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Singer's Times Square Ad Funds Go Missing

Around US$53,000 of a total $100,000 that singer Kim Jang-hoon donated in 2012 to take out patriotic ads in New York's Times Square never arrived at the U.S. advertising agency that handled the campaign.

The ad agency in June last year sued the company that placed the ads on Kim's behalf, but the money remains missing.

The story was given to the Chosun Ilbo by U.S.-based journalist Ahn Chi-yong.

Kim and Seo Kyung-duk at Sungshin Women's University placed the outdoor ads in Times Square for three months starting in October of 2012. They publicized Korea's sovereignty over Dokdo and Japan's denial of responsibility for forcing women into sexual slavery for its troops in World War II. 

Kim had tapped into his pension fund to finance the ads and gave the money to Seo. The professor then handed the money to ISEA Communication, an ad agency in New York run by Korean American Cho Hyun-joon. 

ISEA then signed an advertising contract with specialist firm City Outdoor and ran the ads for three months. But City Outdoor filed a lawsuit in a New York State court last June accusing ISEA of failing to pay two months' worth of ad fees totaling $53,000 and is seeking around $70,000 including the money it cost to take the ads down.

Seo says he received the money from the singer and gave it to Cho, but Cho stopped answering phone calls and has dropped from the radar after allegedly confessing to Ahn that he did not pay City Outdoor for the ads. 

Ahn said Cho is also accused by City Outdoor of failing to pay $4,000 he received from a Korean broadcaster to run ads in Times Square publicizing the Korean dish bibimbap (rice with assorted vegetables).

englishnews@chosun.com / Feb. 06, 2014 12:30 KST

Kim Jang-hoon 
(He tried to swim to Takeshima island and he got sick.)

( ゚∀゚)hahahahaha

It is Korean that is denying responsibility.
I will tell you very important thing.
Never trust Koreans.
It happens all the time and we are sick of their lies.

At least you should not do anything before comfirming their payment.

By the way.
There was an ad in the NYT using same photo by Global Alliance for preserving the history of the WWⅡ in Asia.

Global Alliance for preserving the history of the WWⅡ in Asia is organization of communist party of China.

Headquarter of Global Alliance locates U.S.lawmaker Mike Honda's election wards.
Mike Honda is known for working for comfort woman issue.
【wiki】Mike Honda 

He is donated by Koreans,too. 

left:Eni Faleomavaega
center:Moon Hyun-Jin son of Moon Sun-myung (founder of Unification Church)
right:Mike Honda(2012 in Korea)

Can you guess who will be pleased when Japan and Korea dispute?

Have you reached the right answer? 

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Nicolas Finet arrogant French 

【youtube】Angouleme International Comic Festival altercation 

Angouleme International Comic Festival accepted Korean political comic.
Angouleme International Comic Festival banned Japanese comic.
This is called "double standard".
Nicolas Finet called comics "shit".
Is he an adequate person to organize comic festival if he think comic is "shit"?

Nicolas Finet is an auther of Seoul city guide.
It is very possible that  Nicolas Finet is bought by Korea Tourism Organization.

kimch money > egalité

korea times ソウル観光nicolas finet

Korea Tourism Organization homepage.
"39ème festival international de la bande dessinée d’Angoulême"

I tell you what.
This man is former CEO of Korea Tourism Organization.
He is "moonie" a member of Korean cult Unification Church,
resigned for bying sex recently.

And more.
Do you think we don't know how you treated French women after the WW2?

Watch this and never be rude to Japan.

【youtube】[Comfort Women Song] 韓国人慰安婦の歌 

Report No. 49: Japanese Prisoners of War Interrogation on Prostitution

In Myitkyina the girls were usually quartered in a large two story house (usually a school building) with a separate room for each girl. There each girl lived, slept, and transacted business. In Myitkina their food was prepared by and purchased from the "house master" as they received no regular ration from the Japanese Army. They lived in near-luxury in Burma in comparison to other places. This was especially true of their second year in Burma. They lived well because their food and material was not heavily rationed and they had plenty of money with which to purchase desired articles. They were able to buy cloth, shoes, cigarettes, and cosmetics to supplement the many gifts given to them by soldiers who had received "comfort bags" from home.
While in Burma they amused themselves by participating in sports events with both officers and men, and attended picnics, entertainments, and social dinners. They had a phonograph and in the towns they were allowed to go shopping.


'One-stop shopping' drug and prostitution ring, Asian Wave Escorts, busted ahead of Super Bowl

Who forced these Korean women to be prostitutes?Japanese army?lol 

Remember,comfort woman is nothing more than prostitute. 

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E4AKorea: Several charged in city-wide Asian prostitution ring 
Japanese civic group offers apology over comfort women issue 
 Comfort woman issue is often connected with Unification Church activity.
Korean women abusing the visa program in Australia 

I had despaird that the truth is twisted by money from dirty will.

Fighting a McDonald’s in Queens for the Right to Sit. And Sit. And Sit.

Shortly after New Year’s Day, Man Hyung Lee, 77, was nursing a coffee in his usual seat in a narrow booth at a McDonald’s in Flushing, Queens, when two police officers stepped into the fluorescent light of the restaurant.

Mr. Lee said the officers had been called because he and his friends — a revolving group who shuffle into the McDonald’s on the corner of Parsons and Northern Boulevards on walkers, or with canes, in wheelchairs or with infirm steps, as early as 5 a.m. and often linger until well after dark — had, as they seem to do every day, long overstayed their welcome.

“They ordered us out,” Mr. Lee said from his seat in the same McDonald’s booth a week after the incident, beneath a sign that said customers have 20 minutes to finish their food. (He had already been there two hours.) “So I left,” he said.

“Then I walked around the block and came right back again.”

For the past several months, a number of elderly Korean patrons and this McDonald’s they frequent have been battling over the benches inside. The restaurant says the people who colonize the seats on a daily basis are quashing business, taking up tables for hours while splitting a small packet of French fries ($1.39); the group say they are customers and entitled to take their time. A lot of time.

“Do you think you can drink a large coffee within 20 minutes?” David Choi, 77, said. “No, it’s impossible.”

And though they have treated the corner restaurant as their own personal meeting place for more than five years, they say, the situation has escalated in recent months. The police said there had been four 911 calls since November requesting the removal of the entrenched older patrons. Officers have stopped in as frequently as three times a day while on patrol, according to the patrons, who sidle away only to boomerang right back. Medium cups of coffee ($1.09 each) have been spilled; harsh words have been exchanged. And still — proud, defiant and stuck in their ways — they file in each morning, staging a de facto sit-in amid the McNuggets.

“Large group — males, females — refusing to get up and leave,” read the police summary of one 911 call placed on Jan. 3 at 2:30 p.m. “The group passed a lot of sit-down time. Refusing to let other customers sit.”

Neither a Burger King nor another McDonald’s, both within a few blocks on Northern Boulevard, has the same allure.

Workers at the restaurant say they are exasperated.

“It’s a McDonald’s,” said Martha Anderson, the general manager, “not a senior center.” She said she called the police after the group refused to budge and other customers asked for refunds because there was nowhere to sit.

After multiple requests for comment, a spokeswoman for McDonald’s said the company would address the issue, but as of Tuesday evening it had not done so.

The police in the 109th Precinct, which serves the area, say that calls to resolve to disputes at businesses are routine, though the disruptions are more often caused by unruly teenagers than by septuagenarians.
The Flushing McDonald’s looks like any other. Few among the crowd there on a recent Saturday said they even liked the food. “We prefer our own Korean food,” said Hoick Choi, 76, a pastor at New Power Presbyterian Church, who comes about once a week. Many come after filling up on a free lunch at a nearby senior center.

Some say it is convenience that draws them from the solitude of their nearby homes to spend the day sitting there in the Big Mac-scented air. Many are widowed, or like Jee Woong Lim, 81, who arrived in America two years ago from Seoul, say they are in need of company. They are almost without exception nattily dressed, in suits or dress slacks, brightly colored ties or sweaters, fedoras and well-shined shoes.

Yet there seem to be no shortage of facilities that cater to the elderly in the neighborhood. Civic centers dot the blocks, featuring parlors for baduk, an Asian board game, and classes in subjects from calisthenics to English. Mr. Lee, who comes to the McDonald’s from Bayside, passes several senior centers en route. One is a Korean Community Service center in Flushing, which recently changed a room in the basement into a cafe with 25-cent coffee after its president, Kwang S. Kim, got word of the McDonald’s standoff.

No one has come.

“I think I have to go to McDonald’s and ask why they’re there,” Mr. Kim said.

Outside the McDonald’s on Saturday, Sang Yong Park, 76, and his friend, Il Ho Park, 76, tried to explain what drew them there. They come every single day to gossip, chat about politics back home and in their adopted land, hauling themselves up from the banquettes with their canes to step outside for short cigarillo breaks. And they could not say why they keep coming back — after a short walk around the block to blow off steam — every time the officers remove them. They said they had each been ousted three times so far.

The two men, however, knew what they would do next time. Sang Yong Park said he would not budge, but his friend said he would dutifully obey any police order, just as he always has. “I will just listen to them,” he said. “But I will come back inside after they leave.”

Korean Community Leaders Urge McDonald’s Boycott

Word ricocheted around the Korean enclaves of Queens, then onto the Internet, where it was picked up by Korean news media and sent in translation to the homeland. The situation inspired television news reports, an animated parody and on Thursday culminated in a summit on a Flushing street corner calling for a boycott: all because a McDonald’s had appeared to disrespect several older Korean people who treat a neighborhood branch of the fast-food chain like their living room.

“This really is difficult,” Lisa McComb, a spokeswoman for McDonald’s, wrote in an email.

“The restaurant has welcomed these guests for a long time,” she said, but the endless table sitting “has led to uncomfortable interactions with the McDonald’s workers.”

On Thursday afternoon, several Korean community leaders hand-delivered a letter to a manager of the McDonald’s franchise at the corner of Parsons and Northern Boulevards, outlining their outrage that, over the past several months, the management has called 911 to oust older men and women who sit for hours hovering over a single cup of coffee. The dispute was reported by The Korea Times and this week by The New York Times.

“Senior citizens should not be treated as criminals,” said Christine Colligan, a leader of the Korean Parents Association of New York, as she stood outside the restaurant, her voice rising. “They should be respected.”

That morning, Ms. Colligan had contacted her sprawling network in the Korean community urging a “worldwide” boycott of the fast-food restaurant for the month of February. In a letter, she attacked what she saw as “stark racism” by McDonald’s: “We will teach them a lesson,” the letter said.

Whether the Koreans, many in their 70s and 80s, were right or wrong to spend their days at the restaurant, arriving as early as 5 a.m. and paying as little as $1.09 for a cup of coffee during their daylong stays, seemed not to matter much to the small but vocal group protesting against McDonald’s before an assortment of television cameras and photographers. What seemed to nettle the Korean community most was the perception that in asking police officers to remove the group, the business had been rude.

“You call the police on your grandmother?” Ms. Colligan said.

Officer Hee-Jin Park-Dance from the Community Affairs Bureau of the Police Department works out of Flushing. She said: “In Korea or any other Asian cultures, the elder is treated like gold①. When you see an elder you get up, you give a seat right away. It’s a sign of respect.” In policing the area, she said, “you need to know your community.”

Elected leaders were drawn into the imbroglio: A conference call was swiftly arranged between State Assemblyman Ron Kim, a Democrat, who represents Flushing and was the first Korean-American to have been elected to the Legislature, and the owner of the franchise, Jack Bert, Ms. McComb said.

More than discomfort is at stake: Staff members at the franchise said the ever-present older people caused the business to lose money. The patrons sat far longer than the 20 minutes requested on signs posted in the restaurant. Other customers asked for refunds, unhappy that there were no seats at which to eat a Happy Meal.

“I’m sure you can imagine any business would find this situation to be difficult when customers prevent other customers from enjoying the restaurant,” Mr. Bert, the franchise’s operator, said in an emailed statement.

Even among the community’s champions of business, like Young Jin Kim, the chairman of the Korean American Business Council of New York, there was little sympathy. “Respecting elders is particularly serious and important,” Mr. Kim said. That reverence can supersede business interests, he said.

Behind him, beyond the glass and golden arches, several older men sat watching inside the McDonald’s, sipping coffee. 

Do you think McDonald is "stark racism" in this case?

①In Korea or any other Asian cultures, the elder is treated like gold.
Suicide rate of elders are high in Korea-about 4 or 5 times of U.S. and Japan.
"Zainichi", Korean people living in Japan, leave their parents and go abroad to get education or to get a job,because social security in Japan is much better than of Koreans.It is so sad that they abandom their parents.Social security cost of Koreans living in Japan is a serious problems.

If Koreans treat elders like gold,do they have to commit suicide?
In the first place,if they are treated like gold,do they have to spend whole day in McDonald? 

Elders are treated as gold,because they are respectful enough to have decent manners than youngers.
I am an asian,but I don't agree with her opinion.

Do you know this book?
"The Rape of Nanking" written by Iris Chang

the rape of nanking google books

Do you know who published this book?
It says "Basic Books".

basic booksマードック
"Basic Books is a subsidiary of Harper&Row,part of the News Corporation,which is owned by Rupert Murdoch."

Rupert Murdoch
His wife

is Chinese.

(Recently he divorced.) 

Do you know what massacre is?
Is this?

I guess not.
【wiki】the Battle of China 

Is this?
left:Nationalist Party of China
right:Communist Party of China 
Nothing to do with Japan.

Is this?
【wiki】Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki 
Yes,this is real massacre.

Do you know why they insist "victims 300000"?
【wiki】Nanking Massacre Memorial Hall

     Hiroshima victims estimated 160000
+   Nagasaki  victims estimated 140000

You needed the reason for Hiroshima and Nagasaki massacre.
That's why you made up this ridiculous "Nanking Massacre".

We won't forgive what you did to us.
Not only for Hiroshima and Nagasaki,
but you disgraced our country by dirty lie.

You won the war,but it doesn't mean you didn't commit war crime.
Don't you ever think that you can hide away.  
Face the fact.
That's what you should do.

By the way,do you know what happened to Iris Chang?
【wiki】Iris Chang 
She commited suicide.Aged 36. 

Nanking 1938.2

"Nanking Massacre" didn't exist. 

Korean Tobacco Company Pulls 'Racist' Monkey Ads For 'This Africa' Cigarettes

The Huffingotn Post | By Cavan Sieczkowski
this africa

Following cries of racism, South Korea's largest tobacco company is pulling an advertisement for its new "This Africa" cigarettes.

The KT&G ads featuring a monkey dressed as a human were launched a month ago to promote the brand's new "This Africa" cigarettes, according to the Agence France-Presse. The ads to promote cigarettes dried and roasted in "traditional" African style showed monkeys dressed as humans, tagged with the slogan "Africa is coming!"

Zambian Mirriam Simasiku, an African woman living in Seoul, told the Korea Times she found the ads extremely offensive.

“According to those images, Africans are just a bunch of uneducated monkeys,” she told the publication. “We as Africans are still a minority against a multitude of pure Koreans with no law to protect us. By the way, it is named This Africa, which is inappropriate since no one thought of making any connection.”

After accusations of racism and outcry from the African Tobacco Control Alliance (ATCA), which called the ad "shameless" and "mocking," KT&G apologized and decided to pull the product to "dispel concerns of racism."

"We absolutely had no intention to offend anyone and only chose monkeys because they are delightful animals that remind people of Africa," a company spokeswoman told AFP. "Since this product contains leaves produced by the traditional African style, we only tried to adopt images that symbolize the nature of Africa."

An assistant manager at KT&G’s public relations office told the Korea Times the response to the monkey ad was "totally unexpected," and that no one raised the issue of racism during the design process.

Despite KT&G's supposed surprise, the topic is actually a heated one. Race has long been an issue in South Korea, a nation known for its "ethnic homogeneity" that boasted being of "one blood" up until recent years, the New York Times previously noted.

The government has been accused of "fostering xenophobia" and only began accepting multiethnic Korean citizens into the armed forces last year, according to the newspaper. However, the country is becoming increasingly multicultural, with growing numbers of migrants coming from Southeast Asia and India and one in 10 marriages involving a foreign spouse.

"We absolutely had no intention to offend anyone and only chose monkeys because they are delightful animals that remind people of Africa,"
I  doubt this statement because I remember following articles.

Korean Air Apologizes For Calling Kenyans 'Primitive'
Huff Post Travel

NAIROBI, Kenya -- A notice on Korean Air's website announcing the start of non-stop flights from Korea to Kenya sparked a flurry of angry Tweets and Facebook postings Monday over the description of Kenyans as indigenous people full of "primitive energy."

Muthui Kariuki, who is handling public relations for Korean Air in Kenya, said that the notice had been removed from the website and that the word "primitive" was a result of a mistake in translation from Korean to English.

Kariuki said the airline, which is supposed to launch the thrice-weekly flights this Thursday, will post an apology.

Kenyans expressed their anger on social media.

"An insult to a nation. Kenya doesn't have primitive people," posted a Twitter user who identified himself as George Njoro.

Others however felt that the mistake in the notice was an intentional marketing gimmick.

"Now everybody knows Korea Air is coming to Kenya. Nice marketing strategy," tweeted another person using the Twitter handle of Komboste.

Kenya is a regional hub where passengers can connect to flights to other countries in the region and in Africa.

A number of international airlines operate from Kenya including Air India, British Airways, Emirates, KLM, Qatar Airways, Saudi Arabian Airlines, South Africa Airways, Swiss International Air Lines and Virgin Atlantic.


#KOT ridicule airline over ‘Primitive Energy’ promo

Posted on June 18th, 2012 by CAPITAL LIFESTYLE

Korean Air on Monday faced a barrage of criticism over a promotion gaffe that described Kenyan people as having primitive energy, three days before the airline started direct flights to Nairobi.

“Korean Air will launch 3 non-stop flight services per week from Incheon Korea to Nairobi, Kenya on June 21. Korean Air will become the first air carrier in Northeast Asia to extend flight services to Nairobi. Fly to Korean Air and enjoy the grand African Savanna, the safari tour, and the indigenous people full of primitive energy,” read the promotion, which has since been removed.

Kenyans on Twitter, also known as #KOT were furious with the promotion, which they termed ‘offensive.’

“@KoreanAir_KE just called us primitive people? I await an apology,” tweeted @coldtusker.

“Maybe when these Koreans arrive we should have two gorillas at the run-way for them! That’s some good primitive energy!,” @KalimaniThaMc twitted.

#KOT have proceeded to ridicule the description by laughing at it and launching a trend #PrimitiveEnergy

“Thinking of lion hunting today and maybe some elephant baiting to deal with my #primitiveenergy,” said @wairimugk.

Kenyans are describing what they think are examples of ‘primitive energy’ in the day to day lives of the country’s 40 million plus population.

Hilarious examples like uprooting rail tracks and putting a spoon of juice in the freezer to make it cold, are among the hundreds of tweets that have been coming in every few minutes.

As we look for comment from officials at Korean Air, here’s a small sample of the tweets accompanied by avideo showcasing monkeys, beautiful scenery, lions and the ever engaging Maasai.

Korean Air will on June 21 become the first airline that operates direct flights from Northeast Asia to Nairobi, the gateway to East Africa as well as the hottest destination in Central and South Africa. 

【youtube】Typhoon ONDOY: Korean called FILIPINOS "MONKEYS" in a Twitter Blog 

Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me. Thats what I kept telling myself over and over until I realized words really do stung badly. I received a text message from a friend. It says that a Korean twitter blogger said:

Have you heard the news? The monkey island Philippines is flooded. I hope the rain will never stop to drown those monkeys.

They will die because monkeys cant swim. 

Koreans claim that Japanese army abducted 200,000 women for sex slave during WW2 without any single evident.

They are creating "racial perejudice" against Japan.

Because they want to hide that they are racists. 

【youtube】The Comfort Women Controversy : Sex Slaves or Prostitutes【Gemki Fujii 藤井厳喜】 

【youtube】Honeymooner, Youth Minister Busted in Florida Prostitution Investigation 

San Leandro Youth Minister Arrested in Florida Prostitution Bust

A San Leandro youth pastor was among dozens arrested during a massive prostitution sweep last week in Florida, who was in Orlando for a ministers conference.

Samuel Yoon, 45, who works at New Community Mission Church, a Southern Baptist church in San Mateo, was arrested May 8 as part of an undercover sting in Polk County, Fla. In all, 92 people were arrested in a span of four days.

Yoon could not be reached for immediate comment, but a pastor at his predominantly Korean church told NBC Bay Area on Thursday that was was surprised at the allegations.
Yeong Kwon called Yoon a "good guy."

According to Kwon, Yoon has worked for six years at the church and oversees 40 youngsters.

Sheriff's deputies said Yoon responded to an ad posted by an undercover detective offering women for sale. Authorities say that he was looking to have sex with who he thought was a 14-year-old girl. He was in Orlando at the time, authorities said, to attend a youth ministry conference. He was arrested on charges of traveling to meet a minor, using a computer to solicit a felony, lewdness.

He has no prior criminal history, according to authorities.Another key suspect in the prostitution was Mohammed Ahmed, originally from Illinois, who was on his honeymoon when he answered to an ad from an undercover detective posing as a prostitute, authorities said. When the 21-year-old man did not return to the hotel, his wife reported him missing, the sheriff's office said. His wife was later notified that he had been charged with prostitution and possession of marijuana.

Others arrested included 12 “pimps” who brought prostitutes to the undercover location, 39 prostitutes, 39 people who were willing to pay for sex from prostitutes and two others who went with suspects to the undercover location and were arrested on other charges, the sheriff’s office said.
The investigation took place from May 8 through May 11. Ahmed and Yoon were released from jail.
NBC Miami's Maria Camila Bernal contributed to this report.2013.5.16

Samuel Yoon, Youth Minister, Among 92 Arrestees In Florida Prostitution Sting

Undercover officers rounded up 92 people in a prostitution sweep that included the arrests of a youth minister and a man on a honeymoon.

The Polk County Sheriff's Office in Florida carried out the sting between May 8 and 11, targeting online classified sites,according to a press release.

Among the busted was 45-year-old Samuel Yoon, a youth minister at the Holy Cows youth ministry at the New Community Mission Church in San Leandro, Calif. He was in Orlando for a youth ministry conference when he was arrested by an undercover officer, who says Yoon was expecting to pay for sex with a 14-year-old girl.

He was charged with traveling to meet a minor and offering to commit lewdness, among others.

Another man, 21-year-old Michael Kempfer, was on his honeymoon when he left his hotel, allegedly to meet with a prostitute he'd met online. Instead, he met an undercover officer. His wife reported him missing when he didn't return, only to find that he was in jail on a prostitution charge.

Lowlights from the other 90 arrests include:
A 15-year-old girl from Sanford, arrested when she arrived at the undercover location offering to commit lewdness.
Police say a 36-year-old pimp named Quintone Pittman brought 20-year-old Amanda Worden to the undercover location to sell her services.

Cindy Lynn Bowles, 35, allegedly brought sex toys with her and told detectives she's "self-employed" and "likes to make people happy."

Ryan Wright, 18, was charged for allegedly pimping out his sister Rachel. He stayed behind in the car with Rachel's 2-year-old child while Rachel entered the undercover location. Both were arrested and charged with child cruelty, among other prostitution-related charges.

Jennifer Lopez, 32 -- not that Jennifer Lopez -- was arrested at the undercover location after attacking officers and trying to escape.Huffingtonpost2013.5.14

For me,there is nothing to be surprised.
There are a lot of sexual abuses by Koreans including pastors in Japan.
Minister Kim (Paulo Nagata) victims are at least 30.
Youngest victim was elementary school girl.








South Korean president apologizes for scandal over spokesman in U.S.
By Jethro Mullen and Soobin Park, CNN 2013.5.14
Seoul, South Korea (CNN) -- South Korean President Park Geun-hye apologized Monday for a damaging scandal involving a spokesman she fired last week over allegations of sexual misconduct in the United States.
The former aide, Yoon Chang-jung, is accused of making inappropriate advances toward a female student who was hired as a guide while Yoon was in Washington for Park's first official visit to the United States last week.
"I am very sorry that an unsavory incident, which a public official should never be involved in, happened near the end of my visit to the U.S. and hugely disappointed the people," Park said Monday at a meeting with senior officials. It was the first time she has commented publicly on the matter.
Her office hasn't disclosed details of what Yoon, 56, is alleged to have done, and Washington police have said only that they are investigating a report of a sexual abuse misdemeanor without specifically mentioning Yoon by name.
But South Korean news media have widely reported that Yoon is accused of grabbing the buttocks of the young woman, who has not been identified, after drinking with her.

Allegations denied
On Saturday, Yoon denied the allegations circulating about him, saying he had patted the woman on the waist once and encouraged her to "live life to the full in the States and be successful."
"I swear I did not have any intention of sexually harassing her, and I did not molest her," Yoon said during a news conference in a Seoul restaurant.
"Now, I deeply regret not properly understanding the American culture, and I offer my sincere word of consolation to the guide," he said.
Yoon also denied allegations in the South Korean press that he had called the woman to his room the morning after the incident and answered the door undressed.
He said he had only answered the door in his underwear because he believed it was somebody with an urgent message for him.
"I never imagined my guide would have come," he said.
He apologized to Park, South Korea's first female president, for the "trouble" he had caused.

State visit overshadowed
The scandal has cast a pall over Park's five-day visit to the United States, her first high-profile trip since her inauguration in February.
Before news emerged of Yoon's dismissal and the allegations against him, the visit had generally been considered a success, with Park and President Barack Obama reaffirming the U.S.-South Korean alliance in the face of recent threats from North Korea.
Yoon is alleged to have made the inappropriate advances toward the woman on Tuesday night, hours after Park held talks with Obama.

He said his boss, chief presidential press secretary Lee Nam-ki, told him to leave Washington quickly and return to South Korea as soon as the allegations of misconduct began to surface.
Yoon said he told Lee he had done nothing wrong and wanted to stay and explain the situation. But he said he followed his supervisor's order and gone to the airport.
Lee made a statement to the media on Thursday in Los Angeles (Friday morning in South Korea), saying Yoon had been dismissed after he had "damaged the dignity of the country."

Media uproar
By the time Park stepped off the plane that brought her back to South Korea on Friday evening, a media firestorm was raging over the scandal, and opposition parties were demanding a public apology.
After earlier apologies by senior members of her staff, Park addressed the matter herself on Monday.
She apologized for the "shock" that she said the student and her parents must have experienced.
South Korea "will take whatever measures are necessary and will actively cooperate with the U.S. investigation," Park said.
Yoon, a former journalist and political columnist, served as spokesman for Park's transition team before his appointment, according to the semiofficial South Korean news agency Yonhap.
Critics had said at the time he was unsuitable for the job as spokesman, claiming his columns were sensational and biased, Yonhap reported.【CNN】

S Korea president sacks chief spokesman
Park Geun-hye's office says Yoon Chang-jung's "disgraceful incident" during US trip hurt government's dignity. 

South Korean President Park Geun-hye has fired her chief spokesman over what her office said was a "disgraceful incident" during Park's trip to the United States.
Without elaborating, the presidential Blue House said on its website on Friday that unspecified actions by spokesman Yoon Chang-jung marred the government's dignity.
South Korea's Yonhap news agency cited a police complaint as saying a 56-year-old man grabbed a woman's buttocks in a Washington hotel on Tuesday. 
Yoon, who is 56, was not named in the report. Washington's Metropolitan Police Department spokesman Officer Araz Alali said the department is investigating a report of misdemeanour sexual abuse, but he could not comment further.
The Blue House said officials in its embassy in Washington were investigating, but Yoon could not be reached for comment.
Park travelled to Washington seeking a show of unity with her country's top ally at a time of high tension with rival North Korea, which unleashed a torrent of threats against Washington and Seoul in March and April.
Her performance during a joint news conference with President Barack Obama and in a speech to the US Congress won praise in Washington, but her spokesman's firing could cause her political problems in Seoul.
Park, who was inaugurated in late February, faced bitter opposition in her first month on the job to policy proposals and her choices for top government posts, many of whom withdrew amid corruption and other claims.
Yoon, a conservative columnist before joining Park's team last year and becoming spokesman after the inauguration, was disliked by many progressives. 
South Korea's political and social landscape is fiercely divided. And Park, who was elected in December, has long faced claims from opponents of being aloof and an "imperial" decision-maker.
She is the eldest child of late President Park Chung-hee, who led South Korea for 18 years in the 1960s and 1970s and is both denounced for human rights abuses and praised as a strong leader.【aljazeera】

Obama tackles North Korea, sexual assault in military at joint news conference
At a joint White House news conference with visiting South Korean President Park Geun-hye, President Barack Obama discussed issues ranging from sexual assault in the U.S. military to North Korea's security threats.

Tuesday's press conference followed a private lunch and meeting with the president, Vice President Joe Biden and Park, South Korea's first female president. The visit occurs as the U.S. and South Korea mark their 60-year alliance.

Asked by a reporter about a new Department of Defense report noting a sexual assault epidemic in the military—as well as the recent arrest of the Air Force's head of sexual assault prevention—Obama issued a harsh condemnation.
"I have no tolerance for this. ... If we find out somebody is engaging in this stuff, they're going to be held accountable—prosecuted, stripped of their positions, court-martialed, fired, dishonorably discharged. Period. It's not acceptable," Obama said.
The president conceded that sexual assault in the military "is not a new phenomenon" and that the military has been promoting ways to allow for more accurate reporting of incidents. But, Obama said, he communicated to Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel Tuesday morning the need to "exponentially step up our game."
"We have to do everything we can to root this out," he said, and noted that those affected should understand he's "got their backs."
Several scandals involving sexual assault within the military have recently made headlines, including Monday's news that Air Force Lt. Col. Jeffrey Krusinski, head of the Air Force Sexual Assault Prevention and Response program, was arrested over the weekend for allegedly groping a woman in a parking lot.

Of course, much of the press conference was directed toward the U.S.'s relationship with South Korea, with topics including economic issues, trade and North Korea.
Obama noted that North Korea cannot hope to gain power with provocation. (North Korea has threatened nuclear missile strikes against the United States and South Korea—but appeared to back down from an imminent launch this week.) "The days when North Korea could create a crisis and elicit concessions, those days are over," the president said.
He added that South Korea and the U.S. will maintain "a strong deterrent capability—that we’re not going to reward provocative behavior."
Park called on the international community to unite to place North Korea in a position where it has no other choice but to change its strategy and pursue a peaceful path toward denuclearization, according to the translation provided at the White House.
Obama said the international community would welcome a decision by North Korea to change its behavior, but wants to see proof. "We have an expression in English: 'Don't worry about what I say, watch what I do.' And so far, at least, we haven't seen actions on the part of the North Koreans that would indicate they are prepared to move in a different direction."
North Korea last week also sentenced American citizen Kenneth Bae to 15 years hard labor for unspecified crimes against the state. North Korea has in the past jailed Americans to potentially gain leverage in diplomatic discussions.
Park will travel to Capitol Hill Wednesday to address a joint meeting of Congress.【yahoo!news】

Don't worry about what Koreans say,watch what they do.

【youtube】Confessions Of A Beauty Queen - DAY 12/13 Warning to ALL Beauty Queen

E4AKorea: Several charged in city-wide Asian prostitution ring

Following an undercover NYPD sting, several people are facing charges in an extensive members-only Asian prostitution ring that officers traced through online reviews.
The Manhattan district attorney's office charged William Thomas, 42, of Fort Greene, with promoting prostitution after he allegedly set up a visit Oct. 11 with Japanese hookers for an undercover cop. 

Thomas is accused of operating an extensive prostitution business with two websites dedicated to promoting sex services from a slew of Japanese and Korean women, according to the Manhattan D.A.

Customers allegedly visited prostitutes at locations all over Manhattan, on Maiden Lane, East 50th Street, West 36th Street and East 58th Street.

According to the criminal complaint, Thomas' websites, E4AKorea.com and E4ANYC.com, featured photos of scantily clad or nude women and a price list which ranged from $200 to $300 per hour and from $180 to $200 per half hour. 

The website E4AKorea.com included a link to The Erotic Review, or TER — a website where patrons of prostitutes shared and reviewed their experiences. The links led to profiles for women named "Cindy" and "Olivia" who operated out of a Midtown location, according to several reviews.

According to the Manhattan DA.'s office, the undercover officer became a member of the "E4AKorea private men’s club" and met with Thomas to arrange a session with one of the women featured on the website. Thomas allegedly got into the officer's car at Sixth Avenue at 36th Street before he was directed to 238 East 50th Street. There, the officer said he was shown several women, including one who said she would engage in sex with a condom. 

That woman, identified as 28-year-old Jung Lee, was arrested and charged with prostitution and promoting prostitution. 

Another woman, 38-year-old Rei Spain was also charged with promoting prostitution after she told the undercover officer "the Japanese girls don’t do full service, only massage and 'happy ending' for $100 plus $40 tip," according to the complaint. 

Thomas will next appear in court Dec. 13. He could a face of maximum of seven years in prison.
(omitted the rest) 

Busted: String of Manhattan brothels offering the 'girlfriend experience' for customers with Asian fetish

A prostitution ring catering to men with a fetish for Asian women has been taken down by police and it's ringleader busted. 

William Thomas, 42, from Brooklyn, New York, was arrested and charged with promoting prostitution after an undercover cops posed as a customer who wanted to have sex with an Asian woman.

He connected with Thomas on websites www.E4AKorea.com and www.E4ANYC.com. The 42-year-old was arrested on October 11 and posted $10,000 bail two days later.

On the websites, which have since been taken down, pictures of half-naked Asian women promising 'Your Midtown Korean experience' and the 'girlfriend experience' for up to $300 an hour were advertised.

'GFE's do multipop on an hour rate basis,' the websites detail, indicating the hooker would have sex multiple times.

The undercover officer kept in touch with Thomas by email and text and 'became a member of the E4AKorea private men’s club', prosecutors said in court.

Thomas allegedly operated brothels in the Financial District, East 50th Street, West 36th Street and East 58th Street, according to the New York Post.

The undercover cop went to one of the brothels and met a Korean woman who introduced herself as 'Olivia' and told him he could kiss her but had to wear a condom during sex.
The complaint said: 'The undercover officer asked for a Japanese girl, and [Rei Spain] said the Japanese girls don’t do full service, only massage and "happy ending" for $100 plus $40 tip.'

Two women, Jung Lee, 28, of Queens, and Rei Spain, 38, of Long Island, were also arrested for prostitution and promoting prostitution. 

Lee is being held at Riker's Island and Spain was released without bail

Thomas’ services also included overseas travel, but this probe only targeted Manhattan operations, according to the Manhattan DA.
mail online 2012.10.22 

Undercover sting leads to bust of brazen Midtown hooker operation

Cops broke up a Manhattan prostitution operation that brazenly catered to Johns with a fetish for Asian women, court documents revealed today.

Fort Greene resident William Thomas, 42, was arrested and charged with promoting prostitution when he met with an overcover cop, and hooked him up with working ladies at 238 E. 50th Street, according to a Manhattan DA criminal complaint.

The bust happened on Oct. 11.Thomas posted $10,000 bail and was released on Oct. 13.

The undercover cop allegedly connected with Thomas through his mirrored Web sites www.E4AKorea.com and www.E4ANYC.com.

E4AKorea was still up this morning, showing off topless and scantily clad women for “Your Midtown Korean experience.” E4ANYC was shut down.

Advertised rates started at $180 for 30 minutes and went up to $300 an hour.

Women were posed in French maid and school-girl outfits. Thomas’ sites also linked to the sex-for-sale critique site, The Erotic Review — known as TER in the sex biz.

Johns posted reviews for a provider named “Olivia,” and described a screening system meant to weed out undercover cops.

Access to Thomas’ stable apparently required TER membership, a status that’s either purchased or gained by posting multiple reviews.

One reviewer from August posted: “The screening is very strict; provide proof of being a reviewer, send them an email from an account that is not one of the freebies, and then they send you a number to call. The process took me a week, but it was worth it. Olivia met me at the door. She is a total sweetheart with nice smile and cute voice.”

The undercover officer kept in touch with Thomas by email and text and “became a member of the E4AKorea private men’s club,” prosecutors said.

Thomas’ services also included overseas travel, but this probe only targeted Manhattan operations, according to the Manhattan DA.

The cop “arranged with Thomas for a session with one of the women advertised in the websites,” according to the criminal complaint.

Thomas allegedly operated brothels on Maiden Lane, East 50th Street, West 36th Street and East 58th Street, prosecutors said.

The fake John and defendant allegedly met in the cop’s car on Sixth Avenue at 36th Street when the defendant directed him to East 50th Street — a unit where Thomas pays ConEd bills, prosecutors said.

That’s where the officer was “admitted by a Korean woman” — later identified as 28-year-old Jung Lee, who allegedly said they could have sex. But a condom was required.

Another suspect, 38-year-old Rei Spain, also met with the undercover cop, who allegedly made his fetish for Japanese women known.

He was allegedly told that the Japanese women available that day wouldn’t engage in intercourse — only erotic massage.

[The undercover officer] asked for a Japanese girl, and [Spain] said the Japanese girls don’t do full service, only massage and `happy ending’ for $100 plus $40 tip,” the complaint said.

Lee was arrested and charged with prostitution and promoting prostitution.She’s still being held at Rikers Island, according to city jail records.

Spain was arrested for promoting prostitution and was released without bail, police said.

The bust came less than a month since Manhattan Soccer Mom Madam Anna Gristina, 45, copped a plea bargain following four months in jail. She pleaded to one count of promoting prostitution.
new york post 2012.10.22
http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/manhattan/brazen_midtown_hooker_ring_busted_v2NuXju7O1Yll6XiP5 LiBM 

E4A authentic japanese therapists
The undercover officer asked for Japanese woman  because their web site says "Authentic Japanese Therapists" I think.

There are two things I want to say.
1.Koreans always pretend as Japanese and we are kept annoying by them.

This is a Korean actor said in Korean TV show.
"When you do something bad,you will say 'I am Japanese!'"

2.Koreans claim that Japanese abducted 200,000 Korean women as sex slaves during the WW2.But Korean prostitutes are all over the world without any enforcement right now.Korean paper says that 100,000 Korean women are working as prostitutes abroad and 50,000 are in Japan.WHO BELIEVES WHAT KOREANS SAY?
I must say "Japanese abducted 200,000 blablabla" is lie.

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        Korean women abusing the visa program in Australia

U.S. objects to South Korean whaling plan

PANAMA CITY (AP) -- The United States says it doesn't support a South Korean plan to restart whale hunting for purportedly scientific purposes.

South Korea made public its intention to revive whaling at the annual meeting this week of the International Whaling Commission in Panama.

Russell F. Smith, deputy assistant secretary for International Fisheries at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, said Thursday the U.S. didn't believe that killing whales is necessary for scientific research, and he added that the South Koreans wanted to hunt Minke whales, which are in danger of extinction.

A number of countries assert their right to carry out whaling for scientific purposes, although the whale meat and other products are often sold for food, leading environmental groups to label the research as a pretext for hunting. The whaling commission is charged with helping global whale populations recover from decades of hunting that pushed many species close to extinction, but it allows whales to be caught for scientific research.

Korean officials said that they wanted to study the whales' fish consumption because of fishing industry complaints that the growing whale population is reducing stocks of fish. Smith said South Korea could study whales that are accidentally caught in fishermen's nets, and additional hunting was unnecessary.

Smith said South Korea would present a formal proposal at next year's meeting.

Meanwhile, the International Whaling Commission rejected a request from Denmark for a whaling quota for indigenous groups in Greenland.

The commission voted 34-25 to reject the request for a quota of 1,300 whales over the next six years.

The Thursday vote by the commission comes two days after it approved the renewal of bowhead whale quotas for indigenous subsistence whaling in Alaska and Russia and for St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the Caribbean. The six-year extension was approved at the IWC's annual meeting in Panama City.

July 06, 2012(Mainichi Japan)


Tony”Paul Watson doesn't blame South Korean go whaling at all.Noooooo.He blames Japanese.Why you evil Japanese put South Korea up to it!?”

What Paul Watson(the founder of Sea Shepherd) is saying
【ABCNews】Sea Shepherd condemns whaling plans  

Then again, this is the nation that still denies the Rape of Nanking, that still denies enslaving Korean and Chinese women as "comfort women," that still denies torturing POW's during the war, that still denies destroying the rainforests of Indonesia and over-fishing the world's oceans. Japanese history is a chronicle of deceptions.  
【Sea SheperdHP】Whales, Japanese Lies, and Videotapes 

There is no coutry insisting Japan enslaved Korean women as "comfort women" except North&South Korea. 
It is obvious that Sea Sheperd and South Korea has some relations.

'The Cove' Director Louie Psihoyos Spearheads Anti-Whaling Protest

This week in Korea, 'The Cove' director and dolphin watchdog Louie Psihoyos is speaking out for the whales as well. The Oscar-winning director staged an anti-whaling protest in front of the Japanese embassy in South Korea, Reuters reported.

"These animals are slaughtered in the most inhumane way imaginable, Psihoyos told Reuters. "And then they're cut up into pieces and, even though their meat's toxic, fed to schoolchildren."

While eating whale is not commonplace in Japan, many Japanese are indifferent to the fact that whale hunting is cruel, Reuters reported.Huffpost Green 2010.5.19 
Louie Psihoyos (in the middle)

congratulations the cove!!bySS
"The Cove" was made by some of Sea Sheperd members including Paul Watson.(third from the left)
By the way,he insists that he is vegan,do you believe it?

They are protesting Japanese whaling,but South Korea is also whaling country.


I suspect that one of Sea Shepherd sponsers is South Korea.
Sea Sheperd is not saving whales or dolphins or sea environment.
(They threw bottled butyric acid  to attack Japanese fishboat.They made mess of sea.)
They are just bashing Japan according to sponsers will,I think.

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Japanese civic group offers apology over comfort women issue 

Members of a Japanese civic group, some wearing hanbok, Korean traditional dress, or kimono, Japanese traditional dress, stage a rally in Seoul on June 29, 2012, to offer an apology for their country's wartime atrocities to make young Korean girls sexual slaves, euphemistically called "comfort women." (Yonhap)2012.6.29
japanese civic group4

more pictures were on Korean edition
japanese civic group1
japanese civic group2
japanese civic group3

She is Yasue Erikawa. I quoted this picture from Unification Church HP. 
Yasue Erikawa
She is 7th President of Unification Church Japan.
So this article is wrong because they are not ordinary Japanese civic group but Korean cult Unification Church members.
【wiki】Unification Church 

She has Japanese name,but I wonder she is really Japanese.
Because she wears colored HOMONGI(訪問着),which is formal wear for celebration.
It is not suitable wear for apology in Japanese common sense.

They believe that Japan is evil country because Japan tortured Korea by annexation so Japanese need to compensate eternally for Koreans.
before annexation
after annexation

before annexation/after annexation

Here is my opinion.
Cult believers say absurd thing,that is understandable.
The problem is this Korean media " Yonhap " announced as "Japanese civic group" instead of Unification Church members.
This is apparently false.
It means Yonhap is corrupted by Unification Church.

Lee Charm,CEO of the Korea Tourism Organization is Unification Church member.
South Korean govermnet is also corrupted I assume.

Envoy to Address Problem of Korean Sex Workers in Australia

The Foreign Ministry on Sunday dispatched the special ambassador for overseas Koreans and consular affairs, Moon Ha-yong, to Australia after reports that there are more than 1,000 Korean sex workers there.

The Korean Embassy in Canberra and Consulate General in Sydney asked Seoul to act based on the reports that foreigners account recently for about 25 percent of the 23,000 sex workers in Australia and some 16.9 percent of them are Koreans.

The ministry believes that some are working illegally in the sex industry while on working holiday visas. Some 35,000 young Koreans are staying in Australia under the working holiday visa program between Australia and Korea which allows travelers to work a cerain number of hours while studying or traveling.

"The local press has continuously raised the problem of Korean prostitutes in Australia, and now there are more than 1,000 of them," a senior Korean government official said. "It seems likely that criminal organizations are systematically sending young women to Australia or recruiting them locally by taking advantage of the working holiday visas."

Moon is expected to meet a senior Australian Foreign Ministry official and high-ranking police officers to discuss ways to prevent human trafficking and prostitution involving Korean women.

He will make sure that the government takes tough measures, including cancelling the passports of women involved in prostitution there.

Similar cases are being reported from Canada, Japan and New Zealand, with which Korea also has work-holiday visa agreements. Some 7,200 young Koreans are staying in Japan, 4,020 in Canada, and 1,800 in New Zealand on these programs.

The government believes some women apply for the visa but then work in massage parlors and other sex businesses. 

The government official said since Korea enacted a special law to eradicate prostitution in 2004, an increasing number of prostitutes have gone abroad. One report said as many as 5,000 Korean women are working as prostitutes in the U.S. alone.

englishnews@chosun.com / Nov. 14, 2011 09:05 KST  2011.11.14 

11 Korean working holidayers caught for prostitution in Australia

SEOUL, Nov. 17 (Yonhap) -- Eleven South Korean nationals were reported to have been engaged in work as prostitutes in Australia since 2006 while under the working-holiday visa program, a government report said Thursday. 

The report by South Korea's foreign ministry came after Seoul and Canberra agreed this week to bolster cooperation on investigating the alleged trafficking of some Korean women in Australia and coerced prostitution by abusing the visa program.2011.11.17

Korean prostitution examined in Australia

The Australian state with the largest Korean population in the country is currently investigating prostitution involving Korean women, according to a member of the state’s parliament. 
Victor Michael Dominello, a member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly, said that the investigation started at the request of the Korean multicultural committee he set up.

More than 1,000 Korean women are estimated to be involved in prostitution in Australia, a number that increased sharply in recent years, according to data from an Australian civic group. Some data say that about one-sixth of all women providing sex for money in Australia are Korean.

As the numbers grew, the prostitution issue emerged as a diplomatic concern between Korea and Australia.

Governments of the two countries upgraded bilateral cooperation on the issue late last year, launching discussions on possible countermeasures that could be taken against illegal prostitution in Australia. Possible actions to be taken will be announced once the committee completes its investigation.

Educating women about resources available to them to pursue other livelihoods will be part of whatever the committee decides to do, Dominello told the Korea JoongAng Daily during a trip to Korea. The Korea Foundation arranged an April trip to the country for him as part of a personnel exchange between Korea and Australia.

“After the investigation is concluded, one of the things I will be looking at is education, providing women with more education about what is right,” he said. “If we educate more about their entitlements to be free of this type of activity, this might liberate certain people.” 

He said Australia already has one of the best systems available to protect people in vulnerable situations and that the committee will improve existing resources with its investigations and countermeasures.

And though the committee is initially focusing on prostitution among Korean women, Dominello insisted that in the end, the issue knows no ethnic boundaries.

“Regardless of where they come from, we try to find out a little bit more about it,” Dominello said, referring to the sexual exploitation of women in general.

He also said that while some might expect the issue to paint negative stereotypes of Koreans in Australia, this is not actually the case.

“I think people migrating from Korea are some of the best migrants we receive in our country,” he said. “Koreans are rightly proud of their wonderful culture, of their education system, of the contribution they make to the Australian way of life.” 

By Moon Gwang-lip [joe@joongang.co.kr]2012.4.24

10% of Korean Prostitutes Work Overseas

Around 10 percent of Korean prostitutes work in brothels in the U.S., Japan, Australia and other countries, police estimate. They are also increasingly going to Dubai, according to a report by Busan police for the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family.

According to the Busan Metropolitan Police, most prostitutes working in brothels overseas leave Korea on two-month travel visas and earn W20-30 million (US$1=W1,158) a month.

"Half of the sex workers do it to pay off debts and half voluntarily. We estimate around 20,000 work in brothels in Japan and some 10,000 in Australia, but many of the ones who go to the U.S. enter the country illegally through Mexico, so it's not easy to keep tabs," said Nam Jae-woo, head of the international crimes investigation at the Busan Metropolitan Police.

englishnews@chosun.com / Jun. 19, 2012 07:52 KST 2012.6.29


Who force these women to be prostitutes in Australia?
I bet these women will say "we were abducted and abused by Australian government as sex slaves" in 40 years. 

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2 Koreans charged; deny rape took place in motel

Cebu Daily News

RAPE CHARGES were filed yesterday against the two South Koreans accused of bringing two tipsy female Japanese tourists to a motel in Lapu-Lapu City last Saturday morning.
One of the two women subscribed her affidavit before flying back to Japan yesterday.
The two suspects, 34-year-old Jong Duk Lee and 21-year-old Carl Park, were presented to the Lapu-Lapu City Prosecutor’s Office where their lawyer denied that a rape occured.
Officials from both the Japanese and Korean consulate have inquired about the case, said SPO2 Roel Leyson of the Lapu-Lapu City police.
Park is the son of a hotel owner in Lapu-Lapu City.
Lee who refused to grant an interview, held up a picture of him with Justice Secretary Leila Delima published in Cebu Daily News.
The lawyer of the two men, Benjamin Negapatan, said no rape occurred and that the sexual encounter was “consensual”. He said all four used only one room.
Negapatan said he will wait first for the documents presented by the police before responding.
The complainant arrived in Cebu last June 21 to visit her 21-year-old Japanese friend who was taking English language classes here.
CIDG-7 operatives led by Chief Insp. Fermin Armendarez III arrested Park last Saturday morning at his residence in Sunny Hills, Cebu City while Lee was arrested at CIDG-7 office after he visited Park later that afternoon.
Senior Supt. Rey Lyndon Lawas, Lapu-Lapu City police chief, said that while the incident sparked tension between the Japanese and Korean communities, it won’t affect tourism in the city.
Bed sheets with blood stains were recovered in the motel while a room boy who was present at the time the guests checked in was tapped as a witness.
The women, who struck up an acquaintance with the Koreans, said they were first brought to barangay Busay and then to a resto bar in Mango Square for drinks.
The women said they were drunk when they checked into the motel.
But Negapatan said his clients insist the women were not drunk and agreed to have sex with them.
The 21-year old complainant showed bruises in her hands as proof that she was forced to have sex. Her companion said she would pursue her case against the Koreans.
Negapatan said he would ask the court to let his clients post bail.
The two Koreans will undergo a medical check-up before they are transferred to the Lapu-Lapu City Jail.
Akira Oka, former chairman and now consultant of the Japanese community in Cebu, expressed shock over the incident but said they are not blaming anyone for it at this stage.
He said the Korean community should not take the incident against the Japanese community in Cebu.
“I believe the court will make a fair decision not related to nationality,” Oka said.
“In the past, very long time ago, Korea was under Japan. But today, we no longer see it that way. All I can say is that when you are in a foreign country, you have to take care of yourself. protect yourself,” he added. /Correspondents Chito O. Aragon, Carine M. Asutilla and Norman V. Mendoza

2 Koreans accused of rape remain at CIDG

Cebu Daily News

THE two Koreans accused of raping two Japanese women who went out with them for drinks in Cebu City remain in the custody of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group in Central Visayas (CIDG-7).
Jong Duk Lee, 34, and Carl Park, 21, were brought to the Lapu-Lapu City Prosecutors’ Office yesterday for the filing of information in court and the release of a commitment order.
They were returned to the CIDG office since the handling prosecutor was not available.
Benjamin Negapatan, legal counsel of the two Koreans, said his clients want to be detained at the Lapu-Lapu City jail so they could be easily visited by relatives.
The Koreans insist there was no rape and that the encounter with the Japanese women, one of them a newly arrived tourist, was consensual.
“I did not even touch her. There was no rape,” said Lee.
Lee said they just took pity on the two women since they were already drunk and brought them to a motel in Lapu-Lapu so they could rest.
Park is the son of a hotel owner in Lapu-Lapu City.
The women said they were first brought to barangay Busay and then to a resto bar in Mango Square for drinks.
One of the complainants left for Japan after subscribing her affidavit. She said she would return to pursue the case./CORRESPONDENT CHITO O. ARAGON 

2 young Koreans face rape case


CEBU CITY -- Rape complaints were filed Monday against two Korean nationals who allegedly raped two Japanese women last Saturday dawn, then left them to pay for the motel room bill.
Inspector Delfin Bontuyan of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) Central Visayas said that Carl Park, 21, and Jong Duk Lee, 24, underwent an inquest proceeding on Monday in the Lapu-Lapu City Prosecutor’s Office.
An inquest is a summary inquiry that is meant to check if the warrantless arrest of a person can be justified by probable cause.
Carl Park’s family owns Isla Mactan Resort Hotel and Spa in Barangay Agus, Lapu-Lapu city. But the alleged rape last Saturday happened in the Queensland Motel in Barangay Pajo, Lapu-Lapu City.

A commitment order requesting the police to send the suspects to the Lapu-Lapu City Jail was supposed to be issued, but since the time ran out, the suspects were detained in the CIDG Central Visayas stockade in Cebu City instead.
Akira Oka, a former president of the Japanese Association-Cebu Inc., urged his countrymen staying in the Philippines not to hold any grudges against the Koreans.

Trust that the wheels of justice are turning, he said in an interview over ABS-CBN’s TV Patrol Central Visayas.
Oka admitted being saddened by the alleged assault.
“There is danger in staying in a foreign country. They (travelers) must be watchful and protect themselves,” he said.
CIDG regional Chief Jose Pante, in a press conference, said the agency has coordinated with the complainants and suspects’ respective consuls.
But lawyer Benjamin Negapatan, one of the defense lawyers, said what happened in that motel room was consensual sex.
The two Japanese women, 21 and 20 years old, were seen in a motel room in Lapu-Lapu City the morning after a drinking spree that reportedly brought them to two joints in Cebu City.

From their motel room, after the suspects fled, the women immediately sought the help of the CIDG.
Among the evidences are a medical report and one earring, allegedly belonging to Park, which was left on the bed.
The complainants recalled that they were walking from their rented apartment in Lapu-Lapu City last Friday, when the suspects befriended them as they passed by Isla Mactan Resort. The two men reportedly offered to drive them to a mall some 12 kilometers away.
The women accepted, then parted ways with their new friends at the mall. But one of the suspects managed to get one woman’s cell phone number.
That afternoon, they met again at a coffee shop and the men invited them for a round of drinks in an establishment in Barangay Busay. After that, they transferred to a complex along Gen. Maxilom Ave., where they had a shot of tequila.
Bontuyan said he believes that the last round of tequila was laced with drugs because the ladies were dragged from the car to get to their motel room in Lapu-Lapu.

Heard her
One room boy, who asked not to be named, recalled that the suspects wanted to rent only one room for all four of them, but the management asked them to book two rooms.
The suspects took Rooms 8 and 6. But the room boy noticed later that night that one suspect from Room 6 transferred with one woman to Room 8.
By 5 a.m. Saturday, the room boy said, he was trying to wake up the occupant of Room 9 when he heard a commotion and a woman moaning in pain in the other room. He did not bother them.
An hour later, the guard called the room boy because the two suspects were reportedly on their way out.
The suspects told hotel personnel that the ladies would settle the bill.
But the room boy woke up the ladies, who said they have no money. So the suspects hurriedly paid the hotel P700 and immediately left.
When the hotel employee returned to the victims’ room to inform them that the room had been paid for, that’s when the women alleged they had been raped.

The victims called a Filipino friend, who went to the motel and brought the victims to CIDG official. Chief Inspector Fermin Armendarez and Bontuyan followed up the case.
When Bontuyan checked Isla Mactan Hotel, he learned the suspects’ identity and found one address in Sunny Hills, Talamban. From the subdivision’s guard, the police official learned Park’s complete address.
That late Saturday morning, Bontuyan said, one of the victims woke up Park, but the latter denied involvement.
When Bontuyan asked him about his earring’s pair, the suspect reportedly said it was on his bed but Bontuyan showed him the missing earring.
They then asked Park to call his cohort to settle the matters and Lee arrived at CIDG, where he too was arrested.(DSM/OCP of Sun.Star Cebu)

Published in the Sun.Star Cebu newspaper on June 26, 2012.  

Mactan Isla Resort & Spa
Mactan Isla Resort & Spa

Korean photographer Ahn Sehon insists that he was censored.

Nikon - Stop Censoring Ahn Sehong!

Korean Photographer Ahn Sehong has been documenting the lives of former 'Comfort Women' - women who were forced to work as sex-slaves during World War 2. It is a sensitive issue even in modern Japan as it concerns war crimes committed by the Imperial Japanese Army and the establishment would prefer it was not discussed.

He was being sponsored by Nikon & due to have the work shown at the prestigious Nikon Salon in Tokyo, whose mission statement is - "To pursue the meaning of photography: the expression of ideas".
However after protests from certain extremist political groups within Japan the exhibition has been cancelled and funding ceased.

Ahn Sehong is also said to have been subject to personal abuse, harassment and threats according toJapan Daily & CNN.

Nikon UK wont comment on the issue except to say that their corporate support has been withdrawn for "various reasons". We say that's not good enough and they should actively support not supress such important, albeit difficult work - and that the removal of funding is eqivalent to censorship.
The Japan Visual Journalist Association has also condemned Nikon's behaviour for violating freedom of expression.

We're gathering signatures to send an open letter to Nikon, UK & Japan in the hope of making them see sense and show Anh Se-Hong's photographs. The letter will also be sent to the national and international press.

We've already got a Magnum member and a number of well known veteran photographers on our side. But we need to add plenty of signatures from photographers, professional or enthusiast.
If you're willing to be added in send an email to us with the word 'Nikon' in the title and your name will be added to the letter.

If you are outside the UK, please add your country.
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The draft text is below.
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An Open Letter to Nikon

To Mr. Yojiro Yamaguchi, Managing Director of Nikon UK
Dear Mr Yamaguchi

We are writing to you concerning Nikon's withdrawal of sponsorship from the photographer Ahn Sehong, and his important work with the 'Comfort Women' of Korea.

It has been reported that the Nikon Salon has cancelled his exhibition due to nature of the subject matter and because of political pressure from within Japan. This is effectively censorship.
You will of course be aware of the power of the photographic image to reveal the world, witness history and speak truth to power.

Images taken using Nikon equipment have often shone light into dark corners and improved the human condition.

The photograph is a crucial part of the matrix in free and fair societies and it is essential that photographers who are undertaking important and difficult work such as Ahn Sehong should be allowed to work without the interference of narrow political interests.

In the past your company has provided a great deal of financial and practical support to photographers who otherwise would not have had their work seen, and in return we have helped to make Nikon a premier brand, by supporting your products in a competitive market. 

The mission of the Nikon Salon is, as I am sure you are aware, "to pursue the true meaning of photography: the expression of ideas". We, the undersigned, as professional and enthusiast photographers, believe that the withdrawal of sponsorship of Ahn Sehong's work is contrary to the spirit and stated aims of the Nikon Salon and we urge you show his work. 


User policy of Nikon Salon
1.Nikon Salon is rental free.
6.Please do not charge fee from costomers.

For a photograph exhibition
Photographer need to pay
 print,mat board,frame.
Nikon Salon pays
 part of invitation cards print fee
 display items,such as introductions,biography,photograph captions
 rental fee for photograph frame 
 postage for invitation cards
 publishing press release
 preparation work for exhibition


(red square part)
"We are asking for your donation.We need ¥1,263,000 for exhibition at Nikon Salon."

Now,they erased   ¥1,263,000 from homepage.

Nikon Salon is rental free.
Nikon Salon also pays exhibition items,invitation cards,photo frames,and so on.
Why did Ahn Sehong need ¥1,263,000,and now they erased from homepage?

Was he really censored?
Nikon Salon cancelled Ahn Sehong photograph exhibition,
because Ahn Sehong breaks Nikon Salon user policy,didn't he?

If you think this problem is nothing to do with you,I have to say you had better be careful.

【youtube】Australia TV- Border Security(Part 1)  
Does anyone force this Korean girl to come to Australia?
Was it an abduction?

【abc】Prostitution bust at massage parlors in NW Harris County 
Korean paper claimed that it was human rights violation because busted prostitutes were handcaffed and chained on their ankles.
Does United States force these Korean women to work at massage parlors? 

Japanese government  had an agreement with South Korean government in 1965.
This agreement finalizes complains,any claims against Japanese government from South Korean govrnment or citizens individuals.
And Japanese government paid $800 million dolles in grants and soft loans.
South Korean government didn't even mention to so called "comfort women" issue in 1965.
But now 2012,South Koreans clames that agreement is invalid because "comfort women" was crime of humanity.
And there is no certain evidence of abduction or sex slavery by Japanese army.→Do you hear? 

If you see Korean people around you,
and even you do nothing wrong to them,
no one can tell what Korean people will say after 40 years.

"comfort women" crossing river following after Japanese Soldiers.

I find it difficult to explain what SHINTO is. 【wiki】Shinto 
Shinto is polytheism.
I can imagine that it is hard to understand polytheism for whom belive in monotheism.
And I think I belive in Shinto,but there is no baptism or any contract with god.
People in Japan become to belive in Shinto,naturally.

The most important concept of SHINTO is,
everything has sacred spirit.

Even rocks,for example.
These ropes are sign that this is a sacred place.They are called SHIMENAWA.

I know some people want to accuse Japanese whaling.
I just don't understand why they are against of whaling.
To protect earth environment?
  →Japanese government search whale ecosystem,and it proove that our whaling doesn't break system.
Because whale has high intelligence?
  →Who decide which animal has high intelligence or not?Where is the certain line?

Japanese whaling history is very old.
The oldest evidence of whaling is 8000 years ago.
It may said that whaling is Japanese tradition.
traditional whaling

But,whale meat was not familer to all Japanese.
After the WWⅡ,general McArthur encouraged whaling because of serious food shortage.
Before that, whaling was done in just perticular part of Japan.
【wiki】Douglas MacArthur 

Now,the United States is trying to ban Japanese whaling.
That's very selfish because in Edo period,Perry came to use Japanese Harbar for supplying goods for their whaling.
【wiki】Matthew C.Perry

Perry Expedition 

Americans were whaling just for taking oil and they dumped the left.
But in Japan,we use oil of course,baleen and bones for crafts,meat for eat.
In Japanese thought,it should be used all and nothing left is the right way.
Because we take their lives.
We can not waste their lives. 

These are monuments for whales called KUJIRATUKA.
We killed whales and ate them so we built these for whales.

I have to ask you,who against our whaling,
do you have these kind of monument for pigs?cows?chikens?fish?crops or any vegetables?
You are taking their lives,and care about whales only?

You have to know that many traditional Japanese restaurants go Shrine at least once a year for animals and fish we killed and thank to them.

Please don't take our tradition away for selfish reason.

Documents made by Japan Whaling Association  Japan Whaling Association Q&A

It says,

I splash silently
not for anybody
but only for myself"

Magikarp is carp pokemon,which is very week.
It can use only "splash",non-damaging move.

But when it evoluted,it will be Gyarados which is a dragon pokemon.
Gyarados is one of the most powerful pokemon.

It is based on ancient chinese story that a carp clime up rapid stream,a carp becomes dragon.

The story is familier in Japan,and we use this design for good luck symbol.

On children's day,we decorate KOINOBORI.→ 【wiki】KOINOBORI 

We have many problems with South Korea,right now.
They insist that Japan abducted 200,000 Korean women including teenage girls.
They insist that Takeshima belongs to South Korea.
They insist that the name "Sea of Japan" should be changed to "East Sea".
They insist that many of Japanese culture's origin is South Korea.
and so on and on ......

South Korea government use national budged to insist these things.
You can find them everywhere on internet.
The name of the organization is VANK.→ 【wiki】VANK 

Here is a good example what South Koreans do on internet.
Mr.Tony Marano says that many critics about Japan sent to his video,and his youtube channel even the video didn't mention to Japan.

Japanese government doesn't have such organization.
I am writing this blog just personally.
I feel like I am Magikarp.
I can only splash but nothing happens.

How useless I am....

What South Korea insists is all lie.
They have no evidence to proove their saying.
But they do anything to achieve their purpose.

【youtube】Dirty Koreans
It is said that the judge was corrupted by South Korea.

Please imagine your future.
Is this the world you think it should be?
We are asking for truth and justice,that's all.

I am just a Magikarp,
but our thoughts become a dragon someday.

There are documents made by ministry of foreign affairs of Japan if you would like to know precisely,
about Takeshima→  ten issues of TAKESHIMA 
about Sea of Japan→  the one and only name SEA OF JAPAN

There is KYOGEN(狂言) names "HANA NUSUBITO(花盗人)".It means flower theif.
(※image picture of KYOGEN:this is not the scene of "HANA NUSUBITO")

The story of "HANA NUSUBITO" is..
A man was trying to  break a branch from a cherry tree,but he failed and caught.
He tied up to stem of cherry tree.
He composed a poetry about the cherry blossom,and his poetry was excellent,he was released.

When Japanese say plain "flower",it means cherry blossom.
Cherry blossom is special to us,Japanese.

In the season of cherry blossom,we go outside to enjoy watching flowers,called HANAMI.
This is a painting of HANAMI by Hiroshige Ando,Edo period.

This is an old cherry tree called "JINDAI SAKURA(神代桜)",it means cherry tree lives from myth age.
It is said that this tree is 1800~2000 years old.
In thought of SHINTO(神道=Japanese original relegion), a sacred spirit dwells in old tree. 
Our ancestors looked after this old tree,very carefully for a long long time.
There are many cherry trees over hundreds years old in Japan.

But,Koreans are claiming of origin of Somei Yoshino.
Somei Yoshino is the most popular cherry blossom specie in Japan.

An example of their claim → biting the cherry 
Some Koreans even claim that Japan deprived of their cherry blossom.

【wiki】Cherry blossom

 Watching of cherry blossom was introduced to Korea during Japanese rule.The festivals continued even after the Japanese surrendered in WWII, but have been contentious, and many cherry trees have been destroyed because they were seen as symbols of the occupation.However, there has been considerable confusion about the origin of the cultivated Japanese cherry trees and the differences between them and native Korean trees.Certain trees at Seoul's Gyeongbok Palace were cut down to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Japanese surrender in World War II. Although Cherry blossoms are already indigenous to Korea, Japan had planted trees on sacred and offensive locations in the Palace. Once the offending trees were cut down the festival continued with the indigenous trees. The cherry blossom festival at Gyeongbok Palace is one of a number of such festivals across Korea and is prominently advertised to tourists.

 In 1933, the Japanese botanist Koizumi Genichi reported that the Japanese Sakura (Somei Yoshino) originated on Jeju-do island (Quelpaert). In 1916, Ernest Henry Wilson had thought that "Japanese Sakura (Somei Yoshino)" was a crossbreed of the wild species of Japanese Sakura ("Edo higan" and "Oshima zakura").In 1991, Professor of Tsukuba University Iwasaki Fumio reported that "Japanese Sakura (Somei Yoshino) originated around 1720–1735 by the artificial crossing in Edo (Tokyo)." Recent studies conducted on the comparison of Korean and Japanese cherry blossoms concluded that the two trees can be categorized as distinct species,but the Korean species apparently has not yet been given a scientific name

result report of the research shows they are different species.

SAKURA pakuri キャプチャ
【youtube】Endangered Japan (Book 1): A Cultural War 

This is cherry blossom road which Koreans made.

Do Koreans have chance to be released from stem of cherry tree?
I think the time will never come untill they face the truth.

As you know,Japan is the only country suffered atomic bombs.
No one wishes that the tragedy will happens again.
Peace is everyone's hope.
That's what I thoght.

But I was wrong.

Some Korean uploaded this picture on internet site.

who cares stupid japs.. US should have just finished your dirty race off by dropping couple more atomic bombs during WWII.... it's just too bad that they didn't... but i have no worries since the effects from the earthquake + radiation will take care of you guys... all japs do is cause trouble... WWII, what you guys did to koreans before that, now the radiation.... you guys should be ashamed...

I found this comment on this youtube video.
You can find this kind of comment posted by Korean everywhere on youtube. 

Some Korean pop singer is dancing in front of the dome....
The name of this dome is Hiroshima Peace Memorial (Genbaku Dome).
It is a place for praying peace.

This was a party at some hotel in Seoul city.
"This drink is poping bubbles just like dropping atmic bomb in Hiroshima..."
Japanese ambasador Oshima.
He lost his mother by atmic bomb.
And this movie was on Korean TV show.
Korean people enjoyed this scene and laughed at him.

Someone said this music video also reminds Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.
Why did they make this kind of music video just right after misfortune disaster?
This monster has Japanese flag on the forhead.
The title of this song is 'HATE YOU'.

This is a monument for victims of atmic bomb of Hiroshima.

It says,
「天が まっかに 燃えたとき わたしの からだは とかされた ヒロシマの叫びを ともに 世界の人よ」 
When sky burned red
my body melted
all people in the world with scream of Hiroshima

you look like human,shape like human,
but I will never admit that you are human beings.

In Buddism,
when he/she is greedy,gelous,and always complaining during his/her lifetime,
he/she is going to GAKIDO(餓鬼道),whitch is a kind of hell,
and he/she will be GAKI(餓鬼),after death.

Gaki is always suffered from hunger and thirst.
When he grabs  food or water,they turn into fire,
so Gaki will never satisfied.

Korean people claim that Japan abducted 200,000 Korean women including low teen,
and abused as comfort women during the WWⅡ.
But there is no certain evidence of comfort women.
We have many evidence that these women were merely prostitutes.
Comfort women didn't exist such as Korean people insist of.
【youtube】Endangered Japan (Book 2): Sex, Lies, and Comfort Women 

The only testimony of abduction was made up story.
He admited himself.

This is a poster which accusing Japanese abduction.
But everything is already solved when Japan and Korea concluded a treaty in 1965.
【official document】Treaty on Basic Relations between Japan and the Republic of Korea

Yes,I can hear.
I hear Gaki are screaming from hell.

Dear Taiwan;

First of all,
we have to aplogize that our government treat your country NOT

Please forgive us.

Our government is breaking our friendship.

And it is not what we intend.....

Since Democratic Party of Japan took place of government,
we are raged about their policy.

There is no doubt that almost all the Japanese people like Taiwan
very much,
and wish to have a good relationship.

It takes time,but we are trying to change this situation.

I really wish that you will wait for us to be changed.

I watched this video.
As we are having a hard time,this video encourage us A LOT.
We felt the warmth of Taiwan people's heart.

Thank you for helping us.
Thank you for your great support.

We are praying that Taiwan's future is bright.
And I am sure it will be.


This is Korean,cutting tuna fish into blocks. 

These are Japanese.Do you see the differences?

A comment of some Korean "Sushi is the sloppiest food I have ever seen! It's just a chunk of rice and raw fish on it.Any child can make it.hahaha"
But Korean people start to insist of Sushi's origin is Korea.

Korean in picture on top seems like he dosn't even have right tools.

These are all cooking knives made for tuna fish only.
Knives are made of Japanese traditional blacksmith.
Do you know how much do they cost?
The longest one is about ¥200,000(≒$US 2500) in avarage.

I heard many Japanese restaurant outside of Japan are not real Japanese restaurant,but they run by Koreans.
I am very concerned about it.

"We are threatened by some people who are persistently trying to steal whatever belongs to Japan"
"Japan and Japanese culture are really enadangered now.We need your cordial understanding and suppport to protect what our forefathers left us"