November 10, 2015

English Tour of Famous Meiji Period Pawn Shop

iseya pawn shop

This is a fantastic opportunity to have an English tour of an important cultural property not ordinarily open to the public, the Meiji period pawn shop used by the female novelist Higuchi Ichiyo.

If you would like to attend, just click the "plan to attend" button on the event site.

On the afternoon of Nov. 21, the Bunkyo Ward in conjunction with Atomi University will hold a tour in ENGLISH of the Former Iseya Pawn Shop, which was frequented by the famous Japanese woman novelist, Higuchi Ichiyō (1872-1896). This is a very rare opportunity to see the interior of the pawn shop and hear an explanation in English.

PS. The tour is FREE!!!

For more on Higuchi Ichiyō, whose image also graces the 5000 yen bill, see the wiki page:ō_Higuchi

Some of her short stories can be found in “In the Shade of Spring Leaves: The Life of Higuchi Ichiyo, with Nine of Her Best Stories”, which I highly recommend.

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September 27, 2015

Saturday Night Kimono 2015-9-26


・ Dark brown cotton kimono with woven design of interlocking rings (shippō-moyō)

・ Line-green cotton Nagoya obi with stylized magnolia flowers

The seller's photos, for a better idea of the real colors (with a little help from "Paint")


Pale sherbet orange obiage and teal-green obijime
(Note to self: wish I had an obiage in the teal-green color of that obijime, also wish I had a darker peach obiage to stand out more...)


Personally, I rather like how the Ginza musubi turned out
[pleased with self :-) ]


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September 26, 2015

Friday night kimono 2015-9-25

Dark brown cotton kimono and Hakata half-width obi





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September 21, 2015

Kimono coat and haori-cardigan with Western clothes

haori-cardigan 2015-9-21 (Mon)



kimono raincoat 2015-9-17 (Thu)


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September 19, 2015

Saturday night kimono 2015-9-19

Rose motif grey kurume-gasuri hitoe and Hakata-esque half-width obi



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September 14, 2015

Monday kimono 2015-9-14

"Mt. Fuji" shibori komon hitoe and Nishijin weave obi



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September 11, 2015

Friday night kimono 2015-9-11

Awa-shijira cotton hitoe and Nishijin weave obi tied in Ginza-musubi bow



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Miyagi, Tochigi, Ibaragi 2015-09-11








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September 07, 2015

Monday kimono 2015-9-7

"Mt. Fuji" shibori komon hitoe and Nishijin weave obi



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September 05, 2015

Saturday night kimono 2015-9-5

"Mt. Fuji" shibori komon hitoe and Hakata-esque half-width obi



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September 04, 2015

Friday's Kimono 2015-9-4

Rose motif grey kurume-gasuri hitoe and and Nishijin weave obi
(Oops about the end of the obijime being down; it shuld be up...)



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August 31, 2015

August Kimono 2015



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August 09, 2015

Uniqlo Video on How to Dress in Yukata

How to Tie a Yukata Obi

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June 29, 2015

AF Introduces Yukata Collections 2015 浴衣コレクション 平成27

I am actually not fond of this year's yukata, which all seem somewhat garish to me.

On the upside, Uniqlo started selling yukata again, but I am not sure of the quality, having yet to look at them myself.

* click pictures to enlarge

* Takashimaya Department Store 高島屋

2015 Theme: Let's Make Some Memories of Summer

ひと夏の思い出 いくつ つくろうか

2015 Summer Takashimaya Yukata Style

Yukata: Lady's Yukata Chrysanthemum by Kyōmi-komachi
100% cotton, for 41,040 yen
婦人ゆかた 「菊 」 趣味小町 税込 41,040円

Obi: Lady's Heko obi by Genji Monogatari
65% polyester, 35% nylon, for 10, 260 yen

On the other hand, this summer kimono from Takashimaya is beautiful!

Kimono: Single color aqua blue, arabesque design, Ojiya Chijimi (asa), 138,240 yen (tailoring NOT included)
水色一色で、更紗柄の型染め小千谷縮 138,240円(反物)

Obi: Hakata summer hassun Nagoya obi, 108, 000 yen
博多夏ハ寸なごや帯 108,000円

Check out Takashimaya Online Shop for Yukata at

Seibu 2015

* Seibu Department Store

2015 Theme: Yukata 2015

ゆかた 2015

Yukata: Orchid classical design by Ryōkomachi
100% cotton, for 41,040 yen
「蘭」の古典柄 涼小町 税込 41,040円

Obi: White and orange reversible hanhaba obi
100% polyester, for 9,504 yen
なつキラリと 帯(ポリエステル100%)9,504円

Seibu Yukata 2015

* Tobu Department Store 東武百貨店

2015 Theme: Let's Go Out in Yukata!


Yukata: Lady's yukata, fireworks design
100% cotton, 41, 040 yen
丸婦人ゆかた(綿100%) 「夜空に咲く花火」 41,040円

Obi: Hakata Yukata (Hanhaba) Obi
10% silk, 27,000 yen
博多織のゆかた帯(絹100%) 27,000円

Tobu Yukata 2015

UNiqlo 2015 bamboo 2
* Uniqlo ユニクロ

2015 Theme: Traditional Yukata Inspired by Nakahara Jun'ichi


Three Piece Set: Cotton Yukata, Polyester obi, cotton-poly blend koshihimo cord, all for 5,990 yen(plus tax).
タケヒサユメジ浴衣(竹) <帯・腰紐付き> \5,990+消費税

Yukata: Takehisa Yumeji Yukata (Bamboo)
Obi: Dot Pink and White Reversible Yukata Obi

Uniqlo Yukata 2015

Where to buy a cheap, inexpensive yukata  安い浴衣を買うと?

Previous Year's Yukata Collections:
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Yukata & Kimono (Usumono) Archives
AF's Yukata & Kimono (Usumono) Archives

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June 28, 2015

Support Kimono Artisans Sharing Kimono Culture

Kimono artisans and art of kimono creation is on the verge of a crisis because of reduction of kimono market, aging of artisans, and lack of their successors in Japan. For expanding kimono markets to the world, kimono artisans stand out from their workshops and plan to show their kimono outfits on stage at New York Fashion Week in February 2016, produced by Hiromi Asai. This project is organized by two non-profit organization, Kimono Hiro Inc. and Kimono Artisan Kyoto, in US and Japan, respectively.

Kimono artisan Kyoto 2015Kimono Artisan Kyoto is an association of kimono artisans who have been promoting kimono internationally.
These are photos of the activity in Milan, Italy in May-June, 2015
Kimono Artisan Kyoto opens the kimono showroom "GOFUKUYA" in Milan, and also attended to Milan Expo 2015.

Kimono Kickstarter PosterReserve your seat for the upcoming Kimono Fashion Show on NYFW. here
+ Standing : Pledge $50
+ Seating : Pledge $100 or $150
+ Priority seating (the second row) : Pledge $300
+ 2 Priority seating : Pledge $500
+ Front row seating : Pledge $1000 or $2000
+ 2 Front row seating : Pledge $5000 or $10,000
Backers can get more seats at some additional pledge.

facebook page: Kimono Artisan Kyoto & Hiromi Asai to NYFW '16

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