July 03, 2013

Asagao Matsuri in Asakusa July 6-7-8


I haven’t managed to get myself to this morning-glory market festival in ages, but plan to do so this year. The Asagao Matsuri in Asakusa, which takes place right around the time of the Tanabata Festival (July 7), is another of the traditional festivals of the old downtown “shitamachi” of when Tokyo was Edo.

The Asagao market festival stretches from the Uguisudani station on the JR Yamamoto line to the Iriya station on the subway line. It has some 100 plus open-air stalls selling morning-glory flowers, and often other festival-like activities for the kids. Personally, I start wearing yukata once the hydrangeas bloom, but for many it is the asagao that welcomes in the yukata season.



Official HP: 入谷朝顔まつり

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