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July 22, 2018


(I posted this just a few minutes earlier on Facebook)

This needs to be recorded. Public record. This probably happened about 30-45 minutes before I am writing this.

So there was a old drunk guy, about mid-60s, at the platform of the Yamanote line at Shinjuku going towards Shibuya. He squatted and stood wavering all over the platform, and I tried to block him with my body so he wouldn’t fall onto the train tracks. Two women tried to help me, both of them Asian, and neither of them Japanese, although both spoke fluent Japanese, maybe better than me.

There was no train-people around to ask for help, so the first woman asked the female train conductor of the Yamanote train going in the opposite direction for help, and she told me that the conductor had radioed for help. No help came.

There appeared a JR train-guy, probably just off work and waiting for a ride home, who tried to ignore the situation. The second woman asked him for help, and he said he also would contact for help. Finally another JR train-guy appeared, probably the one summoned for help, but he also tried to ignore the situation, but I flagged him down.

He did not want to get involved. He said, “It’s just a drunk guy, right? Let it be (単なる酔っ払いだろう?置いておいて。).” I said, “Look, he has a train ticket in his pocket to (I don’t remember) train station on the Keiō line. Can’t you at least take him to the gate?” JR train-guys says, “He’s drunk, right? Let it alone.” (Didn’t he just say that before?!). And the JR train-guy just walked away. The irresponsible bastard.

I finally convinced drunken guy to go down the steps to leave the platform, but then in the crowd at Shinjuku, I lost sight of him, even though I looked and tried to find him. I hope the guy is OK, but if anything happened to him, I hope he sues JR for zillions of USD! FU JR, you irresponsible assholes!

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Kimono July 2018 - Week 2Kimono July 2018 - Week 3