2013 NHK Taiga Drama: "Yae's Sakura" March: Eps. 13 - Eps. 14The Infamous Kimura Takuya CM: Tsukete-koi!

April 22, 2013

2013 NHK Taiga Drama: "Yae's Sakura" April: Eps. 15 - Eps. 17

Yae's Sakura

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NHK: "The historical drama for 2013 is the life story of Yae Yamamoto, a woman born to a family belonging to the Aizu clan in Fukushima Prefecture in the late Edo Period, who later becomes known as Yae Niijima. Yae keeps exploring her potential all her life with the samurai spirits passed down in Aizu people, while bravely living through the age of turmoil, readied as a soldier armed with a gun."

Yae 15image024 Historical Drama "Yae's Sakura" Eps. 15

Apr 14 (Sun) 20:00-20:44
Apr 15 (Mon) 3:00-3:44
Apr 20 (Sat) 13:05-13:49

In 1865, Shimeta Niijima, who stowed away on a ship from Hakodate, arrives in Boston. In Kyoto, Satsuma and Choshu secretly form cooperative ties, maneuvered by Ryoma Sakamoto. While Aizu is driven into a difficult position, the condition of Kakuma's eyes is also getting worse. In Aizu, Ura, who can no longer bear her loneliness not having Kakuma home for three years, goes hard on her daughter Mine. One day, a big fire breaks out in Aizu and Mine goes missing.

Yae 16image024 Historical Drama "Yae's Sakura" Eps. 16

Apr 21 (Sun) 20:00-20:44
Apr 22 (Mon) 3:00-3:44
Apr 27 (Sat) 13:05-13:49

Saburo finds Mine. Ura, straying around the fire in search for Mine, is also saved by Shonosuke. Seeing Ura risking her life to find Mine, Yae learns the real reason why Ura has become strict with Mine. Ura has steeled herself to raise Mine as a successor of the Yamamoto family, in case something happens to Kakuma. Around the same time in Kyoto, Katamori is about to be relieved of his post as the military governor of Kyoto, which brings joy to the Aizu clan. However, the joy is short-lived as they receive tragic news shortly after.

Yae 17image024 Historical Drama "Yae's Sakura" Eps. 17

Apr 28 (Sun) 20:00-20:44
Apr 29 (Mon) 3:00-3:44
May 4 (Sat) 13:05-13:49

Due to the sudden passing of Emperor Komei, the Aizu clan lost the opportunity to return to Aizu. Meanwhile in Nagasaki, Kakuma is informed by a Dutch doctor that he will soon lose his eyesight. Despite his devastation, Kakuma makes every effort to obtain new Western-style guns for Aizu. While many of foreign traders refuse to deal with Aizu, German merchant named Lehmann accepts Kakuma's request to buy tons of guns, moved by his passion. Lehmann also gives Kakuma a Spencer repeating rifle as a sign of friendship. Kakuma sends the rifle to Yae who has been eagerly waiting for his return.


NHK World Premium > Schedules > Historical Drama "Yae's Sakura" (in English)

NHK 大河ドラマ「八重の桜」Homepage: http://www9.nhk.or.jp/yaenosakura/

Character Chart 登場人物相関図: http://www9.nhk.or.jp/yaenosakura/cast/aizu.html


"Yae's Sakura" Exhibition:

* Edo-Tokyo Museum: 3/12 (Tue) 〜 5/6 (Sun)
* Fukushima Museum, 5/17 (Fri) 〜 7/3 (Wed)
* Hiroshima Prefectural Art Museum, April 21 〜 June 3
* The Museum of Kyoto (Kyoto Bunka Hakubutsukan), 7/13 (Sat) 〜 9/1 (Sun)

2013年NHK大河ドラマ特別展 八重の桜
* 江戸東京博物館 2013年3月12日(火)〜5月6日(月・休)
* 福島県立博物館 2013年5月17日(金)〜7月3日(水)
* 京都文化博物館 2013年7月13日(土)〜9月1日(日)

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2013 NHK Taiga Drama: "Yae's Sakura" March: Eps. 13 - Eps. 14The Infamous Kimura Takuya CM: Tsukete-koi!