The Development of Modern Kimono: Homongi IINovember Kimono Part One 2017 (11月の着物まとめ1)

November 08, 2017

2017 Autumn Leaves in Japan Schedule Forecast (2017 紅葉情報)

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2017 WeatherNews Fall Leaves Map

Second only to Cherry Blossoms are Japan's Autumn Colors, called Kōyō (紅葉) "crimson leaves" in Japanese.

Sapporo: Late October (normal)
Sendai: Late November (late)
Niigata: Mid-November (normal)
Tokyo: Late November (normal)
Nagoya: Late November (normal)
Osaka: Early December (normal)
Kyoto: Early December (normal)
Hiroshima: Late November (late)
Takamatsu: Mid-November (normal)
Fukuoka: Early December (late)

Click on the maps below to interactive fall color maps at their original site.

fall leaves 2016 tenki logo Leaf Progress Map 紅葉情報

Weathernews Leaf Progress Map
Weathernews 紅葉情報マップ
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fall leaves 2016 jorudan

Jorudan Leaf Scenic Spot Map
Jorudan 全国の紅葉スポット


Rurubu Leaf Forecast Map:
るるぶ.com 紅葉とれたて便

Walker Plus Fall Leaf Map:


Yahoo Leaf Scenic Spot Map:
(requires Adobe Flash Player)
Yahoo 全国の紅葉スポット

Enjoy Tokyo's Autumn Leaf Famous Places:
* Tokyo: 東京の紅葉
* Tokyo Environs: 神奈川・千葉・埼玉の名所

Japan Tourism Association:
Tokyo Famous Places for Fall leaves:

English Guide:
"" Leaf Guide in English

See also Enjoy Tokyo:

Guide to Chrysanthemum spots: 菊花展&菊の名所

Guide to Cosmo Flowers Spots: コスモスの名所

Guide to Autumn Roses: 秋のバラ園ガイド

Guide to Autumn Festivals: 秋祭り特集

Guide to Autumn Events: 季節のおでかけ特集

See also in English:

Japan Times: Japanese festivals and fairs in and around Tokyo

Japan National Tourism Organization: Autumn Leaves & Plum Blossoms

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The Development of Modern Kimono: Homongi IINovember Kimono Part One 2017 (11月の着物まとめ1)