August 05, 2007

What's Your Address?

No, I'm not trying to pick anyone up. I get enough exercise anyway :-)

I have been working with ranges a lot recently, over and over again. And it has come to my attention that I like to know what range is selected at any given time. You can look at the Name Box, but that only show the active cell.

So I thought this would be a nice thing to add to one of my favourite and most used addins - the New Book Navigator. (I really should rename this somethime, huh?)

Anyway, at the right of the toolbar, you can see this. Look at the second caption from the right from now.

Select somewhere else and you see something like this.

That's getting there, but let's add some extra stuff. Push the caption and a userform will appear to allow you switch between A1 or R1C1 styles, and Absolute, Relative or Mixed References. Or you can copy the range as per the caption to the clipboard, by pushing both the caption and Ctrl key at the same time. That's starting to look better, right?.

One last thing. Although you can briefly see the number or rows and columns while selecting a range, it remains displayed when using the toolbar on the far right caption. And you can see the number of selected cells (blank or otherwise) and areas if you hover your mouse cursor above as a tootip.

Download it here.

There's more stuff on the way too :-)