May 29, 2016

Microsoft, I Do Not Want Windows 10!

I do not like Windows 10.
I do not want it here or there,
I do not want it anywhere!

I did not like it now or then.
I do NOT want Windows 10!

I have Window 10 on my Surface. I like my Surface very much, but I do not like Window 10, seriously. I don’t know why Microsoft didn’t just do a version of word and pdf and excel etc. for Android, since Windows 10 pretty much just mimics Android, and was possibly just invented for the Surface tablet.

However, I do not want Windows 10 on my work or home computer now or ever. I can deal with it for a tablet, but for work I prefer the more sophisticated system of Windows 8. Maybe Windows 10 can do everything Windows 8 can do, but if so, I am damned if I can figure out how.

I intend to stay with Windows 8 until Microsoft comes up with something similar after they have given up on Window 10, and I hope it is soon. If Microsoft does sneakily managed to upgrade my computer to Windows 10 without my permission, and I can’t get rid of it, I will go out and by an Apple computer and NEVER use a Microsoft product again.

Microsoft are you listening to your customers?! If you have to spam people with the Windows 10 upgrade to try to get them to change, don’t you think the resistance by your customers should be telling you something?

The reason why I am now blogging this, is because my work has been interrupted AGAIN by the spam Windows 10 upgrade notice on my computer. STOP IT! NOW!


*ps. My father cannot even cope with his i-phone; there is no way in hell he could cope with Windows 10.

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February 28, 2016

Tokyo Area Exhibitions 2016 東京の美術展覧会


47th Chiba City Citizens Art Exhibition, 3/5-3/25, 2016

Exhibition Schedule (in Japanese)


大 関ヶ原展」、 平成27年3/28〜5/17
Permanent Collection: Birth of the Department Store, 2016.03.19(Sat)〜2016.05.15(Sun)
近代百貨店の誕生 三越呉服店、2016年03月19日(土)〜05月15日(日)
2016 NHK Historical Drama Special Exhibition “Sanadamaru”, 2016.04.29(Fri)〜06.19(Sun)
2016年 NHK大河ドラマ特別展 真田丸、2016年04月29日(金)〜06月19日(日)
The Great YŌKAI (Ghost & Goblins) Exhibit!(tentative title), 2016.07.05(Tue)〜08.28(Sun)
大妖怪展 土偶から妖怪ウォッチまで、2016年07月05日(火)〜08月28日(日)
Siebold's Museum Brought Back to Life, 2016.09.13(Tue)〜11.06(Sun)
よみがえれ! シーボルトの日本博物館,2016年09月13日(火)〜11月06日(日)
Sengoku Jidai -- The Japanese Warring States Period, 2016.11.23(Wed)〜2017.01.29(Sun)
18th Century Edo and Peking, 2017.02.18(Sat)〜04.09(Sun)

Exhibition schedule (in Japanese)

Eisei-BunkoEISEI BUNKO 永青文庫

The Doll Festival -- Kawaii Objects from the Hosokawa Collection, 2/27 - 4/10
「桃の節句 細川家のお雛さまとかわいい仲間たち 」,2月27日(土)〜4月10日(日)

Exhibition Schedule (in Japanese):


100 Years of Geisai : Festival of Tokyo University of the Arts, Mar 23 (Wed) - Mar 30 (Wed), 2016
Geidai Collection, Apr 2 (Sat) - May 8 (Sun), 2016
Art of Northeast Japan and Earthquake Recovery, May 17 (Tue) - June 26 (Sun), 2016

Exhibition schedule (in Japanese)

Gotoh Museum-12THE GOTOH MUSEUM 五島美術館

Ceramics of China, 2/20-3/27, 2016
The Calligraphy of Poetics, 4/2 - 5/8, 2016
Early Modern Japanese Ninhonga Paintings, 5/14 - 6/19, 2016
Animals in Art, 6/25 - 7/31, 2016
Evoking the Journey in Art, 8/27 - 10/16, 2016
Famous Works of Heian Period Calligraphy, 10/22 - 12/4, 2016
An Ensemble of Tea ceremony Objects, 12/10/2016 - 2/12/2017
Chinese Ceramics, 2/18 - 3/26, 2017

* (English titles by AF. No コピペ可能性、No 日本語タイトル!)

Exhibition schedule (in Japanese)


Thoughts of Flowers in Springtime — Plum, Camellia, Cherry, and Peach Blossoms, 16th January -13th March

Exhibition Schedule in English
* Exhibition Schedule in Japanese:


Katsukawa Shunshō and Paintings of Beautiful Women, 2/20 - 3/27, 2016
生誕290年記念勝川春章と肉筆美人画 ―〈みやび〉の女性像、2016年2月20日(土)〜3月27日(日)
The Four Seasons in Japanese Yamato-e Paintings, 4/9 - 5/8, 2016
開館50周年記念美の祝典機 修笋泙罰┐了裕─2016年4月9日(土)〜5月8日(日)
The Sublime Beauty of Ink Paintings, 5/13 - 6/12, 2016
開館50周年記念美の祝典供 戎緞呂料堡、2016年5月13日(金)〜6月12日(日)
The Splendor of Edo Paintings, 6/17 - 7/18, 2016
開館50周年記念美の祝典掘 醜掌由┣茲硫擇笋、2016年6月17日(金)〜7月18日(月・祝)
Japanese Ceramics -- A Rivalry in Beauty, 7/30 - 9/25, 2016
開館50周年記念東洋・日本陶磁の至宝 ―豊麗なる美の競演、2016年7月30日(土)〜9月25日(日)
Heart of Zen -- The Great Sengai Exhbition, 10/1 - 11/13, 2016
開館50周年記念大仙囘検 宗〜気凌粥△海海暴犬Α2016年10月1日(土)〜11月13日(日)
 Beauty over the Ages -- The Japanese "kana" Script, 11/19 - 12/18, 2016
開館50周年記念時代を映す仮名のかたち ―国宝手鑑『見努世友』と古筆の名品、2016年11月19日(土)〜12月18日(日)
Iwasa Matabei and The Tale of Genji Paintings, 1/8 -2/5, 2017
開館50周年記念岩佐又兵衛と源氏絵 ―〈古典〉への挑戦、2017年1月8(日)〜2月5(日)
Ko-karatsu Ware Ceramics, 2/11 - 3/26, 2017
「古唐津 ―大いなるやきものの時代」、2017年2月11日(土)〜3月26日(日)

* Thank you! (English too would be even better yet! 〜AF)

Exhibition Schedule in Japanese

Itabashi_art_museum ITABASHI ART MUSEUM 板橋区美術館

 ‘Kodomo no Tomo’ Original Illustration Exhibition from the Fujin no Tomo sha Collection, February 20 – March 27, 2016
描かれた大正モダン・キッズ —婦人之友社『子供之友』原画展—、2016年2月20日(土)〜3月27日(日)

Exhibition Scedule in English
* Exhibition schedule in Japanese
ACCESS: 15 min walk from Nishitakashimadaira Stn on the Mita subway line, 22 min walk from the Shimoakazuka Stn on the Tobu Tojo line, 25 min walk from the Eidan Akatuska Stn on the Yurakucho line, see MAP


The Dharma Gate of Beauty - the concepts of beauty by Soetsu Yanagi、January 9th (Sat) - March 21st (Mon), 2016
美の法門 −柳宗悦の美思想   2016年1月9日(土)〜3月21日(月・祝)
Decorative Arts of Chōsen Korea from the Museum Collection, 4/2 - 6/12, 2016
「創設80周年特別展 日本民藝館所蔵 朝鮮工芸の美」 2016年4月2日(土)〜6月12日(日)

Exhibition Schedule (in English):
Exhibition Schedule (日本語):
ACCESS: Komaba Todaimae stn on the Inokashira line from Shibuya

AF's Pick-up: Not available yet,

Exhibition Schedule (in Japanese)

Kanazawa_BunkoKANAZAWA BUNKO MUSEUM 神奈川県立金沢文庫
(* Exhibitions are typically on Buddhist or Shinto Art)

 Closed for remodeling until further notice

AF's Pick-up: 特別展「金沢百景〜角田武夫が描いた失われた風景〜」,  date
not available

Currrent Exhibition
Exhibition Schedule (in Japanese)

Kanazawa Bunko Map
Access: 神奈川県立金沢文庫 * Click map to enlarge
Nearby Japanese Style Restaurant: ふみくら茶屋

Mitsubishi-Ichigokan MITSUBISHI ICHIGOKAN MUSEUM 三菱一号館美術館

 * (They don't make it easy, so I gave up, sorry. 〜AF) 

Exhibition Scedule (in English)
* Access and Map (in English)


Dolls from the Mitsui Household collection, 2/6 - 4/3, 2016
The Decorative Arts of Kitaōji Rosanjin -- The Epicure of Shōwa Era Japan, 4/12- 6/26, 2016
北大路魯山人の美 ー 和食の天才
The Decorative Ceramics of Art Nouveau, 7/6 - 8/31, 2016

 * (They don't make it easy, so I give up here, sorry. 〜AF) 

Exhibition Schedule (in Japanese)


Buddhist Teachings, for All Eternity: Masterpieces of Sacred Paintings, February 27, Saturday- March 31, Thursday, 2016
National Treasure Irises Screens: A Legacy of Poetic Allusion, April 13, Wednesday- April 15, Sunday, 2016

Exhibition Schedule (in English)
Exhibition Schedule (in Japanese)


Katsukawa Shunshō -Master of Hokusai, 2016, February 2nd〜March 27th
Utagawa Kunisada 〜Japanese Lifestyle and Fashion, 2016, April 1st〜April 24th
Utagawa Hiroshige 〜Landscapes along the Tōkaidō Road and Mt. Fuji, 2016, April 29th 〜 June 26th
“Hokusai Manga”〜Sketches of the Universe, 2016, July 1st〜28th
Scary Pictures of Ukiyo-e, 2016, August 2nd 〜28th
Kuniyoshi Heroes 〜Heroes from Tales of the Water Margin, 2016, September 3rd〜October 30th
Mizuno Toshikata 〜Successor of Yoshitoshi, 2016, November 4th 〜December 11th
Comical Edo People by Utagawa Hirokage, 2017, January 5th 〜29th
Snow, Moon and Flowers, 2017, February 3rd 〜 March 26th

* Exhibition Schedule (in English)
* Exhibition Schedule (in Japanese)

The Splendid Art of Tea Utensils from Cha-no-yu and Sen-cha, January 23,2016(Saturday)〜March 21,2016(Monday, National Holiday)
Reviving the Buddha Aesthetic: Commemorating the Restration of Important Art Works, April 23,2016(Saturday)〜June 5,2016(Sunday)
Edo Natural History Studies, 6/25 - 8/7, 2016
Famous Works of Lacquerware , 10/8 - 12/11, 2016

* Exhibition Schedule (in English)
* Exhibition Schedule (in Japanese)


* Exhibition Schedule 2014 (in Japanese)


 Miyagawa Kozan Retrospective, February 24 to April 17, 2016
 Hiroshige Vivid - From the Hara Yasusaburō Collection, 4/29 - 6/12, 2016
原安三郎コレクション 広重ビビッド、2016年4月29日(金・祝)〜6月12日(日)
 In cooperation with the Musee d'Orsay: Presenting the Glass Works of Emile Galle, 6/29 - 8/28, 2016
オルセー美術館 特別協力 生誕170周年 エミール・ガレ、2016年6月29日(水)〜8月28日(日
Suzuki Kiitsu -- Rinpa Artist of Edo, 9/10 - 10/30, 2016 
 Odano Naotake and the Style of Akita Ranga Paintings, 11/16/ 2016 - 1/9/2017

Exhibition Schedule (in Japanese)
* Exhibition Schedule (in English)


Botticelli and His Time, January 16 (Sat) – April 3 (Sun), 2016
The 300th Anniversary of his Birth: Jakuchu, April 22 (Fri) – May 24 (Tue), 2016
Masterpieces from the Centre Pompidou: Timeline 1906-1977, June 11 (Sat) – September 22 (Thu- holiday), 2016
Van Gogh and Gauguin: Reality and Imagination October 8 (Sat) – December 18 (Sun), 2016
Titian and the Renaissance Venice, January 21 (Sat) – April 2 (Sun), 2017

* Exhibition Schedule (in English)
* Exhibition Schedule (in Japanese)


Emile Galle –Nature and Symbol, Jun.16 – April 10, 2016

Exhibition schedule (in English):

TNM Honkan

Kuroda Seiki, Master of Modern Japanese Painting: The 150th Anniversary of his Birth, March 23, 2016 (Wed) - May 15, 2016 (Sun)
Hidden Treasures from the National Museum, Kabul, April 12, 2016 (Tue) - June 19, 2016 (Sun)
Ancient Greece, 6/21- 9/9, 2016
「古代ギリシャ―時空を超えた旅―」、2016年6月21日(火) 〜 2016年9月19日(月)
Secret Buddhas of the Heian Period, 9/13 - 12/11, 2016
「平安の秘仏―滋賀・櫟野寺の大観音とみほとけたち」、2016年9月13日(火) 〜 2016年12月11日(日)
The Chan Master Linji Yixuan and Zen Master Hakuin Ekaku, 10/18 - 11/27, 2016
臨済禅師1150年 白隠禅師250年遠諱記念 特別展「禅―心をかたちに―」、2016年10月18日(火) 〜 2016年11月27日(日)

* Exhibition schedule (in English):

(Hiraki) UKIYO-e TOKYO 浮世絵美術館 (Formerly Riccar Museum)

 Closed, apparently permanently
It is now a travelling collection, see schedule for venues:

Hiroshige from the Hiraki Collection, 2/19 - 3/27, 2016
@Museum「EKi」KYOTO   (JR Kyoto Isetan, 7th FL)
 「生誕220年 歌川広重の旅–平木コレクション保永堂版初摺でたどる東海道五十三次
   会期:2016年2月19日(金)〜 2016年3月27日(日)
   会場:美術館「えき」KYOTO (ジェイアール京都伊勢丹7階隣接)

* LaLaport TOYOSU:


Jakuchū's Happiness and Taikan's Auspiciousness, 1/3 - 3/3, 2016

* Exhibition Schedule (in Japanese)
* Exhibition Schedule (in English)
New Location and Access


* Kansai Area Museums: "Kansai Area Museums" Archives

* For access from your (Japanese) cellphone, email the link below to your cellphone, after opening the email on your cellphone, click on the link, and save it to your cellphone favorites.

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January 22, 2016

Cherry Blossom Schedule Forecast in Japan 2016 桜開花スケジュール

OMG! It's that time of year again!

Ariwara no Narihira (825-880), Tales of Ise #82

"In this world, if only it weren't for the cherry blossoms, my heart of spring would not be in disarray."

世の中に 絶えて桜の なかりせば 春の心は のどけからまし

The private site Weathermap has the first cherry-blossom forecast up this year, but the most reliable sites are the official Japan Weather Association’s and the Japanese WeatherNews’s Both of the latter should be updating their sites soon.

Tokyo: 3/26日 (blossoms open), 4/2 (full bloom)
Osaka: 3/28 (blossoms open), 4/5 (full bloom)
Kyoto: 3/28 (blossoms open), 4/4 (full bloom)

(Kyushu) Fukuoka: 3/23(blossoms open), 4/2 (full bloom)
Hiroshima: 3/27 (blossoms open), 4/4 (full bloom)
Niigata: undetermined (blossoms open), undetermined (full bloom)
Nagano: undetermined (blossoms open), undetermined (full bloom)
Sendai: undetermined (blossoms open), undetermined (full bloom)
(Hokkaido) Sapporo: undetermined (blossoms open), undetermined (full bloom)

The cherry blossoms should continue to bloom for five to six days after their peak (full bloom), depending on weather.

Several forecast maps will soon be available online so you can keep up with the moving cherry blossom front.

Cherry Blossom Flowering Date Maps:
Weather News Map (Current State Live)
* At WeatherNews site, click button "Sakura Simulator" for forecast by date.

Mapple Net Map (Current State Live)
Run cursor over the area you are interested in.

tenki_dot_jp=sakura-expectation2012JWA Forecast Map (Forecast Prediction)
Japan Weather Agency 気象庁の桜の開花予想
(Forecast Prediction)
(Unfortunately ended as of 2009)
* See:

Enjoy Tokyo Blossom Viewing
Walkerplus Famous Places in Tokyo 


* EnjoyTokyo Department Store Box Lunches for Blossom Viewing

Tokyo Yokohama Information: Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots

Japan Guide: Popular Hanami Spots

All About: 江戸の名所で桜を愛でよう

* Japan Guide on Blossom Viewing in English

* See also Infoseek for more links (in Japanese):

にほんブログ村 テレビブログ 大河ドラマ・時代劇へ
にほんブログ村 美術ブログ 古美術・骨董へ
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January 15, 2016

2016 NHK Taiga Drama: "Sanadamaru" January: Eps. 1-2

NHK World Premium > Schedules > Historical Drama "Sanadamaru" NHK:

"The historical drama for 2016 is the life story of Nobushige Sanada, commonly known as Yukimura Sanada, a leading military commander of the Warring States Period. Sanada lived through the war-torn era showing his great intelligence and leadership, and built the most powerful fort named "Sanadamaru" in the Siege of Osaka Castle."

image024 NHK Historical Drama "Sanadamaru" Eps. 1 "Sailing Out"

Jan 10 (Sun) 20:00-20:44
Jan 11 (Mon) 3:05-4:02
Jan 16 (Sat) 13:05-13:49

"In February 1582 (Tensho 10), nine years after the sudden death of the great commander Takeda Shingen [Kunishiro Hayashi], the Takeda family is facing a grave crisis under the leadership of Katsuyori [Takehiro Hira], the head of the family. Following a betrayal by one of their senior vassals, their domain is invaded by the large force of Oda Nobunaga [Kotaro Yoshida], who takes castle after castle. Sanada Masayuki [Masao Kusakari], another vassal of the Takada family, suggests they counterattack at Iwabitsu Castle, Oda's residence in Kozuke province. After Masayuki heads off to prepare the attack, his sons, Nobuyuki [Yo Oizumi] and Nobushige [Masato Sakai], are visited in secret by Katsuyori, who tells them he will not be going to Iwabitsu. The brothers split off from the main force of the Takeda family, which is retreating to Iwadono Castle in Kai. They instead head for Iwabitsu, where their father awaits. As the enemy force approaches, their desperate journey to protect their family is just beginning."

image024 NHK Historical Drama "Sanadamaru" Eps. 2 "Decision"

Jan 17 (Sun) 20:00-20:44
Jan 18 (Mon) 3:05-3:49
Jan 23 (Sat) 13:05-13:49

"Nobuyuki [Yo Oizumi] and Nobushige [Masato Sakai], together with other members of the Sanada family, are trying to flee from the Takeda family's home ground in Shinpu to Iwabitsu Castle in Joshu, where their father awaits them. The party is confronted by a throng of bandits who prey on defeated fleeing warriors. The brothers proceed while pulling together their family, including their spirited sister Matsu [Yoshino Kimura] and whimsical mother Kaoru [Atsuko Takahata]. During their journey, they receive news that Katsuyori [Takehiro Hira], the head of the Takeda family, was betrayed as he fled to Iwadono Castle. With the destruction of the Takeda family, the situation suddenly becomes fluid. A prominent warlord of the Tokai area, Tokugawa Ieyasu [Seiyo Uchino], is one of those watching for an opportunity to grab hold of the former Takeda territories. Now that they've lost their master, the Sanada family is pressed to decide who to side with; the Hojo family or the Uesugi family. The decision, delivered by Masayuki [Masao Kusakari] in front of his sons, Nobuyuki and Nobushige, is totally unexpected."


NHK World Premium > Schedules > Historical Drama "Sanadamaru" (in English)

NHK 大河ドラマ「真田丸」Homepage:

Character Chart 登場人物相関図:

Character Chart ENGLISH !:

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First Tea Lesson of the Year 2015-1-11

Purple komon awase kimono
Fukuro obi (which I actually bought for this kimono)
Michiyuki kimono coat
Fur collar knit wool shawl

2016-1-11 Hatsu-keiko

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January 10, 2016

2016 NHK Taiga Drama: "Sanadamaru" START

I really like this year's NHK TAIGA Drama: "Sanadamaru" !
The Official NHK Taiga Drama HP is fantastic! And has ENGLISH !

The life of the last great commander in the Warring States period, Sanada Yukimura

"His real name was Sanada Genjiro Nobushige. Curious and adventure-loving, Sanada Nobushige tore through the Warring States period and eventually became a legendary commander who even awed the ruler Tokugawa Ieyasu.

There is another story behind the legend of Sanada Yukimura. This is the story of a family-loving second son, Nobushige, who looked up to his genius father and his intelligent older brother. While growing up with his family in his hometown, he faced many troubles and worries as he tried to survive through turbulent times.

He completed the construction of Sanada Maru, the last and strongest fortress during the Summer Siege of Osaka. His life until this time could also be described as the long journey of the small family boat Sanada Maru through the rough seas of the Warring States period."

Sanadamaru Objective

A story of the love and survival of the Sanada Family, a middle-class family in the Warring States period

"As the Muromachi shogunate fell, everything in life unraveled and the area was plunged into the chaos of the Warring States period. Everyone, from lords to commoners, struggled to survive from day to day. It was a time when only people who possessed luck and something unique - wit, intellect, stamina or leadership - could advance to the next stage of the survival game. It was a time when no one could tell who would be still standing tomorrow.

The Sanada family were vassals of the lord of Shinano province. They were not a powerful family and they barely survived during this time of war. They relied solely on the instincts of the father Masayuki and his ability to develop strategies and tactics. Nobuyuki and Nobushige grew up learning a lot from their father. They never stopped loving their family during the Warring States period, a time when killing a sibling was nothing out of the ordinary. They never lost their love for each other even when they ended up taking different sides in a battle with Tokugawa. There are many stories about the Warring States period, but the legend of the Sanada family appeals to so many because it is a pure story of family love.

In order to save his family and comrades, Sanada Nobushige learned never to give up, no matter how tough the situation. As he did so, he grew into an invincible commander. Eventually, the curious-minded second son of the middle-class family also became a legendary figure, who awed Tokugawa Ieyasu."


NHK World Premium > Schedules > Historical Drama "Sanadamaru" (in English)

NHK 大河ドラマ「真田丸」Homepage:

Character Chart 登場人物相関図:

Character Chart ENGLISH !:

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January 06, 2016

Yesterday's Kimono 2016-1-5 (Tue)

Purple Stripe Awase Kimono 紫筋袷
Meisen Butterfly Nagoya Obi 銘仙の蝶々柄名古屋帯
Ginza Musubi Bow 銀座結び


2016-1-5 f

2016-1-5 b-l-ed

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December 30, 2015

AF’s Kimono Calendar DECEMBER 2015

Kimono 2015-12-DEC-JPEG

Kimono 2015-12-1 e

Kimono 2015-12-5 e

Kimono 2015-12-8 a

Kimono 2015-12-5 d

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November 30, 2015

AF’s Kimono Calendar NOVEMBER 2015

Kimono Calendar 2015-11 NOV JPEG

Kimono 2015-11-1

Kimono 2015-11-24 e

Kimono 2015-11-28 f

Kimono 2015-11-28 d-ed

Kimono 2015-11-30 e

Kimono 2015-11-27

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November 10, 2015

English Tour of Famous Meiji Period Pawn Shop

iseya pawn shop

This is a fantastic opportunity to have an English tour of an important cultural property not ordinarily open to the public, the Meiji period pawn shop used by the female novelist Higuchi Ichiyo.

If you would like to attend, just click the "plan to attend" button on the event site.

On the afternoon of Nov. 21, the Bunkyo Ward in conjunction with Atomi University will hold a tour in ENGLISH of the Former Iseya Pawn Shop, which was frequented by the famous Japanese woman novelist, Higuchi Ichiyō (1872-1896). This is a very rare opportunity to see the interior of the pawn shop and hear an explanation in English.

PS. The tour is FREE!!!

For more on Higuchi Ichiyō, whose image also graces the 5000 yen bill, see the wiki page:ō_Higuchi

Some of her short stories can be found in “In the Shade of Spring Leaves: The Life of Higuchi Ichiyo, with Nine of Her Best Stories”, which I highly recommend.

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October 31, 2015

AF’s Kimono Calendar OCTOBER 2015

Kimono Calendar 2015-10 OCT JPEG

Kimono 2015-10-22

Kimono 2015-10-25

Kimono 2015-10-Halloween

Kimono 2015-10-30

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September 30, 2015

AF’s Kimono Calendar SEPTEMBER 2015

Kimono Calendar 2015-10 SEP JPG

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September 27, 2015

Saturday Night Kimono 2015-9-26


・ Dark brown cotton kimono with woven design of interlocking rings (shippō-moyō)

・ Line-green cotton Nagoya obi with stylized magnolia flowers

The seller's photos, for a better idea of the real colors (with a little help from "Paint")


Pale sherbet orange obiage and teal-green obijime
(Note to self: wish I had an obiage in the teal-green color of that obijime, also wish I had a darker peach obiage to stand out more...)


Personally, I rather like how the Ginza musubi turned out
[pleased with self :-) ]


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September 26, 2015

Friday night kimono 2015-9-25

Dark brown cotton kimono and Hakata half-width obi





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September 21, 2015

Kimono coat and haori-cardigan with Western clothes

haori-cardigan 2015-9-21 (Mon)



kimono raincoat 2015-9-17 (Thu)


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