August 18, 2021

Kimono Communication Seminar Exhibition

Kimono Motifs and What They Mean
@ Atomi University (Bunkyo Campus) 7/24-8/1, 2021

This was the project I mentioned here (Kimono Display Ideas for Student Project)

The seminar students wrote the wall texts explaining the motifs and the images. All the kimono and accessories are mine, and I wrote the explanations for those.


Oh, I also did the "Arimatsu Shibori" display in the center, based on a class lecture, and also so that the seminar students could get an idea of what was required.


The display on the manga/anime "Demon Slayer" (鬼滅の刃 kimetsu no yaiba) was supposed to be done by a 4th yr seminar student who is writing her graduation thesis on it, but in the end it was pretty much done by me and my 3rd yrs. (Granted the exhibition was a 3rd yr seminar project.) This is just the right half of the display; the left half not shown, is about travel garb from Edo to Taisho.


At the glass wall at the front was the "Haunted Motifs" (化け物 Bakemono) display. The students working on this display actually did the best job, and went way beyond the exercise requirements in researching information.


The left and right side displays were on Taisho Beauties: Motifs, Images, & Summer Kimono

Right side:

Iris and Rose Panels

To the extant it was possible, I tried to include kimono and kimono accessories related to the motifs each student was assigned to. The "rose" was difficult, she only got an obi'dome (obi decorative clasp), but the rest I managed somehow. I found I owned more chrysanthemum related objects than I had thought (in the exhibition, 1 obi and two different obi'dome).


Left side:

The left wall of Taisho Beauties: Motifs, Images, & Summer Kimono displayed a cotton ro-weave yukata with two butterfly obi, in an attempt to somewhat emulate Goyō Hashiguchi's "Kaso no musume" (橋口 五葉 「夏装の娘」 8月1920年), which depicts a woman wearing a ro-weave cotton kimono and tying on her obi.


The mannequins were themed by style and dressed in vintage kimono.

O'josan (wealthy daughter)
The kimono is likely 1930s, the obi Taisho era (1912-1926) because of the metallica in the obi.
Han'eri (inner collar), contemporary


O'share Musume (Fancy Young Lady)
In a reverse, here the kimono is Taisho era, but likely the obi is from the 1930s or later.
Han'eri (inner collar), Taisho era


Iki na Onna (Stylish Woman)
Of course, my personal fave, the floozy.
She's wearing a Taisho era kimono, but post-war obi.
Han'eri (inner collar), Taisho era
She's modeled after Ito Shinsui's "Iris Yukata" (伊東 深水(あやめの浴衣)大正期)


Since I had to do a class demonstration lecture for Open Campus on 8/1, I wore a theme appropriate kimono coordinate. The kimono I'm wearing is a contemporary remake after a Taisho era nagajuban (under-kimono) design; the obi is likely post-war even though it does have metallica in it. The obi-kazari, hanging on my obi, is actually the keys to the room, since the room was locked when there was no one there to watch it.

For fun, I compared all three (Shinsui's image, the mannequin, and me).



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June 24, 2021

Kimono Display Ideas for Student Project







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June 13, 2021

2021 June Kimono Etc

It's only June, and I'm ready for summer, but the Japanese semester runs through July, and Tokyo is still in lockdown until the 20th.

2021-06 Torihachi Day

IN the meantime, I'm apparently "All about the kingyo (goldfish), all about the kingyo..."


Speaking of going out drinking, and lack there of... In my boredom, I finished another ghost short-story.
(Click to enlarge. If livedoor permitted pdf uploads, I would post the whole thing.)

House of flasks photo

House of flasks photo 2 end

IN "other adventures in AF's world"...

So, a seminar student wanted to do her kimono motif presentation on an animal.
Me, OK, which one?
Her, I'm not particularly interested in any of the options. [prepared in advance by me]
Me, then what animal would you like?
Her, I like dogs.
Me, ???

So, just for her, I made a new one.
(The students have to do a 3-4 slide powerpoint presentation; the first slide is just to show them what MUST be included, other information/details they have to think up themselves.)

スライド7 dogs

Speaking of drinking (again) ...
A friend found a place serving alcohol (despite lockdown regulations forbidding it), bless his little heart.
Anyway, I wore this retro yukata (70s?) on Monday (6/7), which I had actually bought to wear as pajamas, but whatever.
*Notice, the kappa (river creature) ojime 緒締 (part of a inro, netsuke, ojime set; of which I only have the latter two), and which I wore upside down, oops.


I had worn the same yukata shortly before (5/30), to a friend's house for dinner (aka izakaya @ home).


Finally, other misc. kimono related stuff, I am working on a project for my 3rd year seminar students.
*Note to self, remember to contact university about borrowing a tatame classroom for this.


The end (for this post anyway).

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May 31, 2021

2021 May Kimono Etc

This "Little Disapproving Sensei" never fails to cheer me up during the travails of COVID and Tokyo lockdown. I imagine Rilakkuma in this garb scolding students: “Just you listen up here,” (adjusts obi), “You best get your act together, and I mean right now.”



This Rilakkuma was one of the goods sold in conjunction with the Tokyo National Museum (TNM) exhibition on KIMONO held last year. The kimono worn by Rilakkuma is based on Moronobu's painting Beauty Looking Back owned by the museum. That "look of disapproval" was no doubt unintentional, but amusing nevertheless.

One of my workbook pages for my seminar students...

2 KimonoZemi-Womens Kimono Moronobu Motifs new

Moving along, more or less in order...
The state of my, very literally, "living room" and my tiny front garden.
(Where you can see where Rilakkuma lives, the orange blob at the upper left)


On 5/29 (SAT) @ Bunkyo Campus, I had a live class with my seminar students. Only seminar classes are allowed to be hybrid now at my university, the rest must be online. This year's 3rd years seem to be particularly interested in Taisho motifs, and several mentioned lilies for their presentation on "flower motifs & traditional ceremonies of May," so I wore a hito-e (unlined kimono) with a motif of lilies for them (no one noticed, btw).


On the way home, I ran errands and then stopped by the local park to relax for a bit.


And then the next week (6/5), I did it again. Since with hybrid, the live students alternate everyweek by odd&even students numbers. (Three showed up this time, one more than last week).


I wanted to use this new obidome (obi strap clasp), but it didn't arrive until about the Monday after. It is in the shape of a pomegranate, a fertility symbol, just what I need at my stage of life...


Various purchases...

I had an iris yukata (indigo irises on white cotton), that I loved very much, but have never been able to replace (apparently no longer made), so I keep buying new iris yukata, about one a year, but the new ones somehow never satisfy me.


I bought this goldfish yukata years ago, and thought that maybe this recently purchased obi might match it... What do you think?


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March 31, 2021

2021 March Kimono

The major event/holiday of March is Doll's Day on 3/3, the origins of which are maybe not what you might suspect. Traditionally, it was a day of purification to cleanse impurities and ward off the consequneces of any possible defilements, called "kegare-harai" 穢れ払い in Japanese, often performed by floating dolls down a river. The explanation below is a PowerPint slide from my Japanese Religious Art course. (For my kimono coordinate for Doll's Day see the bottom of this post.)

Religious-Art 6Belief Systems Dolls Day

3/30 (Tue) @ Bunkyo (Orientation/Guidance)


I was checking the weather,
and by sheer serendipity, you can see what I wore a year ago.


New Shawl


3/29 (Mon) @ Immigration Offices to pick up new visa


3/17 (Wed) @ Bunkyo (Graduation Ceremony)
In the distance on the right, you can just barely see the Sky Tree


What I wore for the graduation ceremony


The coordinate


Afterwards, I changed to have a drink
(Notice the cherry blossom collar I'd sewn on for the ceremony formal wear; here I only changed my outer garments)


3/11 (Thu) @ Buying Flowers for Garden


Garden Before (left) & After (right)


3/5 (Wed) @ Neighborhood


3/3 (Wed) @ Niiza
Doll's Day Coordinate (What I really wore)


March Coordinate Ideas



3/1 (Mon) @ Niiza


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March 25, 2021

Miscellaneous Yellow Kimono Coordinate Examples

I decided to put all these yellow kimono coordinates in one independent post.
I actually do not like yellow, I don't hate it as much as orange but still, so coordinating yellow kimono into my personal style is a challenge for me.

Yellow Kimono Coordinate Inspirations



My Yellow Kimono Coordinates

2021/2/12 (Fri)
Ueda Tsumugi kimono


2021/1/4 (Mon) @ Izakaya near Waseda
Ueda tsumugi Coordinate


2020/12/26 (Sat) @ Bunkyo
Ueda Tsumugi


2020/12/25 (Fri) @ Niiza
Shiozawa omeshi 塩澤お召し


2020/11/4 (Wed) @ Niiza
Ueda tsumugi


2020/10/20 (Tue) @ Neighborhood
Ueda Tsumugi


2020-03-13 (Fri) @ Niiza (meetings)
Shiozawa omeshi 塩澤お召し


2020-03-03 (Tue) @ Home and Out&About
Shiozawa omeshi 塩澤お召し


2018 January
Old Ueda Tsumugi


Friday Kimono 2017-02-17
Ueda tsumugi stripe kimono, sherbet orange hanhaba Hakata obi worn reverse-side out, kanoko shibori haori, bead haori himo


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February 28, 2021

2021 Feb Kimono Etc

My Local Izakaya (i.e. Karen's Cheers)
The motto on the side of their matchbox:
The sake good, and the food is good, if you drink even better. Zashiki (small tatami room for parties) available on the 2nd FL.


Various Coordinate Ideas for Green Stripe Awase (Lined) Kimono





Some New Purchases


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February 27, 2021

2021 Kimono February

2/24 (Wed) @ Niiza
Tsubaki (Camellia) Tsumugi and Tsubaki Synthetic Hassun (8-sun width) obi


2/22 (Mon)
Tsubaki (Camellia) & Tsubaki Hassun (8-sun width) obi
This kimono was supposed to be tailored as a dōnuki, but the idiot shop (more than the tailor) goofed it. (Years later, still majorly irked, to say the least.)

This image from Ichiri Mall illustrates a dōnuki, the yellow portions (alone) is the lining. Dōnuki works great for those seasons when one is suppose to be in an awase (lined) kimono, but it is too hot out to be practical.

20170419_1 dounuki

2/20 (Sat)
Jeans Kimono


2/18 (Thu)
Purple Nishijin Tsumugi Kimono


2/15 (Mon)
Tsubaki (Camellia) Tsumugi Kimono (also one of my earliest purchases)


2/12 (Fri)
Ueda Tsumugi kimono


2/6 (Sat) @ Seriously no idea
Purple Nishijin Tsumugi Kimono


2/1 (Mon) @ Bunkyo (Entrance Exams)
Jeans Kimono


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January 31, 2021

2021 Kimono January

1/30 (Sat) @ Home
sewing new sleeves on worn-out hada-juban


1/29 (Fri) @ Neighborhood
(cheating by wearing only half of tsukuri-obi)


1/20 (Wed) @ Niiza (office)
Purple Nishijin Tsumugi Kimono
(one of my first kimono bought, many, many years ago now)



1/17 (Sun) @ Niiza (National Entrance Exams)
Jeans Kimono (it was VERY cold that day, especially with all the windows open)
& afterwards dinner treat to self



1/16 (Sat) @ Ota Memorial Museum "Men in Japanese Kimono" Exhibition
Tsubaki Tsumugi


1/12 (Tue) @ Niiza
Jeans Kimono & Purple Kimono Cardigan
(check out the temperature in my office!!!)


1/6 (Wed) @ Family Karaoke
Jeans Kimono



1/4 (Mon) @ Izakaya near Waseda
Ueda tsumugi Coordinate



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December 31, 2020

2020 Kimono November and December

December Sundry Accessories


December Nemaki Coordinate


Misc. Yellow Kimono Coordinate Examples



12/26 (Sat) @ Bunkyo


12/25 (Fri) @ Niiza


12/12 (Sat) @ Bunkyo


11/28 (Sat) @ Bunkyo


11/25 (Wed) @ Home


11/22 (Sun) @ Bunkyo


11/15 (Sun) @ Home (TNM)


11/7 (Sat) @ Niiza (right) and 11/8 (Sun) @ Bunkyo (left)
Ueda tsumugi Coordinate


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November 07, 2020

Bruce Presents: A Virtual Kimono Showcase (vimeo link)

The Bruce Museum in Connecticut held the exhibition Floating Beauty: Women in the Art of Ukiyo-e (September 1, 2020 - November 1, 2020).

In celebration of that exhibition, Floating Beauty: Women in the Art of Ukiyo-e, at 7:00 pm on Tuesday, October 20, the Bruce Museum hosted an online event Online Kimono Showcase organized by Kaede Kimono.

I was one of the presenters for that event, and now the video is available online at vimeo, Bruce Presents: A Virtual Kimono Showcase

2020-10-20 Kimono and Ukiyoe cover 2

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November 04, 2020

2020 Kimono October

11/4 (Wed) @ Niiza
The Ueda tsumugi (see below for detail)


10/20 (Tue) @ Neighborhood



10/5 (Mon) @ Neighborhood


10/4 (Sun) @ Niiza
(R) dressed for work, (L) Ueda tsumugi detail (different kimono)


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September 25, 2020

2020 Kimono Aug-Sep

Recently, this obi keeps popping up on ads, and I was pretty sure I already owned it. And, yep, the earliest photo I can find at the moment is 2017-9-24.




9/14 MON
And then I decided to compare the advice in Tōsei Fūzoku Tsū text, to Ihara Saikaku's description in his A Woman Addicted to Love 好色一代女



9/12 SAT
I'm in a study group for reading "hentai-gana" (Edo period Japanese script writing) and we are reading Tōsei Fūzoku Tsū which is an Edo period sharebon about how to dress as a sophisticate for going to the pleasure quarters. Here is one page of my notes concerning the proper (straw) zōri to wear.


8/30 SUN
And finished one essay of four (three more to go...)

Art of the Supernatural 1st page

8/27 THU
White shijira-ori, hanhaba obi, ro 絽 haori


8/23 Sun
I also wrote a short ghost tale....

Phantom of the Inn 2020x-III photo1

8/17 MON
Too lazy to wear a Nagoya obi, but in the end did do a similar kimono coordinate


However, my friends say I look more like the painting "Lakeside (1897) by Kuroda Seiki (1866-1924)
黒田清輝の《湖畔》1897年(明治30) 東京国立博物館蔵


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August 06, 2020

2020 Kimono August part 1

Aug. 5 (Wed) @ TNM "KIMONO" Exhibition

・Indigo-dyed ro-weave summer kimono with mountain landscapes, Hanhaba Hakata obi, black ro crested haori
藍染 絽小紋 紅葉・山岳 模様、半幅博多帯、黒絽紋付け羽織

Walked to my station without tears, did fine at the exhibition, afterwards managed to walk back to Ueno station with some pain, really wasn't sure if I could manage walking home from my station.





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July 31, 2020

2020 Kimono July part 2

Hamamatsu-shijira Two-piece Kimono
浜松しじら 二部式着物・セパレート着物
米沢織 八寸名古屋帯
Yonezawa-weave 8-sun width Nagoya obi

When I've been in kimono, mostly I have been wearing this one. I bought this two-piece kimono so that I could wear just the upper half while teaching classes online. The top part is actually too short, so at some time I will need to resew it.



July 22 (Wed)
I took my seminar students to the kimono exhibition @ TNM


This was their assignment:

TNM Kimono Exhibition 4

BTW, 20 minutes of my seminar class is available online.

2020 Kimono Motif Review Cover Photo

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