lol bus fail

first of all, MY BLOG MOVED TO AMEBLO:


and i made all my entries private here :--( sorry

hmm oh yeah, about the bus fail i mentioned in the title:

i was on my way home and fell asleep on the bus.
when i woke up the bus was pitch dark, totally empty and going on a road that i've never seen before.
i just sat in it for 10 minutes and tried to figure out where the hell am i and could it be that it's still going to the right way even if i don't recognise the place.
then i pressed the stop button and the bus driver immediately stopped to the side of the road and looked back like (゚ロ゚;)エェッ!? haha
then i told the driver that i fell asleep and she said that she didn't see me at all + told me how to get back to where i was going (●´ω`●)
in the end i did get home v( ̄∇ ̄)v i just had to walk a 'little' to find a bus that would take me near the place i live

it was cold

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1. Posted by Suterra   2010年11月23日 14:05
Oh, poor you, it's funny story tho' :-DD
2. Posted by Saph   2010年11月23日 15:53
This is why I am always paranoid about sleeping on buses ;w; *pats pats*
at least you got back safely
3. Posted by Ryuichi   2010年11月24日 02:04
lol that sucks.. D: Well im glad u got home anyway

it was cold here aswell
4. Posted by Rina   2010年11月24日 02:56
Umm you speak japanese? My english is not so good.. m(_ _)m ゴメンナサイ
Well I think i have to learn english better anyway.. You have really cute blog! ♥

xoxo - Rina
5. Posted by sandy   2010年12月29日 07:02
heyyy.. random person here.. lol.. saw some of ur vocaloid cosplay videos on youtube.. the cosplays and the videos are so awesome!! i love your hair.. lots of asians where i live..somewhere on the west coast of canada.. but ive only ever seen hair like yours about 1-2 times a year.. most of them dun really look as good looking as u either..>.>'' so disappointing...XD... lol.. guess thats all i have to say.. hope i havent creeped u out yet..XD.. nice blog btw~..
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7. Posted by Ayaka   2011年04月25日 21:19
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