BABYMETALが世界を代表する経済誌 米『Wall Street Journal』のネット記事で取り上げられる


BABYMETALがアメリカの経済新聞『Wall Street Journal』のネット記事の中でBABYMETALが取り上げられています。

Driving metal’s growth are intensely loyal fans with unusual
consumer habits. Many metal-heads still collect physical products, such as CDs. Younger fans connect not just to older bands like Black
Sabbath and Death, but also established groups from all over the world
like Brazil’s Sepultura, Germany’s Rammstein and Sweden’s Opeth,
which has a Uruguayan bassist.

Women increasingly are participating.
“Metal today is definitely not a boys’ club,” says Deena Weinstein, a DePaul University
sociologist who has studied metal culture.

Babymetal, a female trio that combines metal with Japanese pop, is
putting out a much-anticipated release April 1, followed by a show at
the arena at Wembley in London, then a U.S. tour. The Russian band Arkona and its lead singer Ms. Arkhipova played 87 shows in 32
countries last year, including stops in Brooklyn, Chicago and Phoenix,
and headlined seven shows last month in China.


女性がますます参加しています。「メタル今日は間違いなく少年クラブではありません、 "ディーナワインスタイン、金属文化を研究してきたデポール大学の社会学者は述べています。