December 07, 2011


I wanted to keep up with what I wanted to do which is writing blog,
now I'm getting crazy busy!

So, I decided to take some serious English lessons from 3 teachers!
Can you believe that?

Reason why I do this because, each teacher has different skills.
And it is FUN!!

Hopefully I will update my diary though,

I just wanted to let my sweet readers that.

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November 27, 2011

これを読める? can you read this?!

Feedback for Vivian's post.


 If you can read it, your English is either really advanced or you are a native English speaker.

his is really fun isn't it!

Thank you Vivian.

Thing is, I had no problem reading it.
So I was kinda happy.

but lately I'm in a big slamp(slump??I don't know how to spell it.anyway..)
Hopefully I can get through it quickly. 


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November 07, 2011

アパート暮らしは楽じゃないIt's not easy to live in an apartment

I'm livinig in an apartment.

It's a kind of pain sometimes.

I used to live in a house so I've never thought of livinig  in an apartment.

Apartment, you have to be very careful with noise.

I am a quiet person though,

when my friends visited me 

person downstair was upset somehow

the other day, that peson just bang on the wall (or ceiling?)

That was a big surprise.(that was 2 or 3 PM not Am)

FIrst of all I am a quiet person and I go to bed like 10pm.

I might have to move 

I don't even want to think about it.

I like this apartment though,

Oh well.

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November 03, 2011

I took a walk

I took a walk today.

The weather was nice!

Since I got new shoes, I never get tired.

I feel like starting to do some exesice soon.

I want to stay in fit. 

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November 02, 2011

Weather and natural dissaster

It seems like the weahter aroud the world getting very weird.

It is very sad to see people suffer...

Speaking of weather, Whenever we have bad rain storm, I feel like the earth tries to clean itself. 

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