January 05, 2013

2012 End of the year kimono in review:


2012-12-01 (Sat)
Nishijin-weave Stripe Purple Tsumugi

Last kimono of the year: purple tsumugi kimono with a faint blue stripe, paired with “Choco-chan” Hakata Nagoya obi, accessorized with purple and white Kururi obijime and chirimen maroon obiage; lavender nagajuban with purple shibori han-eri collar. Designer maroon scarf-shawl with nubby boucle wool retro-esque kimono coat. Worn for orientation for incoming freshmen at the university.

紬 紺鼠色 変わり格子風

2012-11-24 (Sat)
Chikusen Hakata 4-sun (Han-haba) Kobukuro Obi
本場筑前博多織 四寸(半幅) 小袋帯

I tried a new bow with a han-haba (half-width) obi, but the length of the obi was too short for what I really wanted to do. I wanted the bow to be more fluffy with longer more curved ends sticking out, oh well. Similar to this 【ふんわり結び】, but different. This funwari–musubi requires less length and might have worked better. However, I tucked the tare end in the opposite direction here for a double layer of the outer part of the bow. Somewhere I have a sketch of what I did… Anyhow the bow is held together with a maroon and cream obijime and an obiage isn’t needed. (ps. I tied the obi in front to see what I was doing, then when finished moved it to the back.)

Plaid Kimono Coat

With the blue tsumugi kimono ensemble seen above I wore this cranberry-red and grey plaid kimono cape. Whenever possible I try to buy things that work with both kimono and Western clothes. Just for comparison, here is a picture of the same coat with Western clothes; also this picture on the right is clearer. 

紬 紺鼠色 変わり格子風 
 2012-11-10 (Sat)
Broken Check Blue Tsumugi Kimono
紬 紺鼠色 変わり格子風

Light blue tsumugi with kasuri broken-check pattern in white, paired with wine color synthetic Nagoya obi with leaves in metallic colors, bought used just recently at the Nihonbashi Kimono Club. Accessorized with grayish lavender obiage which actually goes with a summer ro obiage of the same color, and bokashi (gradated) lavender obiage with metallic stripes that really goes with a more formal kimono. Wore black velvet cloak bought used.


2012-11-02 (Fri)
Broken Check Blue Tsumugi Kimono
紬 紺鼠色 変わり格子風

Usually I only have time to wear kimono on Saturday during the semester, but this time it seems I wore this on a Friday. I imagine probably because it had just arrived and I couldn’t wait to wear it. With little time after fifth period class, I hurriedly coordinated it with my old and true maroon Hakata Nagoya obi, accessorized with Awai yellow and blue obiage and Awai reversible blue and periwinkle obijime. Worn with my lavender nagajuban with purple shibori han-eri collar. Pink and brown Marui plaid shawl for a cloak.


2012-10-31 (Wed)
Nishijin-weave Stripe Purple Tsumugi

Back to the purple tsumugi kimono with blue stripe. Usually I have two or sometimes three kimono out per month, and typically alternate between them, but I see on this backwards timeline that I wore the light blue tsumugi several times in a row. I must have been very excited with my new purchase. This purple tsumugi I bought last year (seen HERE) as a bit of a consolation prize for not being able to find a dark purple yuuki tsumugi.

Anyway, I aired this purple tsumugi with a purple Hassun obi with a motif of leaves floating on water, accessorized once again with the Awai yellow and blue obiage and Awai reversible blue and periwinkle obijime. Worn with Marui pink and brown plaid shawl.

Just for the fun of it, here is a close-up of the purple shibori han-eri collar to my lavender nagajuban (worn on 2012-11-02). For a picture of this nagajuban see HERE.

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