September 28, 2008

Checklist Maker

This is a file I thought might come in useful at work. Here it is when you open it.

After entering a suitable title in cell D2, start to enter items starting from (and including) cell D4 downwards. When you that the item number appears in column B and a drop down (data validation) list appears in column C. The default value is X (unchecked). If you choose O (checked), the item row cells, (columns B,C and D) change color as an easy means of identification.

You can have spaces between the rows. In the following image, I have widened the size of column A and added some dummy headers. Even with spaces, the code will produce the correct item number in column B.

After your checklist is ready, you can copy it to another workbook using Excel's built-in commands on the sheet tab right click menu. Then you can choose to delete the checklist code or comment it out. The latter might be better if you might need to make changes in future.

Download it here :-)