they are 15 it continued with the weight at the front but they also introduced the way at the back to get more forgiveness and more variation between low speed and high spin so again I've gone neutral with both of these lofts both these weight positions one of the other standalone features with the m1 and this was m1 m2 and the new end one of them - he's had this multi material construction on the top there's not only titanium but it also had this carbon top as well which gave this incredible white and black contrast on the crown of the head and really stood out from the crowd it was such a big talking point when they brought that contrast out so this is the m1 460 they also brought a m1 430 out this year as well I've just got this in neutral so that was m1 2016 I'm now going to move into m2 from 2017 thought throw the m2 in the mix just to vary it up a little bit each year this is the 9.5 degree head as well similar to the rest this had no adjustability on it apart from the neck there's the only thing can adjust the weights it's a little bit further back in the head it's got this more of a channel behind the face to help with that low spin that fast ball speed and it has the same head design as the m1 from 2017 but the difference between the 2016 and 2017 is that white board is just a little bit slimmer and there's even more of a carbon back which I actually really liked the look of the back [Music] okay so that is the first round of all the drivers five shots with each we're gonna circle back again go back to our 11s and then we'll have a finale of all the ten shots stay tuned I need to hit some fairway second time around there wasn't many fairways being hit let's hit some fairways second time around our 11s back up first 60 shots not good routing guys so the results are in now as I mentioned to start the video what I'm gonna do is take five of the best shots and use the averages