May 17, 2006

Even More Buttons

Like I mentioned before, I was planning to add some more buttons to the New Book Navigator toolbar. Actually there is still something I want to add, I will do so if I can write the code sometime.

Anyway, here's what I added today.

First there are some new buttons to highlight selected areas and to remove them as the case may be. I have similar options with my other utilities that work in the same way (although the cells are highlighted, the format does not change, instead Autoshapes are used in such a way that the cells can be selected).

And I added a way to deselect cells. If you keep the Ctrl key depressed, you can select (deselect) multiple areas.

You might ask why I just don't add these features to my utilities? Well, some may be in future, I'll keep it in mind. But the ones I added to New Book Navigator are ones I use all the time, so I want them handy just like I wanted Rounded Comments next to the other comment options on the right click (Cell) menu. And both of these are rather specialized, for the time being I figured it was better keeping them as separate addins.

One thing I am learning is it not just about writing code, it's the design that makes things work together.

The latest version is here.