May 16, 2009

Cell Watch Form

At one of my reader's request, I have improved my Cell Watch Toolbar Addin. This time it's not a toolbar though, it's a userform.

As you can see, there have been some changes. Add Cell Watch allows you to watch a cell in any worksheet, in any workbook. So far, it sounds similar to Excel's Watch Window, and indeed it is based on this. However, I think you will find the Cell Watch Form does so much more.

Push Add Cell Watch to select a "base" cell. There is an option to name the label for ease of understanding.

The first label shows the base cell plus the optional name I used, both in dark blue. In black, you can see the current cell actuallly being referred to, and it's value, format and formula (shown as None if no formula exists). You can choose to show whatever you like by using the checkboxes above.

Now we move to another cell, A4.

You can see the cell reference and value have changed. Because Column is the option selected, the cell that is "watched" will always refer to the same column as the base cell, only the row will change according to where you select, be it another column, worksheet or even another workbook.

Using the Row option would do the same, except the "watch" cell would depend o what column you select. The Sheet option would refer to the same cell reference in whatever worksheet you select. The Fixed option will always refer to the base cell, in it's own worksheet and workbook (This is how Excel's built-in Watch Window works).

Now we add a new label. As opposed to my former add-in with a set number of 3 cells to watch, the new version allows you to add as many as you like! As the new label refers to B1, selecting the 4th row of any column, will refer to cell B4. As you can see, the Cell, Value, Format and Formula details have changed accordingly.

Use Delete Cell Watch to remove labels from the bottom up. The On/Off toggle button might be useful if you want to temporarily retain some information without the labels updating.

The download link is here. (I may add some more features in future for a shareware version but for now, it is free :-) )