As you know,Japan is the only country suffered atomic bombs.
No one wishes that the tragedy will happens again.
Peace is everyone's hope.
That's what I thoght.

But I was wrong.

Some Korean uploaded this picture on internet site.

who cares stupid japs.. US should have just finished your dirty race off by dropping couple more atomic bombs during WWII.... it's just too bad that they didn't... but i have no worries since the effects from the earthquake + radiation will take care of you guys... all japs do is cause trouble... WWII, what you guys did to koreans before that, now the radiation.... you guys should be ashamed...

I found this comment on this youtube video.
You can find this kind of comment posted by Korean everywhere on youtube. 

Some Korean pop singer is dancing in front of the dome....
The name of this dome is Hiroshima Peace Memorial (Genbaku Dome).
It is a place for praying peace.

This was a party at some hotel in Seoul city.
"This drink is poping bubbles just like dropping atmic bomb in Hiroshima..."
Japanese ambasador Oshima.
He lost his mother by atmic bomb.
And this movie was on Korean TV show.
Korean people enjoyed this scene and laughed at him.

Someone said this music video also reminds Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.
Why did they make this kind of music video just right after misfortune disaster?
This monster has Japanese flag on the forhead.
The title of this song is 'HATE YOU'.

This is a monument for victims of atmic bomb of Hiroshima.

It says,
「天が まっかに 燃えたとき わたしの からだは とかされた ヒロシマの叫びを ともに 世界の人よ」 
When sky burned red
my body melted
all people in the world with scream of Hiroshima

you look like human,shape like human,
but I will never admit that you are human beings.