment Calendar Andrew Engwirda's Excel tips : Excel Calendar Calendar Toolbar Erlandsen Data Consul
Calendars【Unofficial Microsoft Office Stuff】at July 25, 2005 00:42
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The calendar looks nice.

The calculator is already available in Excel.
From Excel's menu: View | Toolbars | Customise
From the Commands tab: Tools | Custom (looks like a calculator icon). Drag this to a toolbar.


Posted by Rob van Gelder at July 21, 2005 16:50
Hi Rob,

Thanks, the calendar was fun to make.

Don't like the regular calculator so much, I thought this one was a bit easier to copy from cells and it doesn't minimise to the task bar all the time ;-)
Posted by Andrew at July 21, 2005 20:37