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June 25, 2018

How to Ginza-Musubi AF Style


*1. The following pictures I took in a MIRROR.
*2. I normally tie the obi in back, but tied in front here to be able to, yes, take pictures in a mirror.

Step 1: Wrap the obi around twice (standard), fold the "te" down neatly
(I normally hold the "tare" in my other hand, but to take the photo, it is clipped somewhere to hold it in place)

Step 2: Fold up the "tare" in a diagonal
(Again, I normally do this with the other hand, but had to hold the camera here)
At this point, I typically hold everything in place with my hand and tie a kari-himo (temporary tie), but...

Step 3: Tying a Half-Knot
Personally, I did not normally do this (see above), but it is often done, and helpful for a floppy obi (or when taking pictures in a mirror, lol)

Step 4: Open and neatly place the "te" in an horizontal position
(Some add another kari-himo here, but I don't bother; nor do I normally clip the "te" fast.

Step 5: Neatening the "tare"
Neatly spread open the "tare," and make sure the outside of the "tare" is indeed on the outside. Then flip it up over the horizontal "te."

Step 6: Tying it in place
I now tie it in place with a plain old string (non-standard, but helpful)

Step 7: Adding the Obiage Sash
Typically a obi-makura is not used with the Ginza-Musubi, some people roll the obiage with some padding to make it firmer. (You can actually but a padded himo for the Ginza-Musubi, which I do use sometimes, but am typically too lazy.)

Step 8: Decide the length of your "tare"
The position of the end of the "tare" is a it longer than what one would do for a regular Nagoya obi type of O-bunko bow. Beginners might want to hold it in place with another kari-himo as seen here.
Thread the loop of the bow with the obijime, flip the "te" to stick out horizontally from the body, and ....

Step 9: Finishing the bow
Grab the bottom of the bow and the obijime at the outer edges of the bow, and flip it up under the "tare." Tie the obijime.

Step 10: Bow Done!
If you tied it in front as seen here, stick your thumbs in the top of your obi, and while carefully holding it, twist it to your right to move it to the front of your body.

Step 11: Remove all the kari-himo
From the top: 1) string to hold top of bow in place (I don't remove this myself), 2) obiage, 3) obijime, 4) kari-himo used for holding the bottom of the "tare" (do indedd remove his one)

Step 12: Tie your Obiage and Obijime neatly
When you remove all the kari-himo, it looks like this. Now tie the obiage and obijime, and ...

Step 13: Don't forget to add your obi-ita, if you haven't already done so.
Normally the obi-ita would be added upon winding around the obi for th 2nd time, way at the beginning of this process, but when tying in back, it is easy to forget.

Step 14: Voila! You're Done!


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