September 02, 2013

2013 NHK Taiga Drama: "Yae's Sakura" June: Eps. 22 - Eps. 25

NHK Taiga Drama Yae's Sakura

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NHK: "The historical drama for 2013 is the life story of Yae Yamamoto, a woman born to a family belonging to the Aizu clan in Fukushima Prefecture in the late Edo Period, who later becomes known as Yae Niijima. Yae keeps exploring her potential all her life with the samurai spirits passed down in Aizu people, while bravely living through the age of turmoil, readied as a soldier armed with a gun."

image_eps_22image024 Historical Drama "Yae's Sakura" Eps. 22

Jun 2 (Sun) 20:00-20:44
Jun 3 (Mon) 3:00-3:44
Jun 8 (Sat) 13:05-13:49

Yae receives the news of Saburo and Kakuma's deaths. However, not having any of Kakuma's belongings back, Yae insists that Kakuma is not dead. While teaching gunnery to young boys in the neighborhood, Yae finds herself calling one of the boys Saburo. She then shouts "I am going to avenge Saburo's death!" and runs to the castle with a gun in her hand.

image024Historical Drama "Yae's Sakura" Eps. 23

Jun 9 (Sun) 20:00-20:44
Jun 10 (Mon) 3:00-3:44
Jun 15 (Sat) 13:05-13:49

In March 1868, the new government's army finally arrives in Sendai. Shuzo Sera, the staff officer of the army, orders the Date clan to lead the punitive expedition against the Aizu clan. The Date clan together with other clans in Ohu submits a petition for saving the Aizu clan, however, Sera flatly turns it down. As a result, Sera is assassinated by outraged members of the clans in Sendai, which triggers a battle between the new government's army and the forces led by Aizu and Ohu--the Boshin War.

image024 Historical Drama "Yae's Sakura" Eps. 24

Jun 22 (Sat) 13:05-13:49

Nihonmatsu, where Yae once visited with Shonosuke, is invaded by the new government's army. A group of young samurais, who have interacted with Yae, join the battle and many of them get shot. Severely wounded young samurais are rushed to Nisshinkan, a samurai school of the Aizu clan, where Yae treats the wounded, however, they die one after another despite Yae's diligent care.

image024 Historical Drama "Yae's Sakura" Eps. 25

Jun 23 (Sun) 20:00-20:44
Jun 24 (Mon) 3:00-3:44
Jun 29 (Sat) 13:05-13:49

The new government finally advances its troops into Aizu. Gonpachi and Shonosuke get called in the Tsuruga-jo Castle. Yae urges Gonpachi to take her with them, however, Gonpachi flatly refuses her desperate plea. As the war situation worsens, Byakkotai, a group of young samurais of the Aizu clan, is ordered to join the war. Yae gives her last advice to the members of Byakkotai whom she taught gunnery, and sees them off. Then finally, Yae including other members of the Aizu clan also gets called in the castle.


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