January 30, 2013

2013 NHK Taiga Drama: "Yae's Sakura" February: Eps. 5 - Eps. 8

Yae's Sakura

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NHK: "The historical drama for 2013 is the life story of Yae Yamamoto, a woman born to a family belonging to the Aizu clan in Fukushima Prefecture in the late Edo Period, who later becomes known as Yae Niijima. Yae keeps exploring her potential all her life with the samurai spirits passed down in Aizu people, while bravely living through the age of turmoil, readied as a soldier armed with a gun."

image024 Historical Drama "Yae's Sakura" Eps. 5

Feb 3 (Sun) 20:00-20:44
Feb 4 (Mon) 3:00-3:44
Feb 9 (Sat) 13:05-13:49

Ura becomes pregnant with Kakuma's child which brings joy to the Yamamoto family. However, the joy is short-lived as Ura miscarries the baby while trying to protect Kakuma from the attack by masterless samurais who are of the antiforeigner faction. In Edo, Shoin Yoshida, who once visited Aizu and enjoyed kite-flying with Yae, is executed in the Ansei Purge. Learning of Shoin's death, Kakuma and Yae are struck with deep grief. Naosuke Ii, who provoked the wrath of antiforeigner faction, is assassinated in the Sakuradamon Incident.

image024 Historical Drama "Yae's Sakura" Eps. 6

Feb 10 (Sun) 20:00-20:44
Feb 11 (Mon) 3:00-3:44
Feb 16 (Sat) 13:05-13:49

Futaba, the sister of Okura Yamakawa (Yae's childhood friend), marries Heima Kajiwara, a promising retainer of the Aizu clan. In Edo, the Satsuma clan conveys Emperor's edict, which urges the shogun to see the Emperor in Kyoto, to the Tokugawa shogunate. To maintain security in Kyoto, Shungaku Matsudaira, a shogunal prime minister in the Tokugawa shogunate, purposefully designates Katamori to be the military governor of Kyoto. Although Katamori firmly declines the assignment, Shungaku compels Katamori into obedience.

image024 Historical Drama "Yae's Sakura" Eps. 7

Feb 17 (Sun) 20:00-20:44
Feb 18 (Mon) 3:00-3:44
Feb 23 (Sat) 13:05-13:49

Kakuma leaves for Kyoto, following Katamori. In Kyoto, the antiforeigner masterless samurais continuously cause disturbances, creating an unsettling atmosphere. To pray for peace, Emperor Komei, who takes a liking to Katamori, exceptionally gives his clothing to Katamori. In hopes to meet Emperor's expectation, Katamori daringly tries to settle the situation through dialogue with the masterless samurais. However, after perceiving that their true intention is to overthrow the Tokugawa shogunate, Katamori shifts to stronger measures against them. As Okura receives an order to go to Kyoto, Yae becomes greatly concerned about Kakuma.

image024 Historical Drama "Yae's Sakura" Eps. 8

Feb 24 (Sun) 20:00-20:44
Feb 25 (Mon) 3:00-3:44
Mar 2 (Sat) 13:05-13:49

Alarmed by the Aizu clan's move to strengthen the crackdown on the antiforeigner faction, court nobles close to the Choshu clan send Katamori a counterfeit mandate under the name of Emperor Komei to drive Katamori out from Kyoto. Shortly after, however, Katamori receives an autograph letter from Emperor Komei, and learning of Choshu clan's conspiracy, Katamori's sense of responsibility increases toward his duty. Tanomo comes from Aizu to urge Katamori not to take a strong stand against the antiforeigner faction. However, Katamori, who is fired up with loyalty to the Emperor, pays no heed to Tanomo's advice and instead places him under confinement.


NHK World Premium > Schedules > Historical Drama "Yae's Sakura" (in English)

NHK 大河ドラマ「八重の桜」Homepage: http://www9.nhk.or.jp/yaenosakura/

Character Chart 登場人物相関図: http://www9.nhk.or.jp/yaenosakura/cast/aizu.html


"Yae's Sakura" Exhibition:

* Edo-Tokyo Museum: 3/12 (Tue) 〜 5/6 (Sun)
* Fukushima Museum, 5/17 (Fri) 〜 7/3 (Wed)
* Hiroshima Prefectural Art Museum, April 21 〜 June 3
* The Museum of Kyoto (Kyoto Bunka Hakubutsukan), 7/13 (Sat) 〜 9/1 (Sun)

2013年NHK大河ドラマ特別展 八重の桜
* 江戸東京博物館 2013年3月12日(火)〜5月6日(月・休)
* 福島県立博物館 2013年5月17日(金)〜7月3日(水)
* 京都文化博物館 2013年7月13日(土)〜9月1日(日)

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