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January 21, 2018

2018 Cherry Blossom Schedule Forecast in Japan 平成30 桜開花スケジュール


A New Year comes, and Spring is on its way! And now for a moment of poetry.

Ariwara no Narihira (825-880), Tales of Ise #82

"In this world, if only it weren't for the cherry blossoms, my heart of spring would not be in disarray."

世の中に 絶えて桜の なかりせば 春の心は のどけからまし

The Japanese WeatherNews’s has the first cherry-blossom forecast up this year, but the official Japan Weather Association’s and Weathermap should be updating their sites soon.

*Check for updates!

According to weathermap (Now available, Feb. 2), which differs from WeatherNews, so now you have at least two opinions.
Tokyo: 3/27 (blossoms open), 4/3 (full bloom)
Osaka: 3/28 (blossoms open), 4/3 (full bloom)
Kyoto: 3/29 (blossoms open), 4/5 (full bloom)

(Kyushu) Fukuoka: 3/24 (blossoms open), 3/31 (full bloom)
Hiroshima: 3/28 (blossoms open), 4/4 (full bloom)
Niigata: 4/11 (blossoms open), 4/16 (full bloom)
Sendai: 4/11 (blossoms open), 4/15 (full bloom)
(Hokkaido) Sapporo: 5/1 (blossoms open), 5/5 (full bloom)

The cherry blossoms should continue to bloom for five to six days after their peak (full bloom), depending on weather.

Several forecast maps will soon be available online so you can keep up with the moving cherry blossom front.

Cherry Blossom Flowering Date Maps:
Weather News Map (Current State Live)
* At WeatherNews site, click button "Sakura Simulator" for forecast by date.

Mapple Net Map (Current State Live)
Run cursor over the area you are interested in.

tenki_dot_jp=sakura-expectation2012JWA Forecast Map (Forecast Prediction)
Japan Weather Agency 気象庁の桜の開花予想
(Forecast Prediction)
(Unfortunately ended as of 2009)
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