December 16, 2012

LDP Takes Over Again: Wins in Japan Election 2012.12.16

The conservative Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) re-took over the Diet, with 258 seats and adding as we speak. Plus its partner the Komeito won 26 seats so far. Doesn’t Abe-san, the soon to be new prime minister, look pleased as peach?


The current PM Noda-san’s party, the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ), only won a pathetic 39 seats so far. Whereas, the party of Ishihara-san and Hashimoto-san, Japan Restoration Party (日本維新の会), won a surprising 38 number of seats. The photo of Ishihara-san is a bit unfair; he blinks a lot, and I happened to catch him mid-blink. LOL


StarTwinkling* For who won in Tokyo, see 東京(選管確定)
* This link for Tokyo election results is more fun 【小選挙区】東京25区 (But you have to find tokyo on the map and click on it.)
* See also, Yomiuri 衆院選2012


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