September 02, 2013

2013 NHK Taiga Drama: "Yae's Sakura" July: Eps. 26- Eps. 30

NHK Taiga Drama Yae's Sakura

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NHK: "The historical drama for 2013 is the life story of Yae Yamamoto, a woman born to a family belonging to the Aizu clan in Fukushima Prefecture in the late Edo Period, who later becomes known as Yae Niijima. Yae keeps exploring her potential all her life with the samurai spirits passed down in Aizu people, while bravely living through the age of turmoil, readied as a soldier armed with a gun."

Yae Eps. 26image024 Historical Drama "Yae's Sakura" Eps. 26

Jul 1 (Mon) 3:00-3:44

While a warning bell is pealing, Yae together with her mother Saku rushes to the Tsuruga-jo Castle. Yuki, Yae's childhood friend who left home late, ends up running about in confusion in the line of fire. After Tanomo enters the castle, his wife Chie and other family members, who remain at their home, choose to kill themselves. The new government's army launches intensive attacks on the castle, exploiting the weakness of Aizu's defense, however, they are forced to step back by non-stop highly accurate shootings from the Aizu clan.

image024 Historical Drama "Yae's Sakura" Eps. 27

Jul 7 (Sun) 20:00-20:44
Jul 8 (Mon) 3:00-3:44
Jul 13 (Sat) 13:05-13:49

Yae receives the news that Nisshinkan is burned to the ground and severely-wounded samurais committed suicide. Burst in anger, Yae leaves the castle to make a night raid on the enemies. Takeko, Yae's rival and a master of naginata (long-handled sword), forms a female group together with her mother and sister to fight back against the new government's army, however, she is shot to death. While the members of the Aizu clan are dying in the battle one after another, Yae hears the sound of Higanjishi, a traditional lion dance in Aizu.

image024 Historical Drama "Yae's Sakura" Eps. 28

Jul 14 (Sun) 20:00-20:44
Jul 15 (Mon) 3:00-3:44 Jul
20 (Sat) 13:05-13:49

Learning the outbreak of bombardments from Mt. Oda near the castle, Yae rushes to Shonosuke to join the counterattacks. Although Yae and Shonosuke successfully hit the enemy, the Aizu clan comes under increasing attacks. Yae devises a bold tactic to prevent shells landed on the ground from exploding which catches Katamori's attention. Yae is called to explain the structure of a shell, however, Yae's tactic leads to a tragedy later on.

image024 Historical Drama "Yae's Sakura" Eps. 29

Jul 21 (Sun) 19:10-19:54
Jul 22 (Mon) 3:00-3:44
Jul 27 (Sat) 13:05-13:49

On September 15, nearly one month since the Aizu clan holed up in the castle, Gonpachi leaves the castle to recapture the supply route essential for Aizu. The donjon of the castle is left in a dreadful condition by massive attacks from the new government's army. Seeing the members of the Aizu clan abandon themselves to despair, Katamori finally decides to surrender. Although Akizuki is sent as a messenger, Gonpachi is shot by the enemy before the Aizu's petition for surrender is accepted.

image024 Historical Drama "Yae's Sakura" Eps. 30

Jul 28 (Sun) 20:00-20:44
Jul 29 (Mon) 3:00-3:44

After Shonosuke is captured as a prisoner, Yae and her family find shelter with an acquaintance of the Yonezawa clan. Yae, vending piece goods to earn a living, is deeply worried about Saku who becomes emaciated day by day losing her appetite. The Aizu clan barely managed to survive, however, they are forced to move to Tonami, a poor land located at the northernmost point of the Shimokita Peninsula. Okura, who is now the vice-governor of Tonami, assigns Shonosuke to lead the land development and asks Yae to come to Tonami with Shonosuke. Yae, however, refuses the offer.


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