Lawyers Move Toward IPhones, Give up BlackBerrys(PC World)

"You can open to review all PDF and Word files and Excel spreadsheets, and shortly Documents to Go will be available that will allow you to edit these files on the iPhone," he told The Industry Standard.

Will Firms Pick iPhones Over BlackBerrys?(

Already, some of the early iPhone adopters are exploiting the "beyond e-mail" features of the device. At Sonnenschein, iPhone users can securely access the firm's network and -- via Safari, the iPhone's browser -- search and retrieve more than 6 million documents. "The nicest thing about the iPhone is that all the formatting, indenting and styles display on the screen," says Jurczyk. "[Apple] really nailed it on mobile browsing with Safari." Chapman and Cutler also provides remote access to its document management system. "Because the browser works so well, attorneys can go into our private Google search engine and pull any [file] they need," says Nugent.



Apple ready for third generation of iPhone(CNET)



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