In Buddism,
when he/she is greedy,gelous,and always complaining during his/her lifetime,
he/she is going to GAKIDO(餓鬼道),whitch is a kind of hell,
and he/she will be GAKI(餓鬼),after death.

Gaki is always suffered from hunger and thirst.
When he grabs  food or water,they turn into fire,
so Gaki will never satisfied.

Korean people claim that Japan abducted 200,000 Korean women including low teen,
and abused as comfort women during the WWⅡ.
But there is no certain evidence of comfort women.
We have many evidence that these women were merely prostitutes.
Comfort women didn't exist such as Korean people insist of.
【youtube】Endangered Japan (Book 2): Sex, Lies, and Comfort Women 

The only testimony of abduction was made up story.
He admited himself.

This is a poster which accusing Japanese abduction.
But everything is already solved when Japan and Korea concluded a treaty in 1965.
【official document】Treaty on Basic Relations between Japan and the Republic of Korea

Yes,I can hear.
I hear Gaki are screaming from hell.