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Sweet Love Story...

Shooot!! I got flu... I had high fever yesterday. But its getting much better today thanks to the medicine. I was supposed to sell valentine's chocolate as a temporary part time job for those 3 days, which i was supposed to earn almost 10,000 yen/day, but cancelled!! I had 1 paper due today, but i asked my prof to give me a special permittion to extend the due... Many things had to be changed... i really hate to change my schedule.

Before i got flu, i went to the small class party. There were 7 students and a prof. Cary. Cary is wonderful professor. He mainly teaches vocaburaly of English, but he also knows so many things about japan. The most surprising thing is that he walked all the way through Old Tokaido road, visiting every scenary which Hiroshige Utagawa painted on "Fifty-three Stations of the Tokaido". I was really moved by the story of English man traveling old Tokaido to worship Japanese art and its old beauty.

He promised to give us a short tour of Old Tokaido walk. Im really looking forward it.

At the party, one student asked him an interesting question, which was... "how did you meet your wife"? His wife is Japanese. According to his story, he was teaching English in language school in Britain, and one day he was invited to the party organized by his Japanese student. (At this point, we expected that this student would be his wife!) Then, when he arrived at her house, he was the second person who was at a party place. When he walked in, the first person arrived at a party came into his eyes... and that was his wife!! He fell in love with her at first sight! I will never be able to forget what he said as the last words for the story...

"I still can imagine the picture of my wife standing at the corner of the room..."

What a lovely story!! He is such a sweet guy!! Ive never experienced loving someone at first sight... I wanna know how it feels like. Anyway, we became to like him much much better than before after listening to his sweet love story. hehehe.  
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The Last task for graduation...

I have one paper left to complete my degree. The paper due is on this coming Friday... but I havent started yet! Oh no!! Its my bad habit to leave what I dont wanna do behind... Ah i dont wanna think of it. This paper is about the novel "End Zone" by Don Delillo. This novel was written after the cold war, and central theme is about nuclear war. The threat of nuclear war is implied figuratively through the story of football. Both war and football include "violence" and "self sacrifice". I will focus on those similarity between war and football game described in the novel...

I remembered the football players in my dorm in Miami. They were so huge and scarely! Sometimes they tried to talk to me when i passed by, but i ignored... It seemed like they just tried to make fun of me, Asian small girl... For me, they were like a monster. Id never seen that huge students in Japan! Most of them were much yonger than me... unbelievable. American college students are crazy about football. I once went to watch game, but it was just boring coz i didnt understand the rule! I just remember enthusiastic voices of students around me...

Anyway, all i have to do is to finish this final final task for graduation!!  
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Plan for Spring Break

Guess what! Ive decided to go to Miami on March! I found really cheap ticket. First Ill go to New York City, then fly to Miami. I cant wait to visit UM and south beach again... Im also excited bout staying in New York again. Im planning to go to the broadway musicals I missed last time such as "beauty and the beast". Oh ive missed America for a long time... im so happy that ill be able to go there again!

In Feburary, ill go to Turkey with my Mom. It seems that my mom is more excited about going there than me coz she is crazy about the history of the Roman Empire. I think i should study the history too...

Two trips to go in Spring Break!!! Ill work hard to make enough money for them!  
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New Year!

A Happy New Year!!!!!

I'd been eating and eating and eating and eating... since the last week of December. I could hardly feel hungry whole day! I was so scared that I would continue eating and got so much fat! But i dont feel like eating sweets and foods any more. Nice condition.

I went to Shinjuku to see my boy friend yesterday. There were so many people in Shinjuku. I think they were heading to the shopping mole to hunt the products on new year sale... Coffee shops were also crowded with people taking a break away from messy shopping place. It took us half an hour to find a place to drink coffee. I told him about a movie I watched with my family on new years day. The movie was "Chiken Little". To be honest, it was just a silly movie... the story was so cheap! I liked the characters though. Chicken little was so cute! But yeah... it was not worth watching for paying \1500. Anyway, when we were talking, there was one couple sitting next to us. They were so quiet. They exchanged few words, and kept quiet. I first thought they were listening my story about Chicken Little, but seemed not. I wonder what was going on between them.

Today I will go to shrine to wish me a happy new year. So many things will change around me this year. But I wish i wont forget the important things that should be unchanged. I will accept both of them, changed and unchanged. Lets start a brilliant year of 2006!  
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Season's Greeting

Happy Holidays !!

Ive been too lazy to write a diary in English... 2005 will end soon. I cleaned up my room today. It was so dirty and messy... It took me almost half a day to finish it!! I found a diary of last year written on my schedule book of 2004. It remembered the day I first arrived Miami, the first day I met my room mate in holiday inn, pizza party, the evacuation from the hurricane, classes, Gospel choir, my friends... The fall semester was not easy for me. I was frustrated by my poor English often.

The spring semester was much much better than fall semester. I hung out with my friends a lot. My Enlgish was surely improved. My friends came and visit me from Japan! We had really a good time... I went to Britain and thought for the first time in my life that Britain could be better than USA for me. It was really worthy for me to visit historical country.

When I was in Miami, i was worrying about my future... i wasnt sure what kind of job im gonna do. But fortunately i found a nice company and got the offer from it!

2005 was special for me. In 2006, so many things will change around me. I hope 2006 will be nice and enjoyable one more than this year!

I wish you a happy holiday season and happy new year!
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I finally made it!!

Yes! I finally finished the graduation thesis completely! I will hand in tomorrow. Im so happy!! I finally wrote 37 pages. Its a great work, isnt it? Sometimes I felt really amused to write this paper. It was really helpfull that the topic was exactly what I learned in Miami. I had enough of outside resources to support my thesis. I think I did good job. I hope I will get A!!

Now Ive disposed the biggest concern for this year. What I have to do from now on is TO EARN MONEY!!!! I will move to the house in Tokyo in March. I will go traveling to Spain with my mom. I will have a lot of parties both to end 2005 and start 2006. I need MONEY!! I will graduate in March and start working for the company from April. Until April, I have to work hard for the part-time job, and enjoy the rest of the school year as much as possible!

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Im working on my graduation thesis! I've almost done with the bodies. I love the theme of my paper! Im enjoying writing it.

The christmas is coming! Do you know how Japanese people spend the X'mas? Specifically, Japanese couple. Actuary, X'mas is almost for couples in Japan. They are looking forward to this special day, and plan to spend a romantic time with their girl/boy friend. I used to be one of them before. BUT! I spend X'mas with American family last year and I really loved the way they spend it. X'mas is for the family!! There was a big big X'mas tree with so many presents under the tree. We had a special dinner and foods were so yummy!! We reported what we did that year each other, appreciated our happy life. It was really really nice to celebrate X'mas with family. I even felt divine. Since this moment, I began to think it stupid to spend X'mas with a boy friend. I'd spend it alone rather than hung out to the crowded town filled with so many couples looking for the X'mas presents and romantic spot.

But still I love X'mas because Im crazy about the X'mas ornaments and lights! Its so pretty outside in Tokyo now! Especially at night. I love to watch those beautiful X'mas lights.

I remember the street in Portland. There were so many houses decorated with X'mas lights. They were soooooo beautiful! Check it out! ↓


treeThis is the X'mas tree I saw last year. Can you see the presents under the tree?
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I miss Miami again...

Its been so cold these days in Japan. Summer has completely gone. We are in between fall and winter. I've caught cold so im trying to keep me warm. I wore sweater today and muffler too. Usually I love this season, but this year, I feel sad because i miss Miami too much.

I didnt think that i miss Miami this much when I was there. At this time of last year, I was longing for going back to japan. I missed my friends, foods, everything in Japan. I had been upset for about a week. Now, the situation changed and i miss miami more than i missed japan!!

Its more like i miss the days of Miami than the place Miami itself. Of course i miss Miami's wonderful weather, beautiful campus and beach, but those places are connected with the memory of my friends. We chatted for about 2 hours in the dining hall every night. We studied together in the class room in the dorm and the library. We hung out to the beach together. We had a lot of parties too... How lovely it was that all of us were living in the same campus and could meet anytime we want!!!

I know the reason I miss Miami days so much. It is because I know that those days will never come back. I can go to Miami if I want, but its really hard to get all of us together again there. What i wanna get back is the ordinary days we spent together. Too late to notice how prescious those days were...

People in Miami must be wearing T-shirt and walking on the streets surrounded by palm trees. Enjoying sunshine. I really envy them. I wanna go back there with my Miami friends and spend time together again. I really really do.  
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Drum Line

drumlineThis movie is sooooo cool!!! I watched it on TV, but I wanted to watch it on the big screen!! This is about the university marching band. First, the words the characters used were cool. When the black guy teaches how to play drum to his friend who is white, what he said was "Love drum!" (instead of just beating it). When the band is ready for the performance of the competition, what they said together was "The band is one! The sound is one!" Next, the scene of their performance is AWESOME!! What I can say about it is "dont think, feel!" I cant describe this excitment with any words. This is all about the rhythm...beat...rhythm...beat...rhythm... Just watch it.  
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Welcome to Japan!

Today I hang out with an exchange student from University of Miami. His name is Nick and we met back in Miami. He was interested in Japan when he was there so we often talked about Japan. Now, he has come to Japan to stay almost a year as a student of Sophia University.

He asked me to take him to the sight seeing of Tokyo, so I made a plan to look around some places popular among the tourists.

First we went to Asakusa. You cant miss here if you will come to Japan. The big lantern is so famous that the guide books for Japan can never miss the picture of it. Nick was impressed by the traditional buildings in the temple. We usually throw the coin into the box in the main hall and make a wish. I told him to do the same thing but he didnt... Maybe thats because he has a different religion.


Nick enjoyed feeding carps.



We had lunch in KFC. I was gonna take him to the Japanese restaurant, but he said that he wanted to try Japanese KFC. KFC in America is too oily so he wanted to compare to Japanese one. He said he liked Japanese one.

He told me that he couldnt get used to Japanese diets and once got sick. I couldnt believe that Japanese foods could make people sick! He said that he even missed American junk foods so he went to McDonald!

We moved to Ginza to see my friends working there. Those two girls came to Miami this March and met him. We talked for a little while and left there.

Then we went to the Imperial Palace. It was my first time to go there, and I was so surprised how big it was!! I'd never known that there was such a large road in Tokyo. There were huge green fields and people were relaxing on it. We took a walk around the palace. It was nice weather so we really enjoyed it.

The final one was the tower of Tokyo. I'd never been to the very top of the tower, and we tried it. It had really nice view from there. When we got there, it was dark enough to enjoy beautiful night lights all over the city.

We had a good time together today. I think I did really well to introduce Tokyo to foreigner. It was a good chance for me to visit some traditional places where I'd never been to. Tokyo is such an enjoyable place to visit!
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About a Study

We had 3 days holiday last weekend from Saturday to Monday. (Im still in summer break so it doesnt mean a lot though...) I went to the trip to Izu which is famous for hot spring and beautiful scenary of the ocean and mountains. I went there with 6 girls. One of them had her birthday so we prepared a surprising celebration for her. We rent a car and sang a lot. We had really good time!

Now its already at the end of September and the school will start soon. I have a big project for guraduation. 30 pages paper to "be able to" finish my school year. Ive been nervous because of this big big monster.

To tell the truth, I like to study. I like to write the paper, if the theme is interesting and worth reseaching. For graduation paper, I can choose any topic Im interested in. So it shouldnt be fun to work on it.

Then, why Im nervous and suffered by it? Thats because, usually, it takes a long time to motivate myself to start up the computer and open the microsoft WORD and start the first line of the paper. Even though Im interested in the topic, its hard for me to make action to read books for research and think of the structure of a paper. Once I overcome that part, I can finish the last line of a paper so fast. My problem right now is, that I cant concentrate on reading resources and thinking of what to focus on. I cant even rush me up to reach the books...

The book Im gonna use for the paper is "Jazz" by Toni Morrison. This novel is so cool. It is not about the jazz musician nor the history of jazz. This is all about the relationships of people living in Harlem in eary 1920s and their backgound. What makes this novel titled "Jazz" is its style of writing. The story is told by a narrater whose age and sex is untold. The story starts from this narrater's explanation about the incident that a woman named Violet hurted the corpse of a young girl who was shot by Violet's husband. This incident become the main part of the story and told by each charactor at the beggining of each chapter from different perspective. Beteween those main parts, the memories of each charactor, which are deeply connected with racial problems, are told. This structual approach implies the structure of jazz; musicians play the theme all together and each of them improvises and arranges the score in their own way. Jazz is consisted of those interchanges of solo and main parts. This element of jazz music is embodied through literary form in the novel "Jazz". This experimental work of novel prize writer Morrison has been evaluated as the recapture of African American traditional art form from white people who appropriated it as "American" culture instead of "African American" culture, emphasizing its original meaning and function.

Hummmm, this paragraph is not bad. I think it gave me a hint to think of the outline of my paper. Free writing is usefull. I'll continue work on it!
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A Day with Sentimental and Excitement

I went to the school today and met Miho. She happened to have a holiday today, so we decided to meet. (Shes already working) She can rarely have a holiday in weekdays, so she wanted to do something special only for weekdays, which she cannot do on weekend. At first she asked me to go to the Disney Land because there are usually less people in weekdays than weekends. But it was too sudden to go there!! So she chose to go to the school to see students. But it was too late to notice that we are in Summer break and there are few people in the school...

We went to the library to read a book. I missed the day we studied together in the library after the school and cheered each other up. Since the major we belonged to required us to study hard, we often studied after the classes. Its too sad to know that those days were over and never returned again...


After the library closed, we went to Roppongi to watch Renee Zellweger! She came to Japan for the promotion of "Cinderella Man". There were so many people gathering and waiting for her. She was so nice to the people waving their hands, calling her name, asking for the autograph. And she was SUPER CUTE!!!! She was so skinny, couldnt be imagined from her body in "Bridget Jones". We were so excited to see her. Miho tried to get her autograph, but failed... Anyway, I was lucky to see such a super star in Tokyo. I cant wait to watch "Cinderella Man"!!!

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Election Day

The big election was carried out today. This was my first time ever in my life to vote. The president Koizumi is famous all over the world and some people support him and others not. He is trying to clean up Japanese politics which is constructed by complicated relationships between politicians and public officers who try to protect their own profits. I partly support him in that aspect, but I cant support him completely because of his doplomacy. Moreover, I was too ignorant to choose one party. It was kind of compromise to choose the one I chose, but I think the important thing is to participate in the election.

By the way, I enjoyed Japanese Autumn dinner tonight...

sanmaMain dish is a fish. SANMA! In this season, sanma tastes so good! It has enough oil on its body and that makes it more delicious than any other season. The white one up above the fish is scrubbed Japanese radish. We eat it with soy sauce and fish. So yummy!

Here is another picture. We had big thunders this afternoon and my dogs were so frightened ↓

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Autumn is coming

I become so nervous when I suddenely face to the unpredictable situation, and I really feel that Im mentaly weak. I cant concentrate on anything until I solve the problem. However, it must be a good training for me to be brave coz if Im gonna work for the company and take more responsibility, I wont be able to be just nervous when the similar situation will happen to me. I wanna be brave enough to control myself at this kind of situation...

Its not that humid any more here in Japan. Autumn is coming. Japanese people become sentimental at this time of the year... the time between Summer and Autumn. We feel of Autumn by the smell of the wind, the color of the sky, and leaves turn brown. Its sad to know that Summer is gone, but we dont hate this sadness. This special feeling peculiar for this season... I didnt have it last year coz I was in Miami. No winter! Only summer! I've been missing this feeling. Ah, Autumn is coming...

I love Autumn because foods are so good in this season. The fish, fruit, vegitable... there are so many kinds of foods special for this season and taste sooooo good! Especially, I love Japanese pear. It tastes totally different from European pear. Its more like an apple and more watery. I never saw it in Miami, even in Lucky. Anyway, it is so yummy!

Autumn is known to be the season people can concentrate on somethings. We often say, "Autumn of art", "Autumn of study", and "Autumn of reading". We also say, "Autumn of appetite". There are so much fun in Autumn. I cant miss beautiful leaves turned brown, red and yellow. Of course I will eat a lot.

Ah, I love Japan having 4 enjoyable seasons!!!
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Wooooow, it's September already! Time flies!
Today was my Mom's birthday, so I cooked dinner for her.
We ate birthday cake and celebrated her birthday.
The present for her was the new album of Eric Clapton emoji:mood>

I went to the company which Im gonna work for next year after about 2 months yesterday. I met people who were gonna start working with me. There were only 2 girls including me among those people, so I was little bit nervous...but people there were so nice to me and they were soooo interesting!! I was really excited to get to know them. And... I really felt that the company will be bigger and bigger in few years. People working there were full of passion and expectation for the company. I was so encouraged. Even thought they remided me repeatedly that the job wont be easy and my life will be so busy, I was excited to work for this company.

September will be busy again... in other words, "has to be" busy. I have to get started with the graduation paper research... I need to make money for the graduation trip... I will make a film with my friend, and have live performance!! Too many things going on... but I believe I can make it. I WILL make it!  
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Summer Summer Summer

Hey! How are you guys doin? I've been enjoying summer break! I've been busy in part-time job too. The school will start in few days in Miami, right? The school wont be started until October in my university. What a long summer break!

Here are some funs I had last few weeks.

vikkieAugust 11th... Vikkie came to Japan! I and Junko took her to Japanese restaurant where Im working for. We exchanged the presents for each other and enjoyed Japanese foods. Junko and Vikkie enjoyed shopping too! Unfortunately, I couldnt join them coz I had some other things to do during her stay...At least I enjoyed chatting with her after a long time though. On the last day, I took her to the small cafe in Shinjuku and we ate pretty cakes. It reminded me of little pretty cafe in South beach where we went together. It was sad to notice that those days were gone and never come back... But I promised her to go to Miami next Spring. We will see each other again!!

eriFrom August 15-16... I, my mom and dad went travel to the beach where my sister is working as a life saver. Every summer, she goes to the beach for the part-time job. She is officially employed by the organization to keep the beach safe. She has a license for the life savers, so she can apply for this kind of job. As this picture shows, she got tanned so much!!


Me and my sister, Eriko.

kyonanI went to the Japanese beach after a long long time, like 10 years!! The sand was dark and water was unclear... I missed Miami beach so much! Anyway, it was so hot and I enjoyed playing with cold water.

We stayed the hotel close to the beach that night. To be honest, the hotel was sucks... Food was bad, room was bad, bath room was also bad... but I enjoyed trip with my family coz I hadnt had such kind of time with my family for a long time.


My dad and mom.

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Let's go to the pool!

shizukuHer name is Shizuku. She is my friend's baby. We went to the pool together today! She is just one year old. Her every single act made me feel happy. She was soooo cute!!!! Look at this bathing suit! It is a bikini for kids! How cute is it!?

The pool was 15 minutes drive from my house. I used to go there with my friend when we were in elementary and junior high school. I went there after about 10 years. When we were little, we felt that the pool was so deep, but it doesn't any more now. We've become old...

The pool was packed with small children coz they are in summer break. We could hardly find a place to settle our stuffs, but finally we did. Shizuku seemed to enjoy playing with water. It was her first time to come to the pool!

It is still surprising that my friend (who is the same age as me!) has a baby. She said that having a baby is really hard, but still enjoyable. Shizuku loves to crap her hands with music. Once I sang a song, she crapped her hands with happy face. She must have a talent for music! She can hardly speak right now. Cant wait to have a conversation with her!

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I met Kelsey!!

Guess what!? Kelsey is now in Japan!!

We were chatting on line last week. On that day, Kelsey was in my dream and I missed her so much. Before I told her about that dream, she said, "you know what? I may go to Japan!" Do you know how excited I was!? Moreover, today is her birthday. I was planning to send a birthday present to Taiwan, but there was no need for that any more...because I could give her that directly!

She arrived Japan around 6pm and she called my cell phone. I didnt know her plan in Japan, so I thought we could meet someday in August. HOWEVER, she told me that she would spend whole day in Tokyo Disney Land on 29th, and then she would move to the west area of Japan! In other words, yesterday was the only day we could meet in Japan... I was in my hometown then, so I hurried to go to Tokyo to meet her...!!

We met in the hotel she was staying. When we saw each other, we hugged tightly. I cried a little bit... We were sooooo happy!!!

We talked in her room. There were her younger sister and her mom too. I gave her a birthday present. I bought a necklace for her. I bought the similar one for me too. They were in the same design, but different color. We talked about an hour. We laughed a lot. We took a lot of pictures too. It was just like what we were doing in Miami...

I hope she will have a fun trip in Japan, and I cant wait to see her again!!!

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