Googleが、今年の開発者会議「Google I/O 2016」の参加登録を2016年3月8日(火)午前9時(日本時間3月9日午前2時)より受付開始しました。


▶︎ Google I/O 2016 Application

Google I-O 2016 Application (20160309)

「Google I/O 2016」は、2016年5月18日(水)〜20日(金) に本社近くのカリフォルニア州マウンテンビューのShoreline Amphitheater(ショアライン・アンフィシアター)で開催予定です。

Google Developers Blog: Apply now to join us and celebrate our #love4dev at #io16 (Tuesday, March 8, 2016)

◎ Google Event: Google I/O 2016
Google I/O 2016

May 18–20, 2016/2016年5月18日(水)〜20日(金)
Shoreline Amphitheatre(ショアライン・アンフィシアター)
Mountain View, California(カリフォルニア州マウンテンビュー)

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Google I/O is for developers—the creative coders who are building what’s next. Together we’ll explore the latest in tech, mobile, and beyond.


We’re accepting applications for Google I/O until March 10, 2016 at 5:00PM PST.

No need to rush!

The order in which applications are received has no bearing on the outcome and remember, only one registration application per person is allowed.

Selected Applicants will be chosen at random and invited via email to complete registration for the event.

Before you submit:
You’ll need to sign in with a Google account. If your current email address isn’t a Google account, you can associate it with a Google account here.

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