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Intel i9 release date... 8-core desktop CPU specs, news, and rumours

Intel Core i9 release date
We’ve long suspected the Intel i9 chips would arrive alongside the new Z390 motherboard chipset, which is set to arrive in Q3 this year. That would likely put the eight-core i9 in and around an August / September release window.

Intel Core i9 specs
The headline specs will be the core configuration. The whole point of going to an i9 nomenclature would be to accomodate an eight-core, 16-thread Core i9 over and above the six-core, 12-thread Core i7 CPUs in the existing Coffee Lake range.

Intel Core i9 pricing
It wouldn’t be surprising to find Intel price its new i9 chips at around the $500 mark, but we’re expecting it to be a little more reasonable and put the Core i9 9900K at around $450 at launch. Don’t expect Intel to knock down the prices of the Core i7 chips, however...

Intel Core i9 performance
For the ultimate in gaming processors, and hang the expense, it’s highly likely that the Intel i9 will top the charts in both gaming and productivity compared with the second-gen Ryzen processors. But you’re going to have to pay for it.

Intel Core i9 platform
We’re confident that the Z390 motherboard chipset is going to be touted as the de facto standard for Intel’s first mainstream eight-core CPUs. But the real question is whether Intel will lock out eight-core support on the old Z370 boards, and if so how will it justify it?


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i7 8700K $359 <差額 $102> i5 8600K $257
i9 9900K $500 <差額 $141> i7 9700K $359


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ちょっとOCした程度のi7 8086Kですら$420もするんだし

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9700K 3.9 4.9
8086K 4.0 5.0
9900K 4.1 5.1

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