Work of the care includes various things, but there is visit care in that.

The visit care is support for independence life by the physical care to give at home of the user.

It is home of the users to work.

As well as the housework such as a dish, cleaning, washing, the shopping expedition, I go with a hospital and support the thing that is necessary for daily life including bathing and the excretion.

Because cleaning and washing, the procedure of the dish are different things, inconvenience may get up by each family when I do it only in a way for oneself.

It is necessary to do housework while confirming the intention of the partner.

It is demanded the ability that it is possible for from even what kind of work for adaptation to circumstances as a general rule because only an appliance and a tool in the home of the visit are usable.

Because there is what's called environment that is easy to live for the person, it is not possible to like it by one's discretion.

You must perform it after a user understood when I throw away a thing and change a place.

I work in limited time, and it is demanded by the visit care that a user can do various attention.

Visit time in the houses of the users is one or two hours.

It is demanded that I finish cleaning and washing, the thing that you should do including the housework in that.

Because it is limited as for the time, you must finish just work in that.

By the visit care, it is necessary to know the heart of the partner.

It is one of the work of important visit care to be known in what the person expects from a casual conversation.

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