Sakuran-The MovieFamous Places for Cherry Blossom Viewing

March 20, 2007

Cherry Blossom Season, 2007

The most important question in Japan right now is when will the cherry trees blossom. They were scheduled to blossom early this year, around March 17th or 18th, but March sudenly became cold and they still haven't blossomed, even though they traditionally don't blossom until the end of March anyway.

The Japan Weather Agency predicts the 23rd for Tokyo and some trees have just started to open their blossoms here and there. I am betting on this weekend, if the weather holds.

Several maps are available online so you can keep up with the moving cherry blossom front.
Weather News Map
Excite Map
Mapple Net Map
Japan Weather Agency
Walkerplus Famous Places in Tokyo

* Japan Guide Forecast in English

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Sakuran-The MovieFamous Places for Cherry Blossom Viewing